Rebirth: Im Lv Bu Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: Iron Armor Break

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Zhao Yun glanced at the battlefield and raised his gentian gun. Qin's battle drums rang loudly, and the shouts of Qin's generals were like landslides and tsunami, shaking the earth! General Cao Jun couldn't help but panic!

Suddenly the Qin army separated, and the ground shook immediately. Cao Jun's officers and soldiers saw thousands of armored chariots rushing out of the army! The chariot was originally outdated equipment, but the chariot in front of him was completely different from the chariot Cao Jun imagined. The chariot was towed by four heavy armored horses, and the whole chariot was wrapped in thick iron armor, just like the same. Just like a huge armored monster, more than a thousand armored chariots are running, like overwhelming mountains, with amazing aura!

Cao Pi changed his face, and then he looked awkward and shouted: "Ready to fight!" After all, Cao Jun's officers and soldiers are well-trained. Although they are panicked, they still let out a roar of unwillingness to show their weakness, stabilize the line, and prepare to welcome the Qin army chariot Shock!

More than a thousand Qin Army armored chariots smashed the ground and swept away! In a short while, he entered the range of Cao Jun's bowman! Following Xia Houyuan's order, Cao Jun's archers and crossbowmen fired their arrows together, and the dense arrows flew up into the sky, like a dark cloud, flying towards the Qin Army chariot group! In a blink of an eye, the dense arrows fell like a torrential rain, hitting the armor of the chariot with a loud crackling! However, it was useless at all. More than a thousand two armored chariots roared past and appeared in front of the Cao Jun line! Cao Jun's shield hand shouted piece by piece, straightening up the shield and preparing for the impact! The rushing chariot rushed towards Cao Jun's front with a huge noise, just as deafening as the roar of a monster! Immediately, a torrent of steel composed of chariot groups slammed into Cao Jun's spinning line! It was like a thrilling sound from a thrilling wave hitting the shore! Cao Jun's tight and strong defense line collapsed like a sand bank in front of the stormy waves!

The Qin Army's chariot broke through the Cao Jun's defense line in one fell swoop, and then rushed in. The surging iron hoof and the roaring chariot crushed Cao Jun's officers and soldiers to the ground! The brave Cao Jun kept roaring and besieging him. He straightened up his spear and stab at his opponent. However, the spears that were pierced out were broken, and the officers and soldiers holding the spears were knocked out by the force of a huge counter shock. The scene was chaotic. ! Cao Pi saw that the very effective tactics against the cavalry had no effect on these armored chariots. The entire formation was disrupted. He couldn't help but be frightened and angry. He kept calling his officers and soldiers to counterattack!

At this moment, General Zhang Yun suddenly pointed to the Qin Jun's formation and shouted: No! Look, Prime Minister! "Cao Pi quickly looked towards the Qin army formation, and saw that nearly 200,000 Qin army had already set off a huge wave rushing toward him! Cao Pi was shocked, even though he wanted to regroup his officers and soldiers into the battle line, but Seeing that his army had been disrupted by the opponents armored chariot, it was impossible to regroup in a short time! Just when Cao Pi was at a loss, Qin's war cavalry first rushed into the Cao armys formation. In the middle of the game, the iron hoof blade was invincible, rushing the already chaotic Cao army into a mess. The Cao army's officers and soldiers were also tough, and at this time they still fought back, and the battle was very fierce.

Before long, the Qin army swept in like a tide and rushed into the Cao army! The mighty force rushed the struggling Cao Jun to the ground!

Cao Pi saw that it was impossible to do anything, and hurriedly led his army to retreat. At this moment, Sima Yi led his army hurriedly to attack the Qin army from the flank. Zhao Yun immediately separated the cavalry to resist Sima Yi, but continued to chase Cao Pi's main force with his army.

Cao Pi's main force was defeated like a mountain, and the Qin army kept chasing him down to Jizhou city before stopping. On the ground outside the city, corpses were everywhere, and all kinds of heavy supplies were piled up like a mountain. Cao Jun, who had no time to escape into the city, lay down their weapons and surrendered under the siege of Qin Jun!

Seeing Cao Pi retreat to Jizhou, Sima Yi wanted to retreat. But it was too late. The Qin army's war knights furiously attacked, and at the same time, several Qin army outflanked towards Sima Yi's side. Sima Yi commanded the army to resist with all his might, retreated to the rocky mountain outside the city, surrounded by the Qin army regiment.

The war came to an end, and the Qin army suspended the attack. At this time, the Qin Army was divided into two divisions, one approached Yanshan and set up camp to encircle Sima Yi, while the other approached Jizhou and set up camp, putting on a posture of preparing to attack the city.

As night fell, the night wind blew across the hills and murmured like people were crying. In today's battle, the Cao army was defeated horribly. Although the two Cao army were not completely annihilated by the Qin army, they suffered heavy losses, and more seriously the morale of the army was severely damaged.

Sima Yi stood on the hill and looked at the enemy camp at the bottom of the hill, frowning tightly. With such a disastrous defeat in today's war, the hope is even more slim when you want to turn the tide from defeat into victory. Sima Yi was not a person who gave up lightly, but at this moment, he couldn't stand a feeling of depression in his heart. He raised his head and glanced at the bright moon in the sky, muttering to himself: "Is this God's will?"

In the great tent of the Qin Army, in today's battle, the Qin Army defeated Cao Jun severely. All the generals were gearing up to give Cao Jun the final blow! Zhao Yun and Chen Gong are arranging tasks for their generals, preparing to take advantage of the grand victory tomorrow morning to storm Jizhou and strive to break the city in one fell swoop! Zhao Yun and Chen Gong didn't plan to solve Sima Yi outside the city first, but planned to seize the city first, because now the opportunity is just right, and taking advantage of this spirit, it is very possible to break Jizhou in one fell swoop! As long as Jizhou City is broken, Sima Yi outside the city will be a turtle in the urn. At that time, he had no other way out besides surrendering.

At this moment, a soldier suddenly rushed in and hugged Zhao Yun and said: "General, a woman came outside. She said she was an old general and asked to see the general!" Zhao Yun was surprised and asked: "The other party has Say the name?" The soldier said: "The other party calls himself Zhang Chunhua."

Zhao Yun was surprised, and said, "It's her! What is she doing?" He couldn't help looking at Chen Gong, wanting to hear what he said. Chen Gong twisted the beard under his jaw and smiled and said, "I'm afraid it's a good thing." Then he hugged Zhao Yun and said, "The general might as well see her!" Zhao Yun nodded and said to the generals: "Everyone, go down and prepare. "The generals bowed and agreed, and they all filed out of the big account. Zhao Yun said to the soldier who came to report: "Go and invite her!" The soldier clasped his fists and promised, and walked quickly.

At this time, Chen Gong suddenly smiled and held a fist towards Zhao Yun and said, "I'll avoid it for the time being." Before he finished speaking, he walked out of the big tent. Zhao Yun only felt inexplicably strange to see Chen Gong doing this.

After a while, the personal soldiers came in with Zhang Chunhua, who was covered in a black cloak. Then the personal soldiers retreated, leaving only Zhao Yun and Zhang Chunhua in the big tent.

Zhang Chunhua took off the hood on his head, revealing a flowery face. Meisou glanced at Zhao Yun, with a lot of inexplicable looks, and then Yingying bowed: "General! Don't come here without any problems?" Zhao Yun smiled and said, "Madam, you are very polite! I didn't expect that I would see Madam here!"

Zhang Chunhua sighed and said leisurely: "The king of Qin is a magnificent man, and the return of his ministers is like rain and fierce generals. Today's results can be said to be destined!" Zhao Yun smiled and asked: "Madam suddenly came here. "Zhang Chunhua glanced at Zhao Yun with a beautiful eye, and smiled: "How can I dare to be a teacher. I'm just here to help General Zilong achieve great success."

Thats what Zhao Yun said just now. I didnt expect this Chunhua to really come to help me. I was surprised and asked, "Madam, will you help me capture Jizhou?" Zhang Chunhua nodded and said, "I have a way to make it. The general will enter Jizhou tonight and capture Cao Pi alive, but I wonder if the general can believe it?"

Zhao Yun smiled and said, "As you are speaking, it is difficult for me to believe what you say. But you can speak and listen." Zhang Chunhua looked at Zhao Yun and smiled and said: "General Zilong is General Zilong after all. Shang Xuyan!" Then he said: "My way is..." Then she said her plan. Zhao Yun was greatly surprised, and immediately hesitated. Zhang Chunhua looked at Zhao Yun calmly, waiting for his decision.

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