Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 423

Chapter 427 Where Is He

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427. Where Is He

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

When it was dinner, Shi Qingzhou and Long Xiaoyuan tidied themselves up and came out.

At dinner, Shi Qingzhou felt that his mother behaved in a weird way: her eyes dodged when he looked her.

Shi Qingzhou thought about it carefully. It was only possible that she knew what he and Long Xiaoyuan had done in the afternoon.

Instantly, Shi Qingzhou’s face darkened. He glared at Long Xiaoyuan.

Long Xiaoyuan felt that he was rather innocent.

When they left, Madam Shi couldn’t help but gently tug at her son. “Qingzhou, well… you’re a man after all. I have to be frank. Don’t get upset. I’ve asked the doctor, and he said that you need to take good care of it. Otherwise, you’ll get sick when you’re old. Qingzhou, you have to take it seriously.”

Mouth twitching, Shi Qingzhou said stiffly, “Mom, I got it.”

Madam Shi softly pinched her son’s hand and let him go.

On the way back, Shi Qingzhou put on a poker face in the carriage.

Long Xiaoyuan leaned over eagerly. “Qingzhou, have I done anything wrong?”

“I told you not to do that. Now Mother knows what we did.”

Long Xiaoyuan blinked, thinking he got what he deserved.

With the child around, Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t hugged Shi Qingzhou and soothed him, so Long Xiaoyuan could only wait.

Finally, they got back.

After entering the sleeping palace, Long Xiaoyuan quickly hugged Shi Qingzhou and apologized.

Finally, Shi Qingzhou forgave him.

However, Long Xiaoyuan had to sleep in the study that night!

The next day, Long Xiaoyuan got up grumpily like an abandoned wife.

Well, maybe a little better than that. But it was just a little!

Shi Qingzhou looked at Long Xiaoyuan and saw the dark circles under his eyes. He frowned, regretting kicking him out last night. He didn’t sleep well, nor did Long Xiaoyuan.

Shi Qingzhou did not show his regret.

Long Xiaoyuan went to please Shi Qingzhou after he got up. Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan came and saw Long Xiaoyuan all over Shi Qingzhou. Liu Suifeng coughed. “What’s wrong with you?”

Long Xiaoyuan immediately looked at him and said with disgust, “What have you come here for?”

Liu Suifeng’s mouth twitched. “Didn’t you ask us to investigate Wu Ronghan?”

Long Xiaoyuan blinked and looked at him. “Have you tracked him down?”

Liu Suifeng nodded, “Yes, he has left some traces behind. He is a bit far away now. He is in Ronghua City.”

Long Xiaoyuan was startled. “Ronghua City? Isn’t it close to the border?”

“Yes, I wonder if they attempt to go back.”

Long Xiaoyuan frowned. “If they want to go back, they won’t stay there.”

Shi Qingzhou nodded. “That’s right. They can’t possibly stop there if they want to go back.”

Liu Suifeng asked, “Shall we go and take a look?”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi Qingzhou. “What do you think?”

“Send the Shadow Guardians there to take a look first. Liu Suifeng had better stay in the Imperial City so that we don’t fall for the trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain.”

Long Xiaoyuan agreed. “Right. We should act cautiously.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. “Alright, it’s up to you guys. If you need any help, tell us.”

“Okay.” Shi Qingzhou nodded.

Long Xiaoyuan smiled teasingly. “Wow, you take the initiative and offer your help.”

Ignoring him, Liu Suifeng took Ouyang Chuan away.

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t think that he was despised, looking at Shi Qingzhou.

“Qingzhou, I think Wu Ronghan is doing it on purpose.”

Shi Qingzhou nodded. “I have the same feeling, but why?”

“Yeah, why?” Long Xiaoyuan touched his own chin and pondered.

A moment later, he said. “Forget it. No matter what, he will expose himself. I’ll go to the morning court first.”

Shi Qingzhou nodded. “Okay.”

Long Xiaoyuan went to the morning court while Shi Qingzhou stayed in his sleeping palace. A Shadow Guardian came to report that Wu Xiangyuan was awake and asked to see him.

Shi Qingzhou raised his eyebrows. He thought about it and said, “Go inform Doctor Liu. I will go to her now.”

“Yes.” The Shadow Guardian hurriedly went to look for Liu Suifeng.

Shi Qingzhou went to the Imperial Prison.

However, when he got to the gate, Shi Qingzhou did not hurry inside.

He remembered Long Xiaoyuan’s words. For safety’s sake, Shi Qingzhou waited outside.

Soon, Liu Suifeng arrived. “Wu Xiangyuan is awake? How strange. She was unwell last night.”

Shi Qingzhou narrowed his eyes. “She was unwell last night, but now she is suddenly awake?”

Liu Suifeng paused.

Shi Qingzhou said slowly, “Since she is awake, we go in and take a look. We should stay alert.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. He thought about it and said, “In this case, take a pill first.”

Shi Qingzhou didn’t ask what the pill was and took it without demur.

Liu Suifeng smiled, apparently satisfied with Shi Qingzhou’s trust.

The two of them entered the prison and found Wu Xiangyuan was indeed awake. She was staring at the door with her eyes wide open.

Shi Qingzhou squinted.

It was dim in the prison.

However, this did not affect their vision.

Wu Xiangyuan seemed very different from the past.

She looked haggard, or she seemed to have changed in some way.

Liu Suifeng asked, “What do you want to tell us?”

Wu Xiangyuan didn’t answer his question, nor did she even look at him.

She was fixing her eyes on Shi Qingzhou.

Even Liu Suifeng could sense something wrong with her burning gaze.

He could not help muttering to himself, “Does this woman take fancy to Shi Qingzhou?”

Compared to Liu Suifeng, Shi Qingzhou was unruffled.

He didn’t speak, looking at Wu Xiangyuan indifferently.

After a short time, Wu Xiangyuan said sadly, “Brother Shi, you finally come to see me.”

Brother Shi? Liu Suifeng was disgusted by the way she addressed Shi Qingzhou.

Wasn’t this woman afraid that Long Xiaoyuan would kill her?

Shi Qingzhou said lightly, “What do you want to say?”

He ignored Wu Xiangyuan’s sad greeting just now.

Liu Suifeng almost burst into a laugh. Shi Qingzhou was heartless!

However, Shi Qingzhou didn’t think he was heartless.

His words brought more sorrow on Wu Xiangyuan’s face.

However, Shi Qingzhou did not care about that.

Seeing that she couldn’t get Shi Qingzhou’s sympathy at all, Wu Xiangyuan in the end said slowly, “I do think of something. Brother Shi, can you come closer to me?”

Shi Qingzhou turned a deaf ear to her.

Liu Suifeng blinked.

“Just tell me what you want to say. I can hear you from where I am.”

Liu Suifeng was lost for words.

Wu Xiangyuan looked very sad as if she was about to cry. “Brother Shi, why do you hate me so much now? When we were small, you clearly said that you would protect me.”

Liu Suifeng abruptly looked at Shi Qingzhou. Did this guy say something like this when he was small? Did Long Xiaoyuan know about it?

Long Xiaoyuan must know. Shi Qingzhou’s face turned colder.

“I don’t remember I ever said that. If you don’t have anything to say, we’ll leave.”

“Shi Qingzhou!” His ruthlessness might have angered Wu Xiangyuan, who couldn’t help but shout.

Shi Qingzhou remained calm at her hysterics.

His calmness almost broke Wu Xiangyuan.

Seeing that Shi Qingzhou was going to leave, Wu Xiangyuan roared, “Shi Qingzhou! You never cared about me. You force me to do this! You force me!”

As she shouted, Wu Xiangyuan suddenly rushed towards Shi Qingzhou, but Shi Qingzhou and Liu Suifeng had long been on guard. Liu Suifeng would not let this woman approach Shi Qingzhou!

Therefore, Liu Suifeng stood in front of Shi Qingzhou and slapped her with his palm.

However, Wu Xiangyuan did not care about that, letting Liu Suifeng hit her fiercely. Like a drama, Wu Xiangyuan screamed and exploded, pieces of her flesh flying around.

She was like a suicide bomber in modern time. High explosive had been planted in her body, and she got exploded when ignited.

Wu Xiangyuan was blown into pieces, her flesh and blood scattering everywhere.

Liu Suifeng shielded Shi Qingzhou, but some of the flesh and blood inevitably stained Shi Qingzhou.

Liu Suifeng was stained as well. He turned pale.

“Hold your breath.”

Shi Qingzhou immediately held his breath. He knew that Liu Suifeng must have discovered something.

Liu Suifeng didn’t have time to go out. He quickly took out the silver needle and pricked himself on a few spots.

Then he exhaled and pressed several acupoints on his body.

After that, he rushed to Shi Qingzhou, who was still holding his breath, and pricked him on a few spots at the fastest speed. After that, he pulled out the needle.

“Breathe out the foul air,” Liu Suifeng said.

Shi Qingzhou did as he was told.

Liu Suifeng also pressed several acupoints on Shi Qingzhou.

“Fortunately, I asked you to take the antidote pill. Otherwise, you are doomed this time.”

Shi Qingzhou’s face was livid. “Her flesh and blood is poisonous?”

“Yes.” Liu Suifeng nodded. “I just found out that this woman has been turned into a human drug ever since she was young.”

“A human drug?” Shi Qingzhou frowned. “Human drugs are so special that they can be detected easily. How could you tell she is a human drug?”

“There is a kind of secret human drugs. Unless his flesh and blood is soaked in special medicinal herbs, his characteristics as the human drug will not be known. Wu Xiangyuan was like this. Her flesh and blood were special. It is easy for a human drug to transform into a human poison. It hinges on the human drug himself. Wu Xiangyuan obviously knew about the method. She turned herself into a human point because she wanted us to die with her!”

Shi Qingzhou pursed his lips tightly. “Has the poison been detoxified?”

Liu Suifeng nodded. “Well, there’s no problem for now.”

Shi Qingzhou exhaled. He looked at the flesh and blood on the ground and said lightly. “Let’s go out first.”

Liu Suifeng naturally had no objections, and he went out with Shi Qingzhou.

Long Xiaoyuan didn’t know about this.

When Shi Qingzhou returned to Qiankun Palace, Long Xiaoyuan happened to come back and saw him. “Qingzhou, you don’t look well. What has happened?”

Shi Qingzhou pursed his lips. “Wu Xiangyuan died.”

“What?” Long Xiaoyuan was stunned, asking, “Who died?”

Shi Qingzhou lowered his head. “Wu Xiangyuan, she is dead.”

“What is going on?” Long Xiaoyuan was shocked. “Has it just happened?”

“Yes,” Shi Qingzhou nodded. “After you went to the morning court, the Shadow Guardian came to tell me that Wu Xiangyuan was awake and she wanted to see me. I went to see her, but I went with Liu Suifeng. Liu Suifeng didn’t know she had the characteristics of human drug, nor did he know she had turned herself into a human poison. She exploded herself in front of us.”

Long Xiaoyuan widened his eyes in shock. “She exploded herself?”

Shi Qingzhou nodded. “Fortunately, Liu Suifeng was prepared, and she failed to poison us.”

Long Xiaoyuan felt scared and pulled Shi Qingzhou into his arms. “No matter who wants to see you next time, you have to be careful. Don’t let this happen again.”

Shi Qingzhou looked at him and nodded. “Okay. I will be more careful in the future.”

Long Xiaoyuan sighed. “How weird!”

Shi Qingzhou said lightly, “Don’t think about it. Let’s have breakfast.”

Long Xiaoyuan paused. He said strangely. “Qingzhou, do you still have the appetite?”

Shi Qingzhou looked at him. “Do you want me to lose appetite?”

“No.” Long Xiaoyuan immediately shook his head. “It’s good that you have the appetite.”

Shi Qingzhou did not say anything else.

Long Xiaoyuan hurriedly took Shi Qingzhou’s hand and walked to the dining room.

Shi Qingzhou looked at his hand and smiled faintly.

After Wu Xiangyuan died, the whole Tianji Sect was taken over by the royal family.

If anyone was against this, he could leave.

Wu Ronghan had become a traitor, and the rest of the people in Tianji Sect dared not say anything else.

Just like that, Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou incorporated the whole Tianji Sect into the Emperor’s intelligence agency.

No one objected.

Long Xiaoyuan was worried that the people from Tianji Sect would turn their coat.

However, there was no need to worry too much, because the Shadow Guardians were watching over them.

A few days later, Long Xiaoyuan received the news at noon that the internal war had started in Northern Barbarians.

Lord hadn’t show up yet.

It was only a general who started the war with Huhe Huangcheng in Northern Barbarians.

In other words, the general was leading the army on behalf the Lord.

Lord was nowhere to be seen.

After receiving the news, Long Xiaoyuan had a vague idea. Was it possible that the mysterious Lord was in Tianlong Dynasty instead of Northern Barbarians?

As he thought, this idea started to root in his mind, and he couldn’t get rid of it

Shi Qingzhou read the news. He turned to looked at Long Xiaoyuan and saw his thoughtful expression, asking, “What’s the matter? What’s on your mind?”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at Shi Qingzhou and said slowly. “Qingzhou, I’m thinking if Lord is here since he isn’t in Northern Barbarians.”

Shi Qingzhou was startled, narrowing his eyes.

Long Xiaoyuan analyzed, “I think it’s very possible. Otherwise, why hasn’t he appeared in Northern Barbarians? Is he here plotting something?”

Shi Qingzhou paused and said, “What do you think he’s plotting?”

“I don’t know.” Long Xiaoyuan shook his head. “I don’t know the details, but Wu Xiangyuan’s self-destruction… If you hadn’t visited her with Liu Suifeng, you would have been in huge trouble. I feel that his target is us.”

Shi Qingzhou pondered.

The more Long Xiaoyuan thought about it, the more certain he got!

“Qingzhou, I think of a problem.”

“What is it?” asked Shi Qingzhou.

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