Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1449

Chapter 1467: There Is A Man's Voice In The Room

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After hypnotizing Lola, Lu Yu managed to get the information she wanted from her mouth, but was not sure whether what the other party said was true.

Next, he also hypnotized Poppy, and the answer was basically the same as that of Laura.

Only then did Lu Yu finally breathe a sigh of relief and clarified the location of Dr. Rongsheng and their detention.

After learning about the whereabouts of Dr. Rongsheng, Lu Yu did not choose to do it the first time, but continued to pretend to be nonchalant and quietly proceed as planned.

Because there is still a big fish waiting to be hooked!

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Things in the hotel were arranged for Jiang Xiaoyu and Zhang Chong. Lu Yu disguised overnight and slipped out of the hotel under Thomas's arrangement, arriving at the southwest corner of Paradise Island, where Dr. Rongsheng was detained.

When there was still 500 meters away from the destination, Lu Yu did not go any further. Instead, he hid in the grass and turned on the golden pupil and thermal detection technique to determine the situation nearby.

After some investigation, he found that Dr. Rongsheng was indeed locked here, and the number of pirates in charge of guarding was not many, about two dozen.

It was determined that Dr. Rongsheng and the scientists were temporarily safe, Lu Yu did not move too much and left quietly.

Early the next morning, Lu Yu came outside Thomas' Villa early in the morning.

At this moment, Thomas was just getting up, wearing a white dressing gown, and he didn't have time to eat breakfast.

"Brother Lu, morning, I didn't expect to see you as soon as I opened my eyes. This feeling is so wonderful, how did you rest last night?"

When he saw Lu Yu, this guy greeted him enthusiastically and gave him a big hug.

Lu Yu was also very enthusiastic on the surface, and had a very happy conversation with Thomas. The two looked like good brothers who had known each other for many years.

But in his heart, Lu Yu was murderous. At this moment, he firmly restrained the urge to kill Thomas. Before his goal was achieved, he couldn't afford the other party so cheaply.

After a lot of false and feigned mutual compliments, Lu Yu looked straight and looked at Thomas and said, "Thomas, I came to see you so early. I just want you to urge those buyers. Can we finish the relationship earlier? Transaction, because I really need money now!"

Thomas leaned comfortably on the leather sofa, with a cigar in his mouth, still spitting out a smoke ring in his mouth, and said slowly: "Brother Lu, I cant eat hot tofu in a hurry. I just contacted them yesterday, from the Middle East. It also takes time to come to Paradise Island!"

"You know? When I described the power of your weapon to them, it's hard to imagine how they reacted one by one. They were all shocked."

Speaking of this, Thomas triumphed: "Especially an extremist organization from a certain country in the Middle East, after learning of this news, even decided to come over to verify it in person. If the weapon is really as powerful as we say, they will spare no expense. Purchase a batch to go back to the Armed Defense Forces!"

"So, what we can do now is to wait and wait for the buyer to inspect the goods before starting the transaction."

"Brother, don't worry, this is just the beginning, where to follow? We have to sit firmly on the Diaoyutai, and we can't fight ourselves!"

Thomas spit out the smoke ring again, and said leisurely.

Lu Yu's eyes flickered, and from Thomas's words, he also roughly calculated the origin of the merchant who bought the arms.

After thinking about everything, he stopped asking, shrugged and said: "That can only be done, but you have to get the money as soon as possible, the more the better!"

In order to show his urgency and confuse Thomas, Lu Yu added: "You can tell them that I can get any weapon they want, except for the swords and bullets flying in the sky."

Thomas laughed and stood up happily: "Don't worry, man, as long as we can open up the international market, we can seize the arms business with Lao Mi. Are we afraid that we won't make any money?"

As he was talking, Thomas suddenly changed his expression, remembering something to look at the maid next to him: "By the way, what about Laura, where did she go last night? Why didn't she see it all night?"

"Master, Miss Lola never came back last night..."

The maid bent over and replied respectfully.

Hearing this, Thomas frowned slightly imperceptibly.

Although Lola is a tool in his hand to confuse opponents, it is not a simple tool. Another identity of Lola is Thomas' lover.

Although Thomas has many lovers, he still values Lorna very much, which can be seen from Lola's position in the six-pointed star organization.

Although they did not disclose this relationship, the organization is very clear about it, so they also maintain their due respect to Laura.

Every time Thomas will send Lola to do various seduction tasks, it is an excellent tool to deal with opponents, but it does not mean that Lola can be affected by others.

Laura herself is quite strong, and those who have evil thoughts towards her are all knocked off by Laura before they take any action!

But something like something that didn't return overnight has never happened before, and Thomas felt something was wrong.

Now that he and Lu Yu have reached a cooperation, Palola's purpose of approaching each other is over. It stands to reason that she should return to the villa last night.

It's just that at the villa party last night, Thomas was so happy that he forgot about Lola's existence.

"Have you not returned all night?"

Thomas frowned deeply, smoked a few cigars, and muttered to himself.

Seeing him, Lu Yu stopped talking, pretending to be embarrassed: "Thomas, I don't know if I should tell you something..."

Hearing this, Thomas's heart jumped and his eyes turned to Lu Yu immediately: "Brother Lu, just say something if you have anything, don't have any worries."

He said so, but he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Lu Yu sighed secretly: "Okay, then you should be mentally prepared, they didn't mean to..."


Thomas looked at him suspiciously: "What's not intentional?"

Lu Yu caught a glimpse of Thomas expression, and found that he was a little anxious, so he hesitated to speak: "When I left the hotel this morning, I passed by a room~wuxiaworld.online~ I heard the voice of Lola from inside, and... "

"What else? You mean it!"

Thomas urged impatiently.

"Well, I said, you have to calm down!"

Lu Yu reminded him again, and then slowly said: "There seems to be a man's voice in the room, and this voice sounds familiar to me..."

At this point, the words stopped abruptly, and Lu Yu didn't go on.

As for what will happen in the future, Thomas himself has imagined it!

Sure enough, after hearing the news, Thomas's face was so gloomy, he stood up from the sofa, shaking his head and muttered: "Man? How could she stay with a man? This stinky cousin, dare to betray me! "

Suddenly, he had a sudden stop before he remembered that the most important confidant around him was not with him at the moment.

"Bobby? Where did Bobby go?"

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