Rebirth of a Movie Queen: the President of the Empire Is Sent to the Door Chapter 2140

Chapter 2092: Grab my happiness

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Owen means to quickly ask Ji Chengze to propose, and then quickly marry the people home, so that they have their own masters, and will not be afraid that he will come back and eat the grass of their house.

Bai Tingxue was so amused by him, and his anger disappeared a lot, but he still didn't want Ji Chengze to get a bargain from them so easily, so he just let him dry for several days before giving him a reply.

The wedding of the two continued the original romance. It was held on an island with countless lavenders.

On the wedding day, the two made a precious promise to the priest, put on a ring and kissed each other happily, and then passed this happiness to the next couple.

Bai Tingxue originally thought about watching Ji Chengze's jokes, but she didn't realize that this guy actually received the bouquet, although this process was called domineering.

Pushed everyone away and picked it up by himself. How could it be impossible to receive it?

But at this time, Bai Tingxue had completed all the rituals with Owen, and she was in a good mood. Looking at the two people kissing sweetly under the rain of petals, the corners of her lips were slightly hooked, and she turned her head and kissed Owen.

Owen was stunned, reacted, and bowed his head and kissed her.

At that moment, Bai Tingxue suddenly felt that this might be happiness.

After getting married, Bai Tingxues reality show and new TV series and movies have been broadcasted one after another on the screen, and have achieved very good results.

Bai Tingxue's status in the circle has also been elevated a lot, just when everyone thought she would be an international superstar who was rising and might leave a strong mark in the history of the entertainment industry, Bai Tingxue was Suddenly the rapids retreated bravely and announced his withdrawal from the entertainment circle.

Bai Tingxue looked at the countless spotlights in front of him and the reporters whose eyes were filled with the surprise and greed of seeing the headlines and big news, took a deep breath, and said all of the drafts that had been written long ago.

Once when she faced these things, she was very depressed and helpless, because when these lights came on, there were only two situations.

One is when she won the big prize, and when the attention is highly anticipated, the other is when she is embarrassed and becomes the laughing stock of everyone after dinner.

This was the first time that she faced these lights with such a relaxed mind. She explained Owens identity to the lights, explained their relationship, exposed their marriage, and announced that the reality show would be her own The last reality show, "Kongtongwei" will also become his own masterpiece.

Bai Tingxue took Owens hand and left the press conference directly, not missing the spotlights betting on him.

She knew that from today onwards, she would stay away from these things and live her own life with the person next to her.

Bai Tingxue knows very well that after she quit the entertainment circle publicly, those broken-mouthed keyboard guys will definitely say something unclean.

Said that she hugged her thighs and had a gold master. She had been under the rules for a long time, and even attacked her to deceive fans. How could it be malicious?

At this time, Bai Tingxue was fearless. After driving to the press conference, Bai Tingxue and Owen rushed to the airport as soon as possible and left this place to complete their agreement to travel the world.

Owen glanced at the online scolding battle and Bai Tingxues last few statements, and asked distressedly: "Do you regret it?" Regret to give up all this, choose to disclose it to yourself and leave this place?

Bai Tingxue's answer was to take the initiative to hold his hand, and smiled and said: "I have captured my happiness, why should I regret it?"

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