Rebirth Of The Super Banking System Chapter 2574

Vol 2 Chapter 2416: 10 Levels Of Authority

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This news.

Leave the world, a huge space for imagination.


This is a threat.


I don't know how Burmese will take the trick, but I'm admitting counseling. . . Still admit it? Because from every aspect, Burma is like a sheep.

Will run.

Will jump.

It's not threatening.


The eyes of the world once again focused on Burma. Most of it is sympathy. Look, it's too jumpy, it's getting hot, maybe this is just the first step.

Immediately afterwards.

There may be a series of combo punches that will hit Burma.

Move the stool.

Eat melon.

. . .


Nei must be all.

"How to do?"

Kan kissed a bitter face.

As everyone might have guessed, this news is not about exercises, but about his attitude. Once his attitude changes, it will be a series of reactions.





Chaotic fist came up, really can't hold it.


When he ran to Zero's office, she saw Zero calmly sitting in a chair, and directly replied to his worries, "What should I do."

No more words.


Kanqin had to leave, so calmly zero, he had seen it many times, and his face remained unchanged when the sky fell. It turns out that zero is right every time.

But this time, he was really worried.


Let it be your fate!

. . .

"I finally waited until today, Zero, the pill."


"It's worth celebrating."


In Lang Cai's home, his daughter and son-in-law sat around and watched the news happily, expressing gloat. In their eyes, everything is happening now.

They should all belong to their family.


Just stealers.


With zero hands covering the sky, they can only pretend to be cats and live in peace and stability. But how can they, who have been in power, be willing to live under others?

This is not.

As soon as I watched the news, I danced with my hands and looked forward to being down.

"Father, this time, you may come back."


Listening to this, Lang Tsai ignored it at all.


Talk about it.

Now, how many people still recognize him in Myanmar? The ups and downs were all changed by zero, and even if zero was down, he would not have the capital to come to power.

It is not his turn to succeed.

In fact.

Lang Tsai hopes that Zero can survive. The current Burmese is a situation that he believes he has desperately spent a hundred years on, and may not be able to achieve it.

after all.

He also hopes that this country will become better.

. . .

Such news can be called bad news.

That day.

Burmese stocks fell slightly, and many retail investors were afraid and ran away quickly, but the major capitals were strangely calm. If there is big data to look at.

Can see.

Foreign capital has hardly moved.

at the same time.

The Myanmar-Asian companies are also protecting the market. As long as someone sells them, they are immediately caught. Many people are stunned again. What about a small avalanche?

The result is just a shock.

first day.

A small drop.

the next day.

A small drop.

The third day.


The fourth day.

The entire Myanmar stock market has returned to calm, as if it were not affected at all.


Countless clamoring experts have become misfired. They once again feel that the economic laws are not easy to work with in Burma, and they are always unexpected.

This melon.

It's not easy to eat!

Say it.

Can you hurry up? Isnt it always very fast? Now in mid-May, you only exercise at the end of June. What are you doing with a gap of more than a month?

. . .



Time is getting closer and the outside atmosphere is very tense, and everyone is paying attention.

Shanghai stock market.


"Finally waited." Tang Qing, who was looking at the information, shook his body suddenly, with a touch of joy on his face, and the new system statistics cycle ended.

Asian dollar.

Go beyond the U.S. dollar and unlock ten levels of authority.


He disappeared in the office. The next moment, before he could react, the whole soul began to tremble, and Tang Qing felt that he was getting stronger.

every second.

Every minute.

The soul is strong.

in the past.

If the soul is considered to be a cloud of mist, now it is slowly turning into a thick mist, and finally condensed like a substance, almost turning into a liquid state, and it hasn't stopped.

Liquid and solid.



A brilliant crystal was condensed.

at last.

Tang Qing didn't know how long it took, and his consciousness gradually recovered. After carefully feeling his own situation, he could only say: unprecedentedly powerful.

at the same time.

Countless information came.


Tang Qing suddenly smiled. At this moment, after unlocking the tenth level of authority, he can be regarded as the real master of this space, who can perfectly control it.


It is still in the integration stage, which is a long process. Nevertheless, the abilities he possesses here are also very terrifying.

The finger stroked in the air.


A crack was drawn in the entire space.

of course.

At present, it can only be used here. The authority is projected to the outside world, and at most only the ability of the previous authority ---extracting substances. But as the integration deepens.

One day.

This kind of control authority can be completely projected to the outside world, which is tantamount to saying that this is the power of stealing the sky.

. . .

in the past.

Tang Qing felt that the space of the entire system was very large. The training area is 3,000 square kilometers, and the area where the prison is located is 30,000 square kilometers.

It's huge.

Living with eighteen million people is just like playing.


After understanding the tenth level of authority, the real ability, he didn't think so. When his mind moved, the next moment, he appeared on the surface of Mars.


It was the place where the European and American consortium watched the bombed mountain last time.

Rubble is everywhere.


Tang Qing's thoughts moved, all the broken stones disappeared in place, silently refining, almost instantly, these broken stones dissipated in the space.


He could feel everything in the entire space. After these rubble disappeared, this huge space grew by a tiny bit.


It has actually grown.

look up.

Taking a look at the stars in the sky, Tang Qing suddenly felt them. . . Good can. . Love.

Next, it seems to increase the research and development of starry sky navigation technology.


Solar system. . . The rabbit hasn't eaten the grass at the edge of the nest yet, just took a bite. Let's go somewhere else for the next bite, so as not to disturb the balance of the star system.

"Little two."


"Xingkong technology research and development plan, to increase the number of scientists tenfold, first build supporting facilities, don't be too rushed."

"Yes, commander."


It's still online ~wuxiaworld.online~ but there are no more tasks. In the future, he needed to figure it out by himself, and Tang Qing was afraid that he would really be idle.

right now.

Suddenly there was a new goal.

. . .

At the end of June.

When everyone was preparing to watch the show, the US suddenly announced that the exercise was cancelled and another date would be chosen. As for the specific date, no one word was said.

How many people saw their jaws almost falling off.


Labor capital. . . You just show me this? Is there a bit of integrity? There is no spectrum, and when I see the exciting plot, the power is suddenly cut off.


. . . . . .

PS: The penultimate chapter!

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