Quick Transmigration: The Villains Sweet Wife Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Don't Make Trouble Son 3

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With the bright moonlight, Duan Liuyun's deep and gloomy phoenix eyes looked at the petite woman in front of him without evasiveness, a trace of doubt flashed through his eyes.

"A Ruan?"

He asked tentatively, but he stopped moving.

Kwon Nai's gaze slammed into his encirclement, suppressing the corners of his mouth that he wanted to raise, and his head hung in a muffled voice, sounding hurt.

"Since we are married, let's live with Miss Song's family. The previous things are..."

Speaking of this, Kwon-na deliberately paused for a few seconds, tilting his head as if avoiding something, and then said, "Forget it."

Very light and very floating.

The three words express helplessness and heartache vividly, and it seems to be tempting the man before him on the edge of restraint.

Duan Liuyun seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, his eyes like a torch, and a little hesitation aside, "A Ruan, I can suspend her immediately, can you...start again with me?"

The words are soft as water, mixed with plea.

Kwon Nai curled his lips in a dark place that Duan Liuyun couldn't see clearly, and when he raised his head and looked at him, he was already in tears.

"Can you stop joking, it's impossible for us, you... don't make me look down on you."

The soft voice floated with choking, and his beautiful eyes were wet with mist.

I see pity.

Duan Liuyun pursed his lips, his eyebrows beat, "A Ruan, I promised to marry you before, I will definitely do it, and we will get married tomorrow."

That's...being a concubine?

"Duan Liuyun! You treat me as..."

Kwon Nai's feigned words were suffocated, and his eyes were red.

Duan Liuyun stared at her with a complicated look, "A Ruan, I will love you forever."

After that, the man didn't give Quan Nai any chance to resist, he picked him up and brought him back to the room.

The sound of closing the door was harsh.

"Finally, Madam, if I find out that Madam is not there tomorrow morning, your life will not be guaranteed."

Kwonna was locked up.

She curled her lips, exactly as expected.

This male protagonist is really nothing new.

She went around the house, changed into clothes that are easy to move, broke the window and stunned the housekeeper at the door, and escaped easily.

"Who can this trap?"

Kwonna walked leisurely.

[Why is the male leads behavior different from before?

[Could he be...reborn?

Kwon Nai's eyes lit up, with an expression of "children can be taught".

"Not bad, can you see it all?"

[No, according to the development of the previous life, the male lead seems to have no obsession with the original one, how can he be reborn? And after rebirth, the contrast with the original owner is so great!

Kwon Nai picked a path that was not easy to be discovered, shook the tassel around his waist, his tone was light, and his appetite was stunned, "Then who knows?"

Jest seems to have discovered something terrible.

[You, you, you don't know?

"Should I know?"

Kwuna raised his eyebrows, put his hair down, and rubbed his clothes indiscriminately.

In the end, it looked very embarrassed.

[It's so dirty here, what are you doing here?

The hero is going to put you under house arrest!

Run away!

Hey! what are you doing!

Jishou watched in horror as Kwon-na used a branch to scrape his exposed skin with a few bloodstains that were not deep or shallow.

In the dark night, Kwonna's eyes were like elf's, his body seemed to feel no pain, and his little cherry-like mouth was cocked.

"It's time to find wood."

Kwon Na's expression was like a **** in control of everything, holding his carelessness just right.

She rushed to the small ruined house overgrown not far away, nervously pushed the door open and hid in.

The small body slid to the ground for the rest of his life, pressing against the door panel.

Discipline:? ? ?

This speed of face change?

Wait, isn't there... a man sitting there? !

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