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Chapter 1607: Lu Yu is trapped

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"Let's continue looking for rescue, but we must stay away from the battlefield and stay here. This is to trouble Lu Yu and make him unable to let go of his hands and feet."

The chief faintly ordered that he was very lucky to survive the big wind and waves and the debris of the ship overturned.

Zhang Jinzhong immediately took the order and began to organize the evacuation. Currently there is only one warship left.

A team of tens of thousands of people attacked, but it was not enough to tickle the Devouring Behemoth. In the end, there were only less than a thousand people left. The fierceness of the battle can be imagined.

Anyone who sees this scene will feel his scalp numb. The cruelty of this battle is by no means comparable to any previous fighters.

After experiencing the devastating attack of the Devouring Giant, they knew that there were so many survivors left, and it was God blessed.

As he watched the warship slowly leave, Lu Yu moved his wrists and his tone became colder: "Next, it's my turn to let go and fight with you!"

The swallowing behemoth is very large, tens of thousands of meters tall, even in the vast ocean, it also covers the sky.

Now in its eyes, the little ant in front of him is an existence the same size as himself, and its combat power is no worse than it.

As soon as 's words fell, Lu Yu had already launched an offensive and threw a punch directly.

The Devouring Behemoth raised its huge claws and smashed it down. It was wrapped in thick armor, and bursting aura fluctuations spread from it, making it more lethal.

Now, its experience in combat effectiveness is more advanced, and it is more proficient in the control of its own power.


With a paw down at will, it will destroy a large area in front of you!

Lu Yu was not afraid, and attacked head-on.

slammed into the Devouring Giant.

The body sizes of the two sides are completely disproportionate. At this moment, this scene is like a giant two meters tall, slapped a fly into the air.

The two attacks collided and shattered in the void!

Lu Yu's poison gas raged away in an instant, and different poison gas ghosts appeared inside. This was an attack that Lu Yu turned into after devouring various poisonous beasts, and bombarded the devouring behemoth head-on.

The armor of the devouring beast is naturally not as hard and thick as Lu Yu's earth armor, but it is rough and simple, and it can be easily broken.

Toxic gas permeates through every hole, like a scorpion tail, and a barb is injected into the opponent's body.

The strong poison gas raged in the swallowing behemoth instantly, and the effect was very strong.

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} Immediately, the paws that covered the sky and the sun turned purple and black, and the blood was stained with poisonous gas and began to be poisoned.

This is just the poison gas spreading a little bit. If it spreads completely, the paw that swallows the giant beast will probably be destroyed.

Moreover, the special ability of the Devouring Behemoth allows it to absorb and assimilate these energies. Although the poisonous gas rages fast, it is difficult to penetrate all at once.

Just as Lu Yu backed away, Wow, an illusory giant hand suddenly appeared in the sea, instantly enveloping Lu Yu.

The devouring behemoth roars, this is a trap it has set long ago,

It knew that Lu Yu would definitely retreat after launching an attack, and at this time, as long as it used its energy to condense the attack, it would have a good effect.

As long as this trap is properly ambushed and the sneak attack is successful, Lu Yu will definitely not be able to escape!

In fact, just as the Devouring Giant Beast had expected, Lu Yu did not expect that the other party would keep this hand and had no defense.

If he knew that Devouring Giant Beast had such a high IQ, he would be more cautious.

Still he slightly underestimated this big monster, thinking that all its actions were just instinct and its IQ was not high, but in fact it was completely the opposite.

The IQ of Devouring Giant Beasts is no less than that of human beings, and, with a strong talent for learning, he is born to fight.

'S fight with Lu Yu was just to sharpen his fighting skills and make it more durable and comfortable.

"No, why was Lu Yu caught by that monster? Do you need our assistance!"

Suddenly seeing Zhang Jinzhong in this scene, his face changed and he felt dizzy.

If even Lu Yu was arrested, there would be no hope!

But they can't do anything right now. After all, this monster is indeed too powerful, and it's not a little bit stronger.

The picture was broadcast in real time, and the major live broadcast rooms were blown up.

No one thought that Lu Yu, who had always had the upper hand, would be trapped by the Devouring Giant at this time.

The devouring behemoth at this moment is more powerful than before. If even Lu Yu can't figure it out, isn't this world really over?

"Hey, that's not right, look at it, there seems to be a purple light shining in the middle of the tentacles!"

Someone found something was wrong, and directed everyone to look over it.

At this time, Lu Yu, who was in the encirclement of the tentacles, also discovered that these tentacles had a very single attack, and he could completely break through with poison gas.

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} However, these tentacles are indeed too many layers. It seems that Devouring Giant also knows this weakness and intends to trap itself one by one.

Lu Yu knew very well that if he failed, no one would be able to resist the devouring behemoth in this world.

Taking a few deep breaths, Lu Yu kept his mind calm, his eyes cold, mobilized the power of the poison in his body, condensed a little and exploded.


All the tentacles were blasted instantly, scattered all over.

The moment exploded, Lu Yu hadn't reacted yet, so he was vigorously taken away.

The force is absolutely great, just like being hit by a meteorite from outside the sky, swishing out one hundred and eight thousand miles, UU reading www.uukanshu.com smashed a few big mountains, just to stop.

In a cave, among the rubble, Lu Yu was lying in a awkward manner, and there were several minor wounds on his body.

He didn't even expect that this big monster's attacks were so fast, as if he had known for a long time that he would break through those tentacles and wait for this blow.

When he regained his consciousness and just about to get up, a laser beam burst out again, like a bolt of lightning, shooting directly at the location of Lu Yu from a distance.

Lu Yu reacted violently and cried secretly, "Isn't it? When did this brute offensive become so fast? Even I can't hold it anymore!"


In the next instant, the cave was swept by the laser and collapsed and destroyed.

There is no more residue, and it turns into pieces of dust to dissipate in the void, and the aura of terror and destruction permeates.

Lu Yu appeared in the air, panting slightly, and slowly stood up straight.

At this moment, on his body, a stream of purple air currents are constantly shining brightly, and the light is slightly dim.

Using poison gas to withstand this blow was naturally huge for Lu Yu.

"This... shouldn't it be solved?"

Those who watched the live broadcast sank.

The one-man, one-beast fight has already transcended the worlds high technology, and even satellites cant catch it in the first place.

What about the human brain?

I couldn't react at all. Naturally, no one knew where Lu Yu was flying.

The barrage fell into silence. The tens of thousands of barrage that was originally densely covered the entire screen disappeared without a trace, and the entire live broadcast room fell into a weird and quiet atmosphere.

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