Rebirth In One Piece As Deputy Captain Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251: The World's No. 1 Swordsman

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File clang... File clang...

The four cold glows flickered wildly, the sword blades collided with a metal collision sound, and the sword body trembled and buzzed.

As the sharp sword danced, a series of sword lights were emitted, which flew out in all directions, like sharp arrows falling into the sea.

Bang... bang...

Continuous explosions sounded, and white water jets rushed out of the water like a white dragon, looking at hundreds of them, the sea was rolling like boiling hot water, huge waves surging to the sky, white waves rolling, undulating.

Sword Qi volleyed, Sauron and Hawkeye fought frantically in mid-air. As the two figures fell, more and more sword aura burst out. Thousands of tons of sea water were lifted up, and the entire sea surface was produced by the two fighting. The destructive power is stirred.

The cold light flickered, and the eagle-eyed black knife flashed out like a black snake, piercing the void and killing towards Sauron's armpit. Sauron swept out the three generations of ghosts in his right hand, blocking the eagle eye's black knife, and at the same time, with a sizzle, the ghost fire pierced out like a silver flash, and hit the eagle eye's door.

Worthy of being the worlds number one swordsman, Hawkeye seemed to have anticipated Saurons move. He didnt rush, and the black sword in his hand rose upwards, flicking Saurons ghost fire, and took the opportunity to slash and kill. To Sauron.

The sharp sword was very fast, and the lightning and flint room had approached Sauron's face gate. At this moment, both swords in Sauron's hand had been split. If Sauron was cut out, he would definitely die.

Fortunately, Sauron reacted very quickly, his head tilted, and he clenched the Hedaoyi text and slanted, the black knife slammed on the Hedaoyi text.


There was a loud noise, a violent storm came out, and the power like a tide passed along the sword's blade to Sauron's mouth.

Only feeling a powerful force coming, the word Hedao in Sauron's mouth was almost blown out in an instant, and he clenched the hilt tightly, and the continuous power was transmitted, as if there was no end.

Sauron bit his sword hilt with all his strength and his face became distorted, but the power of Hawkeye was so strong that Sauron could clearly feel the sword hilt moving between his teeth.

At this moment, Hawkeye suddenly exploded with stronger power, directly blasting Sauron out, like a flying cannonball falling into the sea.


With a loud noise, Sauron plunged into the sea, and thousands of tons of seawater sounded. The waves of tens of meters high rolled and spread in all directions.

Hawkeye lifted the sword and slashed it suddenly, the sword aura rolled over and turned into a tens of meters long black giant sword, exuding an astonishing light and suddenly slashed.


The huge sword smashed into the sea, making a loud noise, waves tens of meters high flew toward the sea, and the rolling sea split a crack of hundreds of meters long.

The crowd around watching the battle was shocked, what a terrible destructive power, even the sea was split in half, this is still human.

"This is the strength of the world's No. 1 swordsman, it's really terrifying," Cavendish said blankly.

Cavendish has always believed that his swordsmanship is not weak, especially after the combination of dual personality, swordsmanship has risen several levels, and he can barely squeeze into the world's top swordsman.

But now Cavendish realized how ridiculous his original idea was, and with the sword of Hawkeye just now, he could not resist it.

The sea was surging into the sky, the sea was divided into two, and the endless sea water rushed to both sides. In this tens of meters deep crack, Sauron was cut out from the sea by an eagle eye.


A big mouthful of blood spurted from Saurons mouth, his clothes pierced and was torn into pieces by the strong wind. Sauron who flew upside down turned over and landed on the shattered beach. Just after his steps fell, his injuries were affected, Sauron A mouthful of bright red blood spurted out of his mouth again.

Reaching out to wipe the blood off the corners of his mouth, Sauron's face was full of dignity. He thought that his swordsmanship should surpass Hawkeye, but he did not expect to fall into the wind during the battle. Looking up, the Hawkeye's figure flashed and shattered. Falling on the beach.

The eagle eye descended from the sky, and with the help of the speed of the fall, the eagle eye was as fast as a meteorite, splitting towards Sauron, as if to split Sauron in half.

Raising the sword to block, there was a muffled sound, and the strong wind raged between the two of them, and the two were knocked back by the impact.

Ta Ta Ta...

The footsteps continued to retreat, and each step down on the beach was shocked. One can imagine how powerful Sauron's body was.

Sauron raised his foot and stepped behind him, and the strong impact rushed out of his body, and countless sand and dust flew up under his feet with a bang.

Hawkeye waved his sword to stop retreating, raised his head to look at Sauron, and said lightly: "If your strength is only this, then I really look at you, it seems that you don't have the qualifications to become the world's number one."

"Really?" Sauron stretched out his hand and slowly wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth, and said: "It's too early to say now."


Hearing that, Hawkeye's eyes flashed with interest, is there any other strength that Sauron hasn't shown.

In an instant, Hawkeye's eyes condensed slightly, and a dark, murderous, terrifying aura suddenly emerged from Sauron's body, and strange black auras were rising from all over Sauron's body.

Feeling the aura of black aura, eagle eyes frowned slightly. In addition to being full of evil, this aura also made people feel a very powerful force.

"Ghostly cut!"

With a loud shout, Sauron leaped in depth, lifting up the three generations of ghosts wrapped in black air and slashing towards Hawkeye.

The sword body's black energy tumbling, wrapped around the blood-red sword light that was tens of meters long. The blood-red sword light and the black energy, the red and black sword air wave looked very strange, but it was powerful.

File clang...

Hawkeye lifted his sword and slashed out, and there was an alarm, and he saw that Hawkeye was actually blasted several meters away by this sword energy wave. It was the first time that Hawkeye had been smashed several meters away since the battle.

Stopping the retreat, Yingyan's expression was in shock, and he thought: "What a strong power, domineering? No, this is obviously not domineering, but another power."

Seeing that the eagle eye was knocked into the air, Sauron's mouth was slightly tilted, and his face was indescribable. He said: "This is a kind of power that I have realized in combat and is similar to domineering. I call it ghost. ."

"Ghost gas?" Hawkeye whispered, and then said: "Good name, evil aura and ghostly and strange power, it seems I want to take back what I just said, I underestimate you."

"Next is the real power of ghost energy!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Sauron's body erupting with a stronger ghost energy. The ghostly energy rolled like a thick fog, and the black energy reflected on Sauron's face. At this moment, Sauron was like a ghost-like man returning from hell.

With a click, Sauron crossed his sword and hilts in his hands. Upon seeing this posture, Hawkeye's expression suddenly changed, as if he had seen something very interesting.

Hawkeye will not forget this posture. This is the starting position of the "Three Swords Style: Three Thousand World". When he first saw Sauron in the East China Sea, Sauron used this technique to attack Hawkeye, but It was easily broken by the eagle eye.

It was also the battle in the East China Sea that made Hawkeye recognize Sauron and realize that there is actually a real swordsman with that kind of consciousness in the weakest ocean, East China Sea. Since then, Hawkeye has been paying attention to Sauron. From the East China Sea to the Great Route, it has grown step by step until now.

But at this time, Sauron used the moves that he had defeated against himself, and he didn't need to say more about what he said. Hawkeye could see clearly.

"The ghost from hell, turned into the evil world Shura, cut everything ahead..."

Amidst the singing, the ghost spirit rolled behind Sauron, the dark ghost spirit gradually condensed into two evil ghost heads, and the face on the evil ghost was Sauron.


Sauron stepped on both feet, leaped up, and the ghost energy violently tumbled behind him. One part of the ghost energy was scattered on both sides. The two groups of ghost energy each turned into an evil ghost Sauron, maintaining the same posture, turning the swords in his hands. It spun vigorously.

"Nine mountains and eight seas, those without self, three thousand evil spirits Shura!"

The moment the words fell, the three Sauron quickly turned their swords in their hands and set off a strong whirlwind. The strong wind blew on the sea, and finally the calm sea once again set off endless waves.

"What a strong power, are you ready to win or lose with me?" Hawkeye's eyes shrank slightly, his face full of seriousness.

Holding the black sword in his hand with one hand, the eagle eye's domineering tumbling, the invisible domineering entangled on the sword, a strong force gushing out.

I saw Hawkeye wave the black knife in his hand, and the sharp tip of the sword pierced into the sand under his feet. In the next second, Hawkeye stepped and sprinted, and the tip of the sword was galloping on the sand with the figure flashing, drawing a beautiful arc. .

The three Saurons merged into one, and the nine sword lights flickered, and the eagle eyes suddenly seemed to be in the sword sea of Jianshan, with sharp sword lights slashing at him in all directions.

In an instant, the eagle eye screamed, and in a round with his right hand, the long sword in his hand cleaved from top to top, instantly cutting out countless sword lights.

Among the crowd watching the battle at the side of Shanghai ~wuxiaworld.online~, you can only see countless sword lights flashing by, like destroying the sky and destroying the earth, the sea is violently rolling, the mission of the ships under your feet is shaking, the sea is huge, and the water column is soaring into the sky. At the beginning, this scene was simply the end of the world, and immediately after a dazzling light shone out, everyone quickly closed their eyes.

When the world returned to calm, everyone quickly opened their eyes and looked forward. Everyone couldn't wait to know who won the battle for the world's strongest swordsman.

Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes looked forward, and they saw two figures standing on the broken beach, the sky full of sword energy disappeared, the broken void gradually returned to its original shape, and the sea began to calm down.

However, no matter whether it was Sauron or Hawkeye, all the swords in their hands disappeared. Not far from the beach, three sharp swords were accidentally inserted on the beach.

After a while, Sauron raised his hand to remove the word Hedao from his mouth, turned around, and looked at Hawkeye calmly.

Hawkeye did not look back, and said lightly: "Although there is only one move, I lost."

At this point, Sauron finally defeated Hawkeye and sat on the throne of the world's largest swordsman!

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