Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser Chapter 22596

Chapter 953: Nine Hundred Fifty Four

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When others heard Yang Mus words, coldness poured in from the soles of their feet, and there was a burst of cold in their hearts. Xiong Tianning looked at the abyss at his feet dumbly for a while, for fear that someone would push him down, and several people looked at each other. Face horrified.

Qi Zhenbai suddenly said, "Where is the Fulu I gave?"

Yang Mu was taken aback, he was in his pocket subconsciously, just about to figure it out, but he felt empty: "Boss, I..."

Qi Zhenbai had to give him another talisman, let him hold it carefully, and throw it away if he wanted to die.

Yang Mu hurriedly shook his head, wait, the talisman was obviously in his hand just now, he didn't throw it away.

Qi Zhenbai saw Yang Mu's expression, his complexion was a little dark, riding on Yang Mu dumbfounded, he let Yang Mu walk between Yan Youwei and Xiong Tianning, the two watched him closely, don't let him throw the talisman.

Xiong Tianning and Yan Youwei also spotted something wrong with Yang Mu at this time, and immediately nodded: "Yes, boss!"

Sure enough, Yang Mu's complexion began to be in a daze. He subconsciously wanted to throw the talisman. He was quickly pressed on his shoulder by Xiong Tianning's eyesight behind him. Yang Mu immediately became sober, his whole person was a little stupid, and even more shocked.

Seeing Yang Mu's stunned appearance from time to time, Xiong Tianning felt that Yang Mu might have been attacked just now, and the people in Nanping Mountain became more frightened.

Fortunately, not long after a group of people walked to the destination, they saw a dark lacquered hole inside. A group of people looked at the hole and couldn't help panicking. A few more people looked at the bare path beside the hole. There is no one.

But just now, whether it was the old talk or Yang Mu, they seemed to have seen someone here. Xiong Tianning and the crowd could not help but feel shocked looking at the entrance of the cave and the bare road next to it.

"Boss!" Yan Youwei shouted suddenly.

"Since I'm here, I naturally have to go in!" Qi Zhenbai said with a cold face.

It was still Qi Zhenbai taking the lead. As for Yan Youwei and Xiong Tianning, they were still optimistic about Yang Mu according to their boss' orders. Since the old talk suddenly disappeared, Yang Mu's state was also very wrong.

When a group of people entered, although the entrance of the cave was a bit dark, there was still some light inside. The long and narrow road became deeper and deeper as a few people entered the cave. The damp and rotten inside almost didn't smoke Yan Youwei's group. Fainted, Qi Zhenbai still had no expression and looked around carefully.

At this time, Qi Zhenbai was all focused in the cave, but forgot to pay attention to Yang Mu's abnormality. Yan Youwei and Xiong Tianning both disliked the rotten smell at the entrance of the cave, and did not pay attention to Yang Mu for a while.

Yang Mu's face became more excited when he smelled the rancid smell, his entire face was as if he was taking some stimulant, his neck was swollen, and his cheeks were also flushed. When Qi Zhenbai looked at the wall next to the cave, Yang Mu suddenly stunned. I ran into the hole and ran so fast that others couldn't stop it.

"Yang Mu!" Yan Youwei was the first to discover Yang Mu's anomaly, but he only saw his back running fast. Others waited to see the back of Yang Mu running fast inside. Everyone's expressions changed suddenly, Xiong Tianning still I wanted to catch up with Yang Mu right away, but Qi Zhenbai suddenly held it down: "You can't catch him!"

"Boss, Yang Mu was in a very wrong state just now. Isn't it the same as the old saying... is he insulted?" Xiong Tianning said the word'Zhongxie', his voice was extremely low and weak. It's not more ugly.

"Boss, this... this place is so evil! I'm just talking about Yang Mu one by one! Wait a while, just in case the rest of us..." Li Tianan, who has always been silent and doesn't like to talk, said suddenly, the last few words to him Although he didn't say it, everyone knew what he meant.

Qi Zhenbai's face was also very ugly at this time. When the others panic, he couldn't panic, and said with a calm face: "Take the talisman I gave you and it will be fine, and you can walk to avoid the walls on both sides. There is something in this wall."

As soon as Qi Zhenbai finished speaking, he saw a few things that were slightly larger than the maggots but dozens of times larger than the maggots suddenly drilled out of the wall of the cave. There were two sharp black horns on the top of his head, but the eyes of these things seemed to be I have been staring at them, but dare not come forward.

Qi Zhenbai breathed a sigh of relief, and saw everyone with a horrified expression: "This is a corpse worm, it's okay if you hold the talisman!"

After speaking, he immediately led a few people into the cave. After they walked for more than ten minutes, they heard a few groans, and the others thought they were listening.

Is anyone else here to cheat?

Because of this groan, many people breathed a sigh of relief. It's better to see someone cheating than to run into those weird things just now. Their hearts are really overwhelming.

Just waited for everyone to enter, and saw that there was a real affair on the ground not far away. Apart from Qi Zhenbai, everyone else looked dumbfounded.

However, Yan Youwei saw that the normal man's neck seemed to be full of blood, and the hands holding the man's waist were half rotten and half skeleton fingers?

Yan Youwei's expression was startled, he stared at the man and looked in front of the man, vaguely saw a slender figure, very much like a woman.

Only when the two changed a posture, the real face of the'woman' was revealed, and there was a rotten face, no, it should be a person who could clearly see the bones, half rotten flesh and half skeleton, with a big hole in her stomach. The intestines inside fell out of the belly one by one, and a pile of corpses next to her was surrounded by a pile. Some got into the carrion of her body, and more corpses got in and out from the big hole in her belly. Drilled onto the man who had **** with the rotten corpse.

The man looked devilish, completely unaware that he was mingling with a carrion covered with corpses and insects. His face of enjoyment was more like mingling with some celestial beauty, even if many corpses got into his body and broke open. He ran out, the man still only had an expression of enjoyment, his face flushed and continued to mate with the'carrion' under him.

This scene is really scary. Yan Youwei screamed in shock and started covering his mouth and vomiting, especially when he saw the old talk and Yang Mu with a dull look standing behind him in line, waiting for sex. Excited flushing and emotional.

Yan Youwei's face was pale and pale.

It was the courageous Xiong Tianning and Yan Youwei who saw this oozing absurd scene. Their legs kept getting weak, and several people vomited and vomited bile.

Yan Youwei saw that he was about to finish dating with the carrion. Behind him, he kept talking about taking off his pants. He was trembling and his teeth trembled. He wanted to say something, but his throat was blocked, and finally he saw the old talk about to pounce Carrion, he finally held back the word'Boss'.

Qi Zhenbai's face was also very ugly at this time. Looking at Yang Mu and the old talkers, who are full of excitement in their pants, their faces can be as dark as they are. Before saving the people, he coldly asked people to take a photo. The two appreciate it!

Yan Youwei and the crowd:...

The Ghostbusters who like to be reborn, please collect them: (Wuxiaworld) The literature of the Ghostbusters is the fastest to update.

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