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Chapter 1563: New challenges, joint exercises

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An Ran looks soft and weak, but her nature is very persistent. It is precisely because of this character that it is difficult for her to make changes after encountering anything.

As long as you look for something, you will stick to it without hesitation, without any possibility of change.

After handing in the three of Shadows, Lu Yu also completed the mission perfectly. After a simple greeting, he left with An Ran.

This mission was actually unexpected to Lu Yu. Originally, he just wanted to see his wife, but he was sent here by the unscrupulous Fan Tianlei.

No matter what, everything was finally resolved safely, this matter also had the result he wanted, and he was able to relax.

Lu Yu approached An Ran and whispered a few words in her ear.

An Ran's face was already red, and his face was peach blossoms and became more ruddy. It looked like a ripe red apple, which was very attractive.


Lu Yu couldn't help it, leaned forward and kissed, and the two of them couldn't wait to return.

Xiaobie wins the newly married and reunited two people. This time, they stayed at home for three days, but the door was closed.

In the end, An Ran couldn't help begging for mercy, and Lu Yu finally let her go.

An Ran's face was always filled with happiness and sweetness, and she enjoyed the time after reuniting with Lu Yu.

Moreover, both of them have official duties and it is very difficult to meet each other. With this sweet reunion, they finally eased their lovesickness.

Happy days are always short.

This is especially true for soldiers!

As a true soldier who protects the country and borders, he must fight for his country and cause.

As for Lu Yu's current status, he has even more responsibilities on his shoulders.

Faced with the emotion of parting, even though they were reluctant to give up, the two still had to separate temporarily.

Lu Yu has a new mission.

What made him helpless was that he didn't expect to have just solved one thing, and now there are new problems.

The whole society is like this. As long as there is greed in the human heart, there must be ***, and the endless ** will drive people to commit crimes.

As a soldier, it will be his mission in life to ensure that the country and people live and work in peace and contentment.

Now that you encounter new problems and face new challenges, you must make a choice, and there can be no procrastination.

Soldiers take obedience to orders as their bounden duty. When the real task comes, no matter how difficult or difficult they face, they will execute it without hesitation.

For the sake of social development and people's comfort, it is definitely incumbent to do so.

Of course, this mission was not too dangerous compared to the past, it was a silent battle.

In recent years, as Lu Yu has become more and more famous in the international arena, his reputation has become so loud that he has promoted the image of the dragon as a whole.

Although this is a great thing, it is unavoidable to be jealous of those who care about it, especially Laomi, who claims to be the world's boss, is one of them.

Their inherent arrogance is not allowed to be surpassed by others, and this time in order to preserve the reputation of their country's special forces in the world, they hope to have a joint exercise.

Although it is an exercise, everyone knows in their hearts that, in fact, they just don't understand you.

The purpose of this is also very simple, it is to suppress.

After all, before this, the special forces such as the Lao Mi SEALs and Rangers were the most powerful arms in the world.

They have been rated as the best special forces in the world for several times, and they have performed various thrilling missions, and even assassinated the head of state.

But with the rise of the Dragon Kingdom, more and more voices in the world will think that the Dragon Kingdom special forces are better than the SEALs and Rangers, and there are not a few.

Especially as Lu Yu completed various tasks and performed outstandingly, this kind of voice became more and more frequent.

This is absolutely intolerable to Lao Mi, who has always been arrogant and arrogant. He just wants to save his face through exercises.

And in order to expand their influence, they used the opportunity of this exercise to spread all the news before the game started.

Nowadays, all over the world, the competition for the special forces of the two sides is becoming more and more intense, and there is a lot of rumors.

And in many areas, this news has been the headline of the international front page, looking forward to the battle and duel of the new and veteran kings.

Lao Mi's move is not insidious, and in the current situation is equivalent to blocking the opponent's retreat.

Nowadays, when the whole world knows it, there is no reason to refuse, there is only one way to go.

Everyone was looking forward to it. Everyone cast their gazes over, just to get a glimpse, and look forward to this duel between the two sides.

At this time, choosing to withdraw, regardless of the reason, will cause unnecessary trouble.

It will also be used by those international media with ulterior motives to publicize the incident, stir up the entire international public opinion field, and cause an uproar.

As we all know, the other party has always liked to find articles, and how can you not be brought into the rhythm by such a great opportunity? It is inevitable to fall into trouble.

Under such circumstances, those slanderous voices will spring up like mushrooms after a rain, and even more and more.

This is also what they don't want to see. In any case, this exercise is imperative and must be agreed.

The task is not too dangerous, but it is of greater significance than before, and the challenge is even more daunting.

This is a battle without gunpowder. If you win, you can save face and dignity, and you can win a wave of respect from the whole world.

Defeat... There is no such word in Lu Yu's dictionary!

Therefore, in the face of this exercise, there can only be one result, which is to win in all directions and hit the opponent's face severely.

This proves that their development has surpassed everyone's imagination, and in the entire world, the value of force can also be ranked in the top five, or even squeezed into the top three.

Under such rapid development, it will definitely arouse the jealousy of countries of the same level at the beginning, and even developed countries will be afraid of this, so that there are various voices.

How to face these voices ~www.wuxiaworld~ continue to move forward steadily, which is also the biggest problem they have encountered today.

The current primary problem is the challenge from the exercise, which must be resolved as soon as possible in order to increase reputation.

In addition to the Rangers, Lao Mi's strongest special forces are undoubtedly the SEALs.

Even among the best in the entire world!

Their training environment is also extremely difficult, not weaker than Lu Yu's Dragon Shark Squadron.

And these years, the ones who have really survived in the SEALs have not saved one in ten, and they are all elites out of a million.

If it is the veteran team A, it will not be a problem to deal with it. There have been many fights before, and the SEALs have lost the battle.

For the emerging Navy Dragon Shark Squadron, it is still very difficult to test them if they want to compete with them with real swords and guns.

Therefore, after learning the news, Kang Lei found Lu Yu as soon as possible, hoping that the latter would give him a perfect solution.

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