Rebirth: Im Lv Bu Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019: Ending

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Ai Lang hurried back to Luoyang, not taking a break, and immediately led his army across the Yellow River to prepare to support Zhao Yun in order to strengthen his attack on Jizhou. However, when Ailang led the army to Chaoge, an unexpected news came. Jizhou has been captured, while Cao Pi was captured by Zhao Yun. The sudden news made Ailang feel that he had heard it wrong? The final victory came so easily? But soon Ellen confirmed the accuracy of the news. Because when he led the cavalry to the bottom of Jizhou city, he saw his Lu flag flying high above the city gate, and the Caos banner had disappeared. Jizhou was really broken by Zhao Yun.

At this time, the city gate opened, and Zhao Yun led his generals out of the city to greet Ailang. When he came to Ailang, everything said, "Master!"

Ailang laughed loudly and said: "Everyone has worked hard, get up." Everyone stood up. Ailang looked at Zhao Yun and Chen Gong, and exclaimed: "You really surprised me! I thought this Jizhou siege would be very difficult and tragic. I didn't expect that you would have won Jizhou before I arrived! Great, great!" Zhao Yun and Chen Gong looked at each other and smiled, Zhao Yun clasped his fist towards Ai Lang and said: "I can't wait to take credit. The reason why I won Jizhou so smoothly is actually thanks to Mrs. Zhang Chunhua!"

Ai Lang was taken aback, and then thought of Zhang Chunhua, and asked very surprised: "Are you from Zhang Chunhua's help?" Zhao Yun said, "In the first battle, although our army repelled Cao Jun, the main force of Cao Jun retreated into the city to prepare. Negative resistance! And at this moment, it was Mrs. Zhang Chunhua who offered something! It turned out that she had instigated the Dongchengmen guard Han Sui! Our army and Han Suili Yingwai broke the city in one fell swoop, and Cao Pi was still lying down when he was captured. It's on the bed!"

Ellen nodded and smiled: "So what's going on!" Then he asked: "Where is Mrs. Zhang?" Zhao Yun immediately turned sideways and shouted to the rear: "Where is Mrs. Zhang? The lord summoned me!" Immediately walked out a young woman covered in a black cloak, it was Zhang Chunhua who had lurked beside Ailang before.

When Zhang Chunhua saw Ai Lang, Ying Ying bowed: "Sinner Zhang Chunhua pays respects to the lord!" Ai Lang smiled and waved his hand: "You are not a criminal woman, you are a great hero! I don't like to say thank you, you just Tell me what you want! As long as it is not too outrageous, I will fulfill your wish!"

Zhang Chunhua looked at Zhao Yun, and there was a look of desire in his eyes. Immediately, his expression dimmed, and he bowed to Ai Lang and said, "I dare not ask the lord for anything! What I did was just making up for it!"

Ai Lang laughed and said, "You are being polite to me!" After a pause, he said, "Well, I will appoint you as Jizhou Do not drive, temporarily in charge of the civil affairs of Jizhou." Zhang Chunhua hesitated and seemed to want She refused, but she didn't know what she thought of, and finally Yingying bowed: "Thank you for the Lord's grace! The next official will live up to the Lord's high expectations!"

The group entered the city and soon came to the main hall of the Prime Minister's Mansion in Jizhou. This prime minister's mansion was originally Yuan Shao's general mansion. Before Cao Pi lost Xuchang and Luoyang, he moved his office to this general mansion. This mansion can be said to have witnessed the rise and fall of three generations of princes.

Ailang stepped up to the head, turned around, and everyone said together: "Master!" Ailang smiled, and suddenly felt like an emperor.

Chen Gong clasped his fist and said: "Lord, although Jizhou is down, there are still Cao Pi and hundreds of thousands of Cao Jun who surrendered waiting for the lord to deal with it. Please tell me how to deal with it!" Ai Lang thought for a while and said: "Cao Pi and others will do it. Keep it closed. I dont have the time to deal with them now. As for the soldiers who surrendered, they naturally have to be resettled, but I have to discuss this matter with you first, so I wont be busy for the time being." Chen Gong nodded, then immediately Said: "However, there are a few other things that must be done immediately. Although Jizhou has been dismissed, the local officials of the Cao family and Cao Jun generals in many places have not surrendered. The subordinates thought that they could immediately send envoys to educate them. Under the general trend, I still think that there will not be many recalcitrants." Ailang nodded and said: "Okay. Just do it."

On the same day, Chen Gong dispatched more than a dozen envoys to pacify according to Ai Lang's orders. Soon, news came back one after another, and the situation was much better than Ellen and the others expected. The officials of the Cao family and the generals of the Cao army everywhere gave up resistance and pledged allegiance to Lu Bu after learning that Jizhou had broken Cao Pi's capture. The entire north soon all fluttered the flag of the Lu character.

The north was calmed down, Ailang left Zhao Yun, Chen Gong, Huang Zhong and Jia Xu to sit in the north, and he returned to Luoyang. There is an unspeakable feeling in Ai Lang's heart, that the most important thing in this life has finally been completed, but there is a kind of emptiness in his heart, feeling that he does not know what to do next.

On this day, it wasn't until three poles in the sun that Ellen woke up from his dream. Thinking of the absurdity of last night, I couldn't help but grinned bitterly, and murmured somewhat confusedly: "Could it be possible that the rest of my life will only be with my wives!?" With a bitter smile, he shook his head. Then I found out why all the wives who were there last night were gone?

Get off the bed and put on your underwear. At this moment, feeling there seemed to be some movement outside, he went downstairs and walked out of the bedroom. As soon as he left the bedroom, Ai Lang was stunned by the sight in front of him. All of his civil servants and his wives, all dressed in costumes, stood at the door waiting for him! Ailang only felt inexplicable and asked, "What are you guys...?"

Yan Shi in a palace costume came up with a yellow dragon robe. Ai Lang didn't understand what was going on, so Yan put the dragon robe on Ai Lang.

Everyone immediately bowed: "Long live my emperor long live long live long live!" Ai Lang was stunned, completely unexpected that his wife and subordinates would give him such a play of yellow robe. Immediately, an impulse surged into his heart, and Ailang suddenly discovered the direction of his future life. He wants to create a great empire that is unprecedented in history and also has no one to come! (Finish)

I like rebirth, I am Lu Bu. Please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Rebirth I is the fastest literary update written by Lu Bu.

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