Rebirth In One Piece As Deputy Captain Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252: Season Finale

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The name of One Piece Luffy spreads far to the sea. Following the One Piece King Gelu D Roger, the world once again sits on the throne of the One Piece King and is recognized by the entire One Piece World.

Naturally, the Straw Hat Pirate Group became the most powerful pirate group in the world in one fell swoop, and the Straw Hat Big Ship Group became the strongest force in the sea. Even the status of the many pirate groups under it has also risen, each of them became the eyes of the newcomer pirates. idol.

At the same time, the famous swordsman and pirate hunter Roronoa Soron of the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Hawkeye Joramir Mihok in the waters of Modes, and became the world's largest swordsman in one fell swoop, and also famous in the world. .

Hawkeye Mihawk has been sitting on the throne of the world's number one swordsman for more than ten years, until today someone finally defeated Mihawk and became the world's number one swordsman.

Although these two things have caused widespread influence in the world, it is the secrets that Luffy and others brought back from the Chambord Islands that really caused an uproar in the world.

Lin Tian and others did not think about keeping Lavdrews secrets. The current world situation is not like Rogers time. The world government has fallen into a disadvantage under the offensive of the Revolutionary Army, and it is very difficult to survive. Have the energy to manage D's secret leakage.

When the secret of D came out from the Straw Hat Pirates, within a short time, the secret of "D" swept the entire world like a storm, and the world was in shock. Everyone did not expect the establishment of the world government to have such a shocking secret. , The world of eight hundred years turned out to be that way.

Eight hundred years ago, the ruler of the world was not a world government, nor was it any hindrance. At that time, there was a very powerful country'D' living under the upside down mountain. They had an advanced culture, a powerful military force, and built them to destroy the sky. Earth-like ancient weapons.

It is rumored that the'D' family has a powerful sacred tree. Many fruits with strange patterns will grow on the sacred tree. Eating these fruits can gain various demonic powers. This is the origin of the devil fruit, that tree It is also the tree of devil fruits.

Back then, the "D" family was the most powerful country in the world, but they did not have the ambition to rule the world. They used their power to maintain peace between various countries and keep the world stable.

The "D" clan also has a very good friendship with the murlocs, so the murlocs actually lived in peace with the humans in the world.

But there were some kings who had the ambition to dominate the world. They united and finally used conspiracy to instigate the relationship between the "D" clan and the murloc clan, causing the two sides to split, and finally a war broke out.

When the war reached the final juncture, these kings stood up. Only then did the two sides understand that everything was a conspiracy of the kings, when it was too late.

After the war, the "D" clan and the murloc clan are extremely weak, how could they be the opponents of the twenty kings.

In the end, Joey Boye, the king of the "D" tribe, in order to atone for the wronged murloc tribe, the "D" tribe stayed to fight with a coalition of twenty kings, allowing the murloc tribe to escape to the depths of the sea to survive.

The final war broke out under the upside down mountain. The war lasted for ten days and ten nights. The "D" clan was finally destroyed by the coalition forces of twenty kings. The tree of devil fruits collapsed, and all the devil fruits fell into the sea. The ocean current floats to the world.

At the last moment of the destruction of the "D" clan, King Joey Poi preserved the next batch of last seeds, and hid the created kings and sea kings, leaving the indestructible text of history, and carving this history on it.

Because Joey Boye sees the future, at some time, a member of the'D' tribe will appear in the world, carrying this history and launching a clarion call for destruction towards the world government.

There is nothing wrong with the future that Joey Boye sees. Luffy takes the real history from Lovedrew and declares the world.

As the secrets of the "D" clan spread throughout the world, the world government has become the world's public enemy, and many countries have left the camp of the world government one after another.

Eventually, under the three ancient weapons of the Revolutionary Army and the attack of tens of millions of armies, the final battle broke out. That battle destroyed the world. Tens of millions of armies of the two sides fought for ten days and ten nights around the sacred place of Marjoria on the Red Earth. The army won the final victory.

The Holy Land Mary Gioia was destroyed by the gunfire of the Revolutionary Army. All three five old stars died in battle. The world government leaders were swept away, and the Denonians, who were formerly known as creators, became prisoners of the ranks. They are about to face the whole world. anger.

The world government, the behemoth that has ruled the world for eight hundred years, finally fell under the iron feet of the revolutionary army and withdrew from the world stage. The revolutionary army will rule the world in the future.

The forces of the world government and the revolutionary army decided the final victory, but the Pirate World was very uneasy, because along with Luffy and the others from Love Drew brought out not only the secret of'D', but also the big secret treasure in the rumors. .

The ultimate source of the matter was Sanji. The pervert, Sanji, was deeply fascinated by a beautiful captain during an outing. He said everything, including the gems covering the entire sea area by Lovedrew, and even took photos. come out.

No one knows how this photo came out. Anyway, when everyone found Sanji the next day, the whole world saw the photo in the newspaper.

Such a huge wealth has driven the whole world crazy. Countless people have abandoned their families, relatives, and jobs. They all went to sea, to the great sea route, to the new world, to Luffdru to get that amazing treasure.

Another great maritime era has begun!

When countless people became pirates chasing treasure, as the world's number one pirate group, the straw hat pirate group that got the treasure disappeared from the world.

The great water capital, the world's most famous shipyard!

Frankie waved goodbye to the Sonny's friends, turned around and looked at his hometown where he had been away for several years, with infinite thoughts in his heart, and pulled the backpack behind him, leaving a blurred back in the eyes of everyone on board.

The Great Airway Drum Kingdom, the only medical kingdom in the world!

Chopper disembarked here. From leaving to returning again, the Drum Kingdom has also undergone earth-shaking changes. Knowing the news that Chopper is coming back, Dr. Kuleha has long been waiting in the port.

The starting point of the great route, Gemini!

After more than fifty years, Brook finally saw Rab again. Although there is only one skull left, Rab immediately recognized Brook, and the reunion decades later was accompanied by tears.

Donghae, sea restaurant Bharati!

For Sanji, he has only one family and only one father, but it is not the famous Vinsmoke family, but the small restaurant in Tokai, familiar people, familiar old man, and familiar kitchen.

East China Sea, a peaceful island village!

This is the hometown of Usopp. This time Usopp will not only bring the bones of his mother back to the new world, but also bury his mother and father together.

He has to come back to find the beautiful person who has been hiding in his heart for several years, thinking about it day and night.

He Usopp is no longer the bragging king of the year. He has grown into a famous sea warrior, a large pirate with a bounty of up to 1.5 billion, and the number one gunman in the new world.

Now, he is finally qualified to stand in front of the girl and propose to the girl a ring made of one of the best aquamarine gemstones he has carefully selected in Lavdrew

Donghai, Shuangyue Village!

The small village of the past has begun to evolve like a busy city. Because Sauron has become the world's largest swordsman, more and more people come to the Kendo Hall of Frost Moon Village to learn swordsmanship. They also want to become the world's largest swordsman. How.

Sauron was walking on the familiar field path, frogs croaked from time to time in his ears, light rain fell in the sky, and the distant jungle was gray in the drizzle.

The weather today is very similar to that day. It was also in this weather that Guina was lifted out of the gym and was buried in the grass in front of her along the field path.


From the time when he went to sea to the present, Sauron once again came to this tombstone. Unlike the past, Sauron has become the world's largest swordsman and fulfilled the agreement that year.

After staying for a long time, Sauron didn't say a word. He had a thousand words in his heart before, but he didn't know how to say it at this moment. Perhaps the person in his heart was gradually replaced by another identical face (Da Siqi).

After a while, Sauron took off the Hedao text on his waist and placed it in front of Guina's grave, turning away, leaving only a bleak back in the gray rain.

East China Sea, Windmill Village!

The place is still as peaceful as ever, no matter what the outside world becomes, the village of Windmill is still as peaceful as before.

Carrying the package, Luffy walked down the street, smiling as he followed the familiar people on the street to say hello.

Followed by Lin Tian, Nami and Robin, Shin Ping headed to the new hometown of the murlocs in the West Sea. Lin Tian and the three stayed in Fengche Village for one night. Tomorrow, they will go to Nami's hometown of Cocosia Village and then to the Ruins of O'Hara in Xihai Bring back Ayn.

Lin Tian has already thought about it. After finding Ai Yin, he will return to the great route, pull on Vivi, and Hancock, and then hold the world's largest wedding at the New World Straw Hat Pirates' resident. .

At the end of the street, the familiar banquet bar still stands. Looking at the bar in the evening like a layer of golden light, Luffy cant help but stop. In his childhood life, Luffy has a third of his life Spent here.


Taking a deep breath, Luffy shouted: "Markino, I'm back!"

The sound was thunderous, and the loud shouts reverberated throughout the entire Fengche Village. After returning from the fields, the village name unanimously looked up at the surroundings. Where did the sound come from, and it felt very familiar.

The shouts had not yet fallen, the door of the banquet bar was pushed open with a click, and Markino walked out. Just like in the past, time did not shed traces on Ma Qiruo, she was still so beautiful, with a warm smile on her face~ wuxiaworld.online~ Seeing Markino, Luffy smiled happily, but when she saw Shanks who appeared next to Markino, Luffy was shocked!


Lin Tian held an extremely grand wedding. The Four Emperors, the Revolutionary Army... the leaders of countless powerful forces were all present, and the five beautiful brides with the color of the country and the city were the envy of countless people.

At the same time, the weddings were held by Usopp and Kea, Sauron and Dasqi, and finally Sanji and Violet. Four grand weddings were held at the Straw Hat Pirates' resident at the same time.

As for the last Luffy, it seems that he is not going to get married in this life, as he said. He has never been interested in weddings. As Luffys mother, the charm queen chose countless blind dates. Unfortunately, Luffy has never been there, but Luffy does often With Rebecca, Princess Dressrosa, I heard that Mother Luffy was already discussing with King Liku.

At this point, the Straw Hat Pirates still complete their endless adventure in the sea.

End! !

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