Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 22595

Chapter 860: Eight Hundred Sixty

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As soon as Chi Shuyan's words fell, the man immediately put a towel in her hand, as if he was afraid that she would regret it, then sat on the bed honestly, waiting for his wife to wipe his head.

Chi Shuyan:...

Fortunately, Chi Shuyan went to bed early, and now she is not sleepy. The sleepiness disturbed the man. She half-kneeled on the bed and patiently wiped the mans hair. Fortunately, the mans head was short and his hair was short, so it was easy to dry. Otherwise, she really doesn't have the patience to wipe the man's hair.

When it was almost wiped, Chi Shuyan got out of bed and wanted to put the towel on the chair. She saw that the time was almost the same, and let the man prepare for sleep.

The waist suddenly tightened, and the whole person fell onto the man in an instant. Chi Shuyan raised his eyes and was wondering what else he wanted to ask the man. Just about to ask, the mans hot and domineering kiss came and blocked her severely. Lips.

Chi Shuyan was taken aback. At this time, the man was already familiar with the road and drove straight into her mouth and swept in her mouth, sucking her tongue from time to time, and draining the jin in her mouth. The whole person was like the one who had just come out of the desert and had not drunk water People, listening to the voice of the man swallowing, Chi Shuyan couldn't help blushing when he thought that her father was next door.

Qi Zhenbo stared at his wife closely, and saw that his daughter-in-law's ears were red and her cheeks were red. Looking at him, she became more beautiful and delicious, and her throat tightened.

His wife is absent these days. He is busy with work all day and night and almost stays in the company. He has not done anything to relieve himself. He is a vegetarian. Now I see his wife in pajamas right in front of him, especially the light. Next, his wife's white neck dangled in front of him, and the man's eyes grew darker.

Although Chi Shuyan was dizzy by the man, he did not forget that this is not an apartment, but his father's side. His father lives next door, and the soundproofing here is average. Seeing this man's actions are constantly unraveling. She subconsciously pushes people away, but she can't push them away. She can only quickly hold down the man's unbuttoned hand, staring at her and screaming, "Don't...no, my dad is here!"

Qi Zhenbai subconsciously stopped when he heard his wife's words, but stared at his daughter-in-law to see his eyes and the red cheeks that were stained with rouge. Qi Zhenbai's Adam's apple rolled, and she was dumbfounded.

Under the light, the woman's eye sockets were slightly wet, the corners of her eyes were red, her cheeks were red, and her mouth was turned into a bright red by the man. The whole person put on makeup, and her brows and eyes were amazingly bright.

Chi Shuyan had no idea at this moment how alluring and alluring the man in front of him was. The astonishing style of her eyebrows was shocking, and the words she said seemed more like desire but refused to welcome her.

Realizing that the mans eyes are getting deeper and deeper, Chi Shuyan is afraid that this man will want her here, racking his brains and hurriedly said: "Its really not good here, my dad is next door, and the soundproofing is not good! By the way, there are no beds. stable!"


Chi Shuyan just breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the man suddenly lifted the blanket on the quilt to the ground, and then strongly embraced her on the blanket and kissed her hard, unbuttoning her clothes without stopping.

Chi Shuyan's eyes widened in surprise before he could react. The man had already stripped her clean and let her lie on the blanket: "Daughter-in-law, I'll just be gentle and don't say anything!"

Chi Shuyan:...

At this moment, Chi Lingyan's voice suddenly came from outside the door: "Yan Yan, are you asleep? You went to take a shower in the middle of the night?"

Qi Zhenbai:...

Chi Shuyan:...

The Ghostbusters who like to be reborn, please collect them: (Wuxiaworld) The literature of the Ghostbusters is the fastest to update.

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