Rebirth: Im Lv Bu Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: Battle Of Jizhou

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After a while, I saw a figure flickering at the door, and it was Ai Lang who came out. When Ma Yunlu saw this, he felt at a loss, and then he reacted and hurriedly bowed and said, "Master!..." Ailang smiled and joked: "Are you running to me at this time?" Ma Yunlu He became annoyed for no reason, and said: "The final general was not willing to come! However, there is an emergency military situation, but he has to come and inform the lord!"

Hearing that there was an emergency military situation, Ailang couldn't help but smile, and asked: "Where is the military situation?" Ma Yunlu immediately turned to the messenger who was stopped by the female soldiers not far away and shouted: "The lord has an order, and the messenger has seen him. The female soldier heard the words and immediately let it go. The messenger came to Ai Lang quickly, took out the bamboo slip bag and held it up with both hands, and said: "The villain is hereby sent by Mrs. Yueying to send emergency military information!"

Ma Yunlu stepped forward, picked up the bamboo slips, turned around and forwarded them to Ailang. Ai Lang opened the bamboo slip and looked at it again. There was an unbelievable expression in his eyes. He couldn't help but said: "How come?..." Ma Yunlu couldn't help but become nervous when he saw this, and quickly asked: "Could it be that what happened in the north? ?"

Ai Lang laughed suddenly and joked; "I lied to you!" Ma Yunlu was stunned for a moment, and then saw everyone around him pouting and laughing, and Xiafei's cheeks were immediately embarrassed.

Ai Lang looked at the bamboo slips in his hand, and smiled: "Everything is as we expected before! Cao Zhang has surrendered to our army, and the whole state has gone down without a fight! Cao Pi was furious, and went to the front in person, and is leading the army to attack the pot. Off! The war is stalemate, but Cao Zhang may not be able to hold on for long! Yueying made a suggestion to let the Liaodong army attack to counter the battlefield of the Central Plains!..." Then he laughed mockingly: "It seems that Cao Pi has gone mad! He is so real. It's not as good as his Lao Tzu!" After thinking about it, he said to the messenger: "Go back and tell Yueying that I already know it. I agree with her suggestion. I will immediately send an order to Liaodong. This The battle on the frontier went much smoother than expected. The war is over. I will soon lead the army back to Luoyang and ask her to prepare her food and grass." The herald clasped his fists and promised and hurried down.

Ai Lang sat thinking for a while, then said to Ma Yunlu: "Come with me." Ma Yunlu was taken aback, and asked nervously, "What?" Seeing her reaction like this, Ai Lang couldn't help but understand it. Hehe smiled and said: "What are you thinking about, I just want you to give me orders!" Ma Yunlu was taken aback, and then he was ashamed and annoyed, only thinking that the other party must have done it deliberately just now.

Turning his gaze to the north, just like the order issued by Ailang at the Spring Festival annual meeting, when the 200,000 army attacked Xichuan, the larger army, 400,000 army was divided into two groups, led by Zhao Yun and Huang Zhong, respectively from Luoyang. The direction and Qingzhou direction attacked Cao Pi at the same time.

However, the offensive of the Qin army was not as fierce as imagined. After many days of attack, the army led by Zhao Yun still held back under Chaoge City, while Huang Zhong's army was blocked in Bohai County. At this moment, the news of Cao Zhang's refuge in Lv Bu reached Jizhou. Cao Pi was furious and refused to listen to Sima Yi's advice. He insisted on leading the army to assist Huguan in an attempt to defeat Cao Zhang and regain Bingzhou.

But at this moment, what Cao Pi expected from the government had happened. The Qin army, who was originally blocked by Chaoge and Bohai, suddenly used his strength, as if he had changed himself, launched a landslide and tsunami-like onslaught! The Cao Jun guarding Chaoge and Bohai relied on the city to resist bitterly, but only held on for less than two days before being attacked by the Qin Jun almost simultaneously. Immediately Qin army commander drove straight in, and his soldiers were unstoppable!

Cao Pi was furious that his army had been unable to break through the Huguan for a long time. A group of generals stood under their tents with their heads hanging down, not daring to take Cao Pi's words.

At this moment, an officer in the dust suddenly rushed into the big tent and reported to Cao Pi with anxious expression: "It's not good, Prime Minister! Qin Jun, Qin Jun has broken through Chaoge and Bohai!"

Cao Pi was taken aback and shouted angrily: "How is this possible?" The officer swallowed, and said, "True, true! The 200,000 army led by Zhao Yun drove all the way to the north, Wei County, Handan and other cities. Watching the wind descend, when the villain arrived, the enemy army had already passed Handan, not far from Jizhou! And the army led by Huang Zhong, after breaking Bohai City, did not go to the west, but to the northwest. When the villain arrived, Raoyang and other places in Hejian came down watching the wind!"

Cao Pi only felt a whirl of heaven and earth, and sat on his handsome seat with a splash. The officer said again: "Master Sima Yi ordered the villain to ask the adults to lead the whole army back to Jizhou quickly, otherwise, otherwise everything will be over!" Cao Pi returned to his senses, his eyes condensed, and he shouted: "Lu Bu wants to defeat me. It's so easy!" Then he shouted: "The army will start immediately and return to Jizhou!" The generals bothered to promise.

It didn't take long before the various departments of the Cao army began to evacuate in a hurry. Because of the rush, the entire camp looked chaotic. Cao Zhang, who was on the heights of Huguan, insisted on the situation, only feeling that the opportunity was rare, and immediately ordered the army to launch a counterattack! Cao Jun, who had committed more than 100,000 to L Bu, went out and stormed under the leadership of Cao Zhang. At this time, Cao Jun had no desire to fight, and under the fierce attack of Cao Zhang, the army was defeated like a mountain. The officers and soldiers threw their helmets and armors to escape.

Cao Zhang pursued hard, but was ambushed by the Cao army near Lu County. Cao Zhang's army was rushed to the west and retreated to the west. Cao Pi repulsed Cao Zhang in one fell swoop, and then he was relieved and gathered all the troops and rushed to Jizhou as quickly as possible.

A few days later, the army led by Cao Pi rushed to the city of Jizhou. However, the 200,000 army led by Zhao Yun has arrived under the city, and a huge fortress that stretches for more than ten miles has been erected. Cao Pi tried to defeat Zhao Yun in one fell swoop before Huang Zhong's army arrived, so he came out, and sent Sima Yi in the city to unite with him to attack Zhao Yun in one fell swoop.

Zhao Yun did not show weakness and led the army out of the camp. The armies of the two sides confronted each other, sending out huge shouts, shaking the mountain!

Cao Pi ordered the tiger and leopard cavalry to rush into the battle first, trying to use the tiger and leopard cavalry elite to tear a gap in the Qin army's formation, and then the army could take the opportunity to cover it!

Thousands of tigers and leopards galloping on prancing horses, their momentum is like a rainbow. Although there are only a few thousand people, the momentum they emit exceeds the ordinary tens of thousands of troops! Horses like dragons and people like tigers, with iron hoofs rushing forward! This is Cao Junzheng's ability to cross the world. At this moment, Cao Jun's hope of turning defeat into victory can be said to be pinned on them!

Zhao Yun saw the tiger and leopard cavalry rushing forward, and immediately raised the gentian gun in his hand! Qin Juns battle drums immediately rang loudly, and thousands of silver spears and white horses rushed out of the army like a white whirlwind like Zhao Yun's copy of dragoons! Go straight to the tiger and leopard cavalry! The strength of the two sides is equal, and the momentum is equal, and the blood of all the soldiers is boiling, and there are bursts of huge shouts!

In a blink of an eye, the cavalry on both sides rushed to a place less than fifty steps apart, and saw the white dragoons slamming their spears. The spears flew out with the speed of the horses to make a scalp numb. Howl! The tiger and leopard cavalry who were rushing towards the dragoon saw their guns fly, and raised the shields of their left hands. They only heard a loud bang, and the guns hit the tiger and leopard cavalry's shields, but they were not right How much damage did the tiger and leopard cavalry cause!

At this moment, the white dragoons suddenly separated and rushed to the two wings of the tiger and leopard cavalry. They did not directly conflict with the tiger and leopard cavalry. Instead, they quickly raised the special strong bow and continued to face the tiger at an extremely fast speed. The leopard cavalry's mount shoots arrows! The tiger and leopard cavalry armor is strong, and the sword is hard to damage, but the side of the mount is only protected by a layer of leather armor! The arrows of the dragoons flew down like rain, the horses of the tiger and leopard cavalry neighed and planted down, and the dragoons on horsebacks fell to the ground one after another. Trample on the ground!

The tiger and leopard cavalry roared straight at the dragoons, but the dragoons did not come into contact with them. While urging the horses to avoid them, they kept shooting arrows! On the battlefield, I saw arrows flying randomly, and the tiger and leopard cavalry kept falling down! Cao Jun was dumbfounded at everything, they had no idea that such an elite tiger and leopard cavalry would be in such a completely passive situation!

In a short while, the horses on the ground lay on the ground, and almost all the horses of the tiger and leopard cavalry were shot to the ground! At this time, a rush of war drums sounded in Qin's army. The dragoons immediately put down their bows and arrows, picked up the horse's long sword, and issued a huge shout, urging the horses to pounce from all directions to the tiger and leopard cavalry who had lost their mount! In a blink of an eye, the dragoons rushed into the tiger and leopard cavalry. The violent hoof trampled the tiger and leopard cavalry on the ground, while the horse's long knife set off a **** rain in the crowd! Lost the tiger and leopard cavalry desperately resisted, but it feels like being in a stormy sea, it is difficult to fight, and they have been knocked down in a pool of blood! The battle is completely one-sided, the sturdy dragoons are like wolves that harvest life, leaving a corpse wherever they pass! It didn't take long before the battle was over. The tiger and leopard cavalry would rather die than retreat, all fell under the iron hoof blades of the dragoons!

Cao Jun's officers and soldiers looked at this scene with horror, especially Cao Pi, who couldn't help trembling.

The dragoons wiped out the tiger and leopard cavalry and gathered quickly. Following the command of the leader and general, all the dragoons raised their long swords in their hands to pay tribute to the tiger and leopard cavalry! Although they are opponents, they are all worthy of respect! After doing this, the dragoons turned their horses and rushed into their own army.

There was a cold field on the battlefield. Cao Pi, who was planning to defeat Zhao Yun in one fell swoop, saw that the Tiger and Leopard cavalry was wiped out, but he was shocked and wondered what to do!

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