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Chapter 1608: Create 1 monster

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At this moment, no one knew where Lu Yu was, and no one knew how he was.

Everyone is full of worries!

"I believe he will be fine. This kid can perform miracles every time."

Chief Jiang expressed his calm and self-confidence: "The attack method of this monster just now was just unexpected, so the lethality is far less than the previous few attacks, nothing will happen!"

If Lu Yu was so easy to be killed, all his previous efforts would be in vain.

Lu Yu is not a person who knows the danger and has to go. Without the assurance and benefits of victory, he will not do it lightly.

This kid is very shrewd and doesn't put himself in danger.

"I don't know if Lu Yu really kills the Devouring Giant Beast in the end, how popular will he be by then?"

Live broadcast is open to the world, as long as anyone with the Internet can watch it, Lu Yu's figure has long been remembered by everyone.

Of course, because now Lu Yu has been beaten into the air, only the Devouring Monster is left in the live broadcast.

After Lu Yu disappeared, there was no news, and this situation was also known to Lao Mi who was constantly watching.

"Oh, it seems that this kid has really been wiped out!"

The commander spoke lightly, but his heart was mixed with a little excitement.

For some reason, the threat posed by Lu Yu in his heart was far stronger than the devouring behemoth.

If the Devouring Beast is really destroyed, they must carefully consider how to deal with each other!

Lu Yu is a native of Longguo. They had handed each other many times before, but without exception, they all declared defeat!

What I didn't expect was that this kid grew so fast, he thought that people have limits, but Lu Yu completely subverted their thinking.

Now, Lu Yu is no longer alone in their hearts, and he is a human again, which feels weird.

"The zombies created by your biochemical department are also not human existences! If I can give you enough financial support, can I create an existence like him?"

The commander-in-chief stares at the head of the biochemical department.

Conventional power is no longer feasible. He must have a special force to counter Lu Yu and devour the giant beast.

Among these people and beasts, the last one is still alive, which is a huge threat to them.

Of course, deep in the commander's heart, the one who wants to survive is to swallow the behemoth!

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){} The head of the biochemical department laughed: "Let me create such a monster? It's really difficult, but it's not impossible! Our biochemical weapons are always there. With constant enhancement, as long as I am given time, I can become perfect, and the research can be carried out smoothly."

The commander in chief asked: "How far can it be?"

"You can retain your sanity, and you should have half the opponent's combat power! But I must completely perfect the biochemical medicine to achieve the effect."

The biochemical team leader gave such an answer, the madness revealed in his eyes, and even the commander shuddered.

If this guy secretly made these things, I guess he didn't even know how to die, and the whole world might be subverted.

has half the strength of Lu Yu and the Devouring Giant Beast. It may not be considered terrifying in comparison, but you must know that there is no such strength and combat power in this world except for the two of them.

Moreover, once the test is successful, mass production can be achieved while retaining the sanity.

This is the real scary place!

It seems that everything is not as simple as the surface, perhaps the strength is even stronger.

This guy should still have some reservations. For the sake of caution, the commander does not want to support their research for the time being. He has to find a way to suppress the opponent.

As long as it can be suppressed, then these problems can be handled easily, and there is no need to worry too much.

In this way, it is equivalent to completely controlling these biochemical fighters. Naturally, the more the better, the more you do not need to rely on the special forces and the biochemical department, you can dominate the world as you wish!

How powerful is the Devouring Behemoth? Not to be subdued by him and exist as a pet.

On the other side, Lu Yu returned again.

"Huh! It was really risky just now, and the consumption is really huge! I don't know if everyone thought I was wiped out? I have to go back quickly. I must get this big guy as soon as possible.

Lu Yu felt the consumption of his lower body, frowned slightly, and was suddenly drawn to such a far place. It seemed that the Devouring Giant Beast really wanted to destroy him.

"Hehe, that's a bit interesting! It's my turn to use all my strength, hiding and twitching, and it's very aggrieved to fight."

Lu Yu flew in the direction of the devouring beast, moving his hands and feet.

The power of all poisons is just the tip of the iceberg. If they want to release all of them, even he is scared.

Under the acceleration of the law of wind, his figure flew across the sky like lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he once again returned to the place where he was flew away.

try{mad1(\'gad2\');}catch(ex){} "Hi, I am back again!"

Looking down at the Devouring Giant Beast, Lu Yu greeted him by the way.

was not surprised by the appearance of Lu Yu and the Devouring Giant Beast, and there was not much change in his eyes.

It seems that he didn't expect the blow he had just now to completely obliterate this human being.

After the evolution of the Devouring Behemoth, the IQ has improved again and can be easily distinguished.

At least, it knows that Lu Yu's strength is equal to his own, and he won't be solved so easily~www.wuxiaworld~ Otherwise, wouldn't it be too boring?

"Fuck, is this guy smiling? Can't stand it! It's a bit disgusting!"

Lu Yu suddenly realized that after seeing him, the corners of the Devouring Giant Beasts mouth rose slightly, showing a playful expression.

Its just this smile, which is really disgusting!

The Devouring Giant Beast did not launch an offensive, and roared at Lu Yu, as if to declare war on him.

"What's the situation with them? Hurry up, tell me some biologists to come and see, what is this beast talking about!"

is monitoring the dynamic commander here, seeing this situation, my heart feels a little uneasy.

From the roar of the Devouring Giant Beast, I didn't feel any malice. Shouldn't I be showing good wishes to Lu Yu?

If this is the case, the problem can be serious.

"Commander, I'm sorry, I can't hear it! We are just biologists, this guy has gone beyond the scope of biology, let alone a species on earth."

The biologist shook his head, expressing helplessness.

The Devouring Behemoth is an alien species in the universe, but it's not a creature!

These biologists were busy, using various instruments and code cracking, but they couldn't hear it, and they could only choose to give up.

"Unexpectedly, this kid is so dead, he is still alive!"

The commander's face was extremely ugly, and he clenched his fists tightly.

The most worrying thing happened.

Regardless of who won the victory, you have to make preparations in advance.

"If you let you research and develop, how long will it take?"

was silent for a while, the commander asked in a deep voice.

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