Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1447

Chapter 1465: 1 Voting Certificate

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When Lu Yu heard the words, he smiled coldly, and said unhurriedly: "Yes, the 95-type automatic rifle used by Long Fang is indeed a product of the last century, and it is not regarded as an advanced rifle in the world. Compared with the United States, The m1816 is indeed slightly weak."

Hearing what Lu Yu said, Thomas was even more curious: "Since you know, why do you take out this gun to recharge? I think your joke is a bit big."

Lu Yu said lightly: "Don't worry, listen to me, this gun in my hand is different from the other 95-style rifles. This is the latest and improved 95-style rifle, and it's still in the confidential stage!"

"Dont be afraid to tell you, I have an internal relationship over there to secretly disclose the news to me. These guns have only produced the first batch of samples. If we can open up the international market, you should know that these guns will come from Dragon Country. The arsenal keeps being shipped to us, and then..."

Lu Yu didn't finish his words, but Thomas was already heartbroken enough.

Even under the description of the other party, he had already imagined in his mind that after the cooperation with Lu Yu, the two used these improved version 95 rifles to quickly open the international market, and he became the world's largest arms dealer.

This scene is indeed very exciting!

However, Thomas was not a child of two or three years old. Although he began to fantasize about the beautiful scene in the future, Lu Yu could not pass it away with a few words.

Soon, reason regained the upper hand, and Thomas' expression returned to calm again, and he said slowly: "Lu, I admit, I am really moved by listening to how you blow this gun! But I still want to see it with my own eyes. The power of the company is unprovoked. Only in this way can we maintain the sincerity of our two parties and continue to cooperate."

Lu Yu smiled: "Thomas, I knew you would make such a request! No problem, since you want to see, I will open your eyes to you today and take a good look at the power of this gun."

"However, this place is too small to use!"

With that said, Lu Yu looked around for a while.

Thomas snapped his fingers easily, and said nonchalantly: "It's okay, the whole island belongs to me, you can hit whatever you want."

Hearing what he said was so casual and casual, he didn't even put the lives of those around the hotel in his eyes. Lu Yu couldn't help his mouth twitching.

However, he did not continue to change the ground, after all, he had to show the posture of a mercenary in front of the latter.

Otherwise, you have to arouse Thomas's suspicion!

Before firing, Lu Yu spread his perception, and after investigating the surroundings of the hotel, he aimed his gun at an empty place.


There was a gunshot, and the bullet could be shot out quickly.

Thomas stood up and ran towards the spot where Lu Yu shot himself, without even having time to wear his shoes.

When he arrived at the place where Lu Yu was shooting, Thomas opened his mouth in shock when he looked at the bullet hole that appeared on the wall of the hotel.

"My God! Can you pierce a wall so far away? Is this gun so powerful?"

Thomas was stunned secretly, because he was very familiar with the architectural layout of this hotel.

It is clearly understood that the thickness of the wall of this hotel, even if his subordinates are shooting continuously with machine guns, they may not be able to penetrate!

And Lu Yu, with just one shot, made a hole in the thick wall. He still used a rifle. It was incredible!

Thomas had a real clear understanding of the power of Lu Yu's Type 95 rifle.

"Awesome! Hahahahaha, Brother Lu, I didn't expect your gun to be so powerful. One shot through the wall of the hotel, it seems I really underestimated it."

He ran back excitedly, and after seeing the real power of this gun, Thomas was extremely excited.

He is also a soldier himself, and he has already seen a lot of things from the opponent's shot, so he doesn't need to try again.

At the same time, his attitude immediately took a 180-degree turn, and he truly believed what Lu Yu said, and he also saw the huge business opportunities of this gun in the future.

"Mr. Thomas, I think, can we sit down and talk about cooperation?"

The latter's attitude changed, as Lu Yu wanted to know, at this moment, he smiled and asked.

"Of course! Let's talk about it now."

Thomas walked back to the pavilion and patted Lu Yu on the shoulder happily, showing his close attitude.

Lu Yu ignored him and said: "My idea is very simple. I have a way to get a 95-type rifle from Long Country! But how to ship it out and sell it in other countries is up to you. Wait. After it's done, we will divide the account by five to five..."

Hearing this, Thomas raised his brows slightly, and seemed a little dissatisfied with Lu Yu's arrangement.

In the entire process of arms transportation, if he is solely responsible for it, then the risk taken is too great.

The two began to wrestle with each other over this issue.

Of course, Lu Yu was just acting on the spot. For him, everything was fake. The purpose was to get out of Thomas the location of Dr. Rongsheng and the others.

Therefore, after the two sides were in a stalemate, Lu Yu voluntarily gave in and agreed to split with Thomas in three to seven!

All risks are accompanied by benefits, and when his own interests are improved, Thomas has no reason not to agree.

The two parties happily clicked on the cooperation matters, and then, Lu Yu was going to find an opportunity to ask about the whereabouts of Dr. Rongsheng.

"Thomas, since we are already partners, then I..."

Lu Yu was about to ask, but was interrupted by Thomas waved.

"NoNoNo, Lu, although we have discussed the division of interests, we are still the last step before becoming a true partner!"


Hearing this, Lu Yu raised his brows without a trace, what else did this guy want to do?

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"Lu, you just said that these improved versions of the 95 rifles were obtained from the Dragon Forces, and you have served there again! So, although I believe in your personality, but for our future cooperation Sincerely, I have to do one thing!"

Speaking~wuxiaworld.online~ Thomas stretched out his hand, took an ak from his hand, and held it firmly in his hand.

"What do you want to do? Thomas?"

Lu Yu stared at him calmly and asked.

"Brother Lu, in order for us to cooperate better in the future, I need you to use this gun to kill one of your two subordinates! This can also prove your sincerity. In the words of your Longguo people, it's called the "voting name certificate". '!"

Thomas smiled slightly and threw the gun in his hand to Lu Yu.

Hearing this, Lu Yu's eyes shrank slightly, and Thomas was indeed very cautious, even if he still didn't believe in himself until now.

Jiang Xiaoyu and Zhang Chong naturally heard Thomas's words, this guy actually did this trick?

Both of them stared at the latter warily, their bodies tightened slightly.

If, at this time, Lu Yu decides to take action, they will solve the pirates around him as soon as possible and capture Thomas!

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