Rebirth In One Piece As Deputy Captain Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211: The Battle Begins

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On the high platform, seeing Xiliu appear, a smug smile flashed on Blackbeard's face. Just as he was about to give an order to fire and blast the Straw Hat Pirates into scum, the green pheasant, who had been sitting in his seat without speaking, suddenly Got up.

Perceiving the sound of footsteps behind him, Black Beard's face changed slightly, and when he squinted to look behind him, he saw the green pheasant stand up, stretched out and walked forward.

At this moment, Blackbeard couldn't help thinking, what does this man want to do? ,

His black beard has been in this sea for decades. From Rogers time, he experienced the era of great navigation, to the old rivers and lakes that have gone through three eras, he has seen the ups and downs of the sea, seeing people and humanity. Needless to say, the certainty of that.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to put those chaotic guys all over the world as his subordinates. Blackbeard knew in his heart that his cadres were so pitifully loyal to him, and only Bashas was die-hard. That's why Blackbeard let Bashas become the captain of the No. 1 captain. If he is in accordance with the strength, Bashas can only be ranked last among the cadres, and it is impossible to become the captain of the No. 1.

But he can make these people who are not loyal to do things for themselves honestly. Blackbeard has a strong grasp of people's hearts. He clearly understands what his subordinates need and what he can provide, so that Xiliu is firmly bound to them. On board.

In the entire Blackbeard Pirate Group, the green pheasant is the only guy Blackbeard can't understand. Two years ago, after the Punk Hathard incident, the green pheasant suddenly approached him and said that he would cooperate with the Blackbeard Pirate Group.

Who is the green pheasant, that is the highest combat power of the world government, a dignified admiral of the navy headquarters, a person who almost became a marshal of the navy, in the marshal battle, if it weren't for the red dog rock berry actually restrained the frozen fruit, whoever wins or loses is not Easy to say.

Even if he left the navy, but a former admiral suddenly approached him and said to cooperate with the pirates, Blackbeard was also taken aback.

After much deliberation, Blackbeard agreed to the green pheasant. In addition to figuring out the true purpose of the green pheasant cooperation, Blackbeard also wanted to bring the green pheasant into his command.

It is a pity that facing this lazy man who sleeps longer than when he is awake, Black Beard can't understand the green pheasant's heart. The green pheasant seems to have a deep wall blocking all prying eyes.

Now the green pheasant suddenly acted, causing Blackbeard's heart to sink, and more than half of his attention was concentrated on the green pheasant, his right hand clenched a fist secretly, a touch of strange waves gathered at Blackbeard's fist, if the green pheasant had any actions that shouldn't be done, Blackbeard Will thunder shot.

Blackbeard didn't see it. The green pheasant's eyes slanted, and an intriguing smile flashed across his mouth.

"Let me make this battle more interesting!"

call out

The shadow flashed, and the steel ground under his feet was covered with a thin layer of ice in the blink of an eye. The figure of the green pheasant had disappeared, and he flew high into the sky.

The sudden action of the green pheasant immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the crescent-shaped bay, and they all raised their heads to look at the green pheasant.

Seeing the appearance of the green pheasant, the faces of the people in the Straw Hat Pirates group became very exciting. The green pheasant was the first admiral that everyone had contact with, and was also the admiral who almost wiped out the Straw Hat Pirates.

Lin Tian's eyes narrowed slightly. At this time, the green pheasant came out to fight the vanguard, whether it was Blackbeard's intention or the green pheasant's own thoughts.

With a soft cry, an extremely cold air radiated from the green pheasant's mouth. In an instant, countless water vapor in the air condensed into ice crystals, and even the green pheasant was covered by a layer of ice.

"Ice Age!"

With a burst of shout, the green pheasant's hands exuded endless cold air, and the white ice wrapped his hands. I saw the green pheasant stretched out his hands, and each of his hands shot out an icicle bursting out. The icicles were extremely fast and rushed into the sea in the blink of an eye. .

The icicles rushed into the sea and aroused two splashes of tens of meters high. In an instant, the high splashes were frozen into white ice before they fell.

With two water flowers as the center, the calm sea surface was covered by endless ice in a blink of an eye. Under tens of thousands of pairs of extremely shocking eyes, the white ice has spread at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the sea surface has become a white ice sheet, and the ice spread all the way to Climb to the high wall before stopping.

At the gap in the bay, the ice spread all the way out of the harbor, all the way to the pirate ship led by Xiliu and stopped.

All but the past few seconds, many pirates have not yet realized what is happening, the turbulent sea becomes a white ice sheet in the blink of an eye, and the Sonny on the sea is also tightly imprisoned on the ice.

"No, the surrounding sea is all frozen by ice." Nami leaned against the ship's side and leaned over to look at the bottom of the ship.

Frankie looked up and said with a bad expression: "The ice is too thick, the propellers are frozen, and the rollers on both sides can't be used. Now the Sonny is completely frozen on the ice."

Hearing Frankie's words, a look of anxiety flashed across everyone's faces. The Sonny's biggest advantage was speed, and now being frozen on the ice was the biggest target.

There are dozens of fortresses and tens of thousands of pirates on the surrounding city walls. One round of attack is enough to destroy the Sonny.

"That guy wants to force us to act first!" Lin Tian muttered softly after taking his gaze back.

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian turned around and said to the people behind him: "The plain below just opened up enough battlefields for us, and we can directly save the step of rushing to the high platform. We will fight the Blackbeard Pirates on this ice field."

"So, the battle can begin." Frank opened the weapon hidden in his right arm, and he couldn't wait for the next battle.

On the high platform, Blackbeard watched the bay below turn into an ice field, his eyes stayed on the green pheasant for a few seconds, and a thoughtful smile flashed across his mouth.

He immediately raised the sharp sword on his waist and screamed. In order to strengthen his power, Blackbeard even broke out a very strong domineering, whizzing out white winds.

"Little ones, kill, let this plain be the burial place of the Straw Hat Pirates!"

With an order, the members of the Blackbeard Pirates, who had been waiting for a long time, waved their weapons and jumped off the wall. Tens of thousands of people swarmed up like a torrent of the Sonny in the center of the plain.

On the fortress turret on the wall, the pitch-black cannons had already aimed at the Sonny, and they had long been waiting for Blackbeard's order.

Bang... bang... bang...

There was a loud noise, and orange flames emerged from the muzzle, as if a cannon was roaring, and the pitch-black muzzle shot at the Sonny in a beautiful arc in the air.


With a soft drink, the purple-black thundercloud Homitztor flew up into the sky. At the same time, Nami waved the weather stick in her hand, and black thunderclouds flew towards Thor in a straight line.

After eating a large number of thunderclouds, Thor's body size has become visible to the naked eye and the speed is increasing. In a blink of an eye, the huge volume is enough to wipe out the entire sky above the Sonny.

"Wan Lei!"


In the harsh thunder and lightning, countless thunder and lightning rushed out of Thor's body, and dense thunder and lightning flooded the entire sky.

The branch-shaped lightning is like a layer of invisible lightning shield. The flying cannonballs are detonated by the thunder and lightning, and there is a sound of bursting and bursting. The hot wind from the explosion is swept in all directions, orange-yellow. The fire shone on the face of Blackbeard.

The explosion produced countless black smoke that enveloped the Sonny. There was no sight outside, but Blackbeard knew that this level of attack could not help the Straw Hat boy.

As expected in Black Beard's mind, the black mist rolled over, as if a pair of invisible big hands had torn the black mist open, and then there were bursts of sound, and everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates group led by Luffy leaped down.

"Bring me!" Luffy raised his sword and shouted, and immediately rushed out.

On the undulating plain in front of you, looking at the dense crowd, all of them were crew members of the Blackbeard Pirate Group, shouting.

"Kill! Kill the straw hat boy!"

"The captain said~wuxiaworld.online~ who can kill the straw hat boy can become a cadre of the Blackbeard Pirates!"


This is enough to make countless members of the Blackbeard Pirates madness. You must know that to become a cadre of the Blackbeard Pirates, no one is older than you except the captain, and becoming a cadre can lead a small fleet. , Acquired one of the 24 guardian islands as a fief.

"Three gears!"

Running Luffy took a deep breath, raised his left hand to bite hard, and then blew the air in his abdomen into his arm. The thin arm suddenly expanded at a speed that was visible to the naked eye and became several tens of meters in size.

"The Gun of Giants!"

Luffy flicked his feet and flew up. In the eyes of tens of thousands of Blackbeard Pirates, Luffy raised his left fist and blasted out.


With the loud noise of the sky and the earth cracking, the entire plain trembled, and countless pieces of ice flew up. This fist smashed and, to say nothing, hundreds of Blackbeard Pirates crew members were killed.

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