Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1546

Chapter 1564: Exercise preparation

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If there is one person who can resist the challenge of the SEALs and contend with it, then there is no doubt that only Lu Yu has such strength.

In the huge dragon country, perhaps, there are other mysterious special forces, whose strength is not equal to that of the SEALs.

Moreover, their training is even harder than that of the SEALs, and they can eventually show stronger strength.

But these are all state secrets. If all the brains are exposed at this time, it will give others a chance to understand themselves.

The strength of a country, of course, is not as simple as it seems on the surface, it must be backed up.

It is not a wise move to show his cards for the sake of a SEAL team.

If you really want to do this, other accidents may happen, which will lead to even greater changes.

The current global environment tends to be peaceful, but there are not a few forces ready to move.

If you want to seek more development, you have to get more benefits.

And the current Dragon Kingdom is that they are focusing on their biggest goal. Before they really grow up, there are many aspects that are not too prominent, after all, there are still some problems.

If it really grows up, many problems will be solved, and if you suppress it then, it will definitely be too late to fix the situation.

Now it is a good opportunity for them, as long as they seize it, they can get the benefits they want from it.

Of course, these matters must also be discussed carefully. If you want to achieve a real suppression effect, you also need to look at the comprehensive strength of both parties.

After all, the other party hasn't shown it in many ways. If you choose to act rashly at this time, you may lose more than you gain.

Faced with this situation, the only thing everyone needs to do is to better understand the opponent.

But this time, the SEALs suddenly attacked, just to give themselves a reason.

On the surface, it may just be an ordinary exercise, but if you analyze the internal environment carefully, it is not difficult to find the deep meaning of this matter.

For everyone, it must be treated with caution!

In the course of the exercise, it was impossible to show all the strength, and of course, it was not possible to show the strength too often.

This degree has to be handled well. After all, this exercise is of great importance and everything must be guaranteed to be foolproof.

After careful consideration, Kang Lei felt that he could preserve their dignity and give the SEALs a heavy blow. The most suitable candidate was Lu Yu.

Under the leadership of Lu Yu, the Dragon Shark Squadron must be able to successfully complete the mission and perfectly demonstrate its strength.

After learning the news, Lu Yu didn't have much trouble in his heart.

The SEALs were his old opponents, Lu Yu was still very familiar with it, but for the newly formed Dragon Shark Squadron, it was indeed a huge challenge.

It is not easy for them to complete this task.

Of course, since the top has chosen to attack, there is no reason to retreat. The two sides must really compete against each other to decide the outcome.

The current situation is also developing in this direction. After all the circumstances are considered carefully, the action is ensured to be rapid and effective.

On the whole, for this exercise mission, it must be done very beautifully.

From the news that Lu Yu learned next, the mission was very simple. The SEALs and the Dragon Shark Squadron were divided into two camps, the so-called red and blue armies.

Dragon Shark Squadron is in the red side, and the main task is to eliminate the leader of the SEAL camp and complete the beheading operation!

As for the Blue Army, the SEAL teams first task is to protect its chief, find a way to win, and annihilate all the Red Army personnel.

The layout of the camp was also proposed by the SEALs.

Since the decision is made, a big one must be played, which is bound to inflict a major blow on the opponent.

After comprehensive consideration, this method is the most feasible and the most beneficial choice for them.

As long as the mission is successfully completed, I believe that the overall image of the opposing military will be greatly reduced in the international arena.

As the winner, the SEALs will undoubtedly rise to a new height, let the world see their power again, and consolidate the status of the world's king of soldiers.

The Red Army was led by Lu Yu. In addition to the Dragon Shark Squadron headed by Jiang Xiaoyu and Zhang Chong, they also temporarily joined the Thunder and Lightning Commando.

The selection of the Raiden Commando is also required by Lu Yu. They are more prominent in the field of special forces. They have also gone abroad to learn the excellent experience of foreign troops, and they are very proficient in various forms of special operations at home and abroad.

The addition of the Raiden Commando this time was also an opportunity for Lu Yu to give them an experience. I believe that under his leadership, he will be able to complete the task very well.

Although in terms of individual combat power, it is still not comparable to the SEALs, but it is not much different. At least it can be used to effectively assist the Dragon Shark Squadron.

This time the SEAL team also sent its own elite ace squad consisting of ten people.

Everyone's resume is amazing, and it can be called a legend. Put it in any country, it is a proper soldier.

In the course of the past operations, no one in this trump card team has performed a task together, after all, they are too strong.

So far, there has not been a single mission that allowed their entire team to be dispatched. It shows how confident they are in themselves!

In response to this joint exercise, the ten most elite members of the SEAL team chose to act together in a tacit understanding.

Under deliberate incitement, the news spread to the entire international community and gained widespread attention.

For the members of both parties, this exercise mission is destined to only succeed without fail, and there must be no accidents.

Only by making a steady and steady plan can we live up to the country's trust!

For the SEALs, it also faces a big challenge.

In the past, they were used to being arrogant and arrogant, but they didn't want to see things like the ship overturned in the gutter happen to themselves.

Especially this time, the commander-in-chief of the Red Army was Lu Yu. Once, they had been deflated by this man many times, and this face had to be recovered.

Out of the importance of Lu Yu, this time the SEALs have played out their trump cards to ensure that this action is perfect ~www.wuxiaworld~ to hit the opponent hard.

Faced with this situation, Lu Yu was of course not afraid, and made an action plan for this exercise in an orderly manner.

The time for the exercise is set in three days!

In order to ensure the principle of fairness and justice, the location of the exercise was placed on an unknown island.

The location of the small island is remote, and the ground is in a three-no-go zone. There is no one on the island all year round, and the environment is desolate.

Everyone has no idea about the situation here.

However, field survival training is an indispensable skill for all major special forces.

Therefore, this mission is not only for the red and blue parties, but also faces severe environmental challenges and unknown wild crises.

No one knows what exactly exists on the island, because no one has been to this island.

In the course of the task, you may encounter unknown emergencies. You must be psychologically prepared and understand.

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