Rebirth Of The Super Banking System Chapter 2575

Vol 2 Chapter 2417: Expected The Finale

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One month.

Two months.

Three months.


This is another day, countless people who eat melons, after waiting for half a year, they all begin to doubt their lives, but they have not waited. The bench smashed one after another.


They don't act.

Is there any way?

Could it be.

Can you play it on your own? They also thought, but their strength didn't allow them, so they could only put away the wreckage of the bench and threw them into the fire to burn wood.



Deceive my feelings!

. . .


Coming to 2015.

at this time.

Under the influence of the Asian dollar and the huge amount of gold output, the credit of the Asian dollar is really comparable to that of gold, and it ranks first in the proportion of trade.

of course.

In the financial sector, the dollar is still the number one, and the two sides coexist in the world. If a few years ago, everyone shouted incredible, but now they are tired.

Unbelievable again.

It is also a fact.



People coexist in such a weird way, even if countless people suspect that Burma has a relationship with Europe and the United States, what about it? People just don't admit it.


Not too lazy to pay attention.

after all.

Even if you know the truth, don't you have to live under its influence? The U.S. military power and scientific and technological power cannot escape the entire world.


Transcription stock solution.


Modulation liquid.

Water purifier.


Can these things be quit? The truth is not important anymore. The important thing is what you eat at noon today and what you do tomorrow off.


This is their life.

. . .



Regarding this kind of news, it fades out of people's sight, and most people will not know that there are terrorist forces hidden under the water, which are constantly erasing traces.


In public opinion, the desalination disappears.

of course.

Countries are still secretly investigating the relationship between the two, but they have found nothing. After a change of cabinet, the relevant intelligence collection work was shelved and revoked.

. . .

Ten years later.

"Haha! It's finally here." Looking at the distant galaxies, Tang Qing smiled happily. Over the past ten years, he has invested in scientific research regardless of cost.

The interstellar navigation technology of scientists is developing very fast.


It still took such a long time for the first probe to reach the Proxima Centauri galaxy, so that he could teleport over, not to mention, moving forward at full speed.

After half a month.

Tang Qing plunged into the main star region of this star system.

What are you doing?


For ten years.

He has not moved the stars of the solar system, even the asteroid belt, which is equivalent to holding a knife and fork in his hand for more than ten years, and has no food to eat.

right now.

I can finally get a full meal.

. . .

Three years later, the outermost gaseous planet disappeared in the galaxy, leaving nothing from its satellite to its star core.

Another two years.

A gaseous planet disappeared again.

after that.

Faster and faster, because of the larger and larger space, the absorption speed is also fast, until the entire star system material is swallowed up.

Ten years have passed.



This will become an unsolved mystery again. A star system, or the closest star to the solar system, disappears without leaving any scum.

The astronomy world was shocked to death.


This has nothing to do with Tang Qing.


It was mysterious and unpredictable, and a star system suddenly disappeared. Can those astronomers come here? What can you find even if you come here?

carry on.

Began to eat.


Space can hold the next star system.

. . .

A few years later.


Tang Qing suddenly appeared on the surface, and then, like an indestructible needle, pierced into the rock formations of Mars, into the crust and mantle.

At last.

Coming to the ultra-high density core.


Tenth-class space authority is projected into reality. This is why Tang Qing has always wanted to absorb matter, because the size of the space determines the size of the projection.

right now.

The projection envelops the entire Mars without any problem.


Inside Mars, the almost solidified star core burst out with dazzling light, countless energies burst forth, and the entire planet began to change.


The crustal movement has stopped for billions of years.

It is also because the interior is almost solidified, no magnetic field can be generated, and without a magnetic field, the atmosphere cannot be protected, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not exist.


What Tang Qing is doing now is.

---Restart Star Core.


The entire Mars trembled. Under the powerful force, the inside began to surging and tumbling, and countless solidified rocks turned into a state of lava.


In the violent geological movement, it broke through the surface and formed volcanoes.

at the same time.

The flow of the inner core caused Mars to generate a magnetic field. Looking at the whole star, Tang Qing was very satisfied. This is not the first time he has done this kind of thing.

When I was in Proxima, I tried it and it won't play badly.

Say it again.

If the game is broken, the repair is that as long as it is within the projection space, even a planet is like mud, and it can be manipulated at will.

. . .

Get it done.

knock off.

Just a week later, the countries on the earth also discovered the changes on Mars, which was shocked. Numerous experts jumped out again and said: This is unscientific.


Impossible, it became possible.

For a time.

Mars exploration has become a hot topic. After a lot of controversy, various countries began to cooperate to develop Mars together, and Qingyuan Technology also served as the equipment supplier.

Directly received orders from the Joint Mars Development Agency, which amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars. No way, over the years, various countries have developed space technology.

Not too caring.

Think about it.

Qingyuan Technology continues to make breakthroughs in its space equipment technology.

right now.

It can be said that it is the only company in the world that can quickly manufacture short-distance space transport ships. If you want to give orders to others, you can't find it.

Tang Qing.

After more than a decade of disappearance, it made headlines again.

. . .


Qingyan City.


In recent years, the Tang family is very low-key and rarely appears in public view, but every time everyone looks at this manor, they are in awe.

No way.

the first.

Rich to no friends, the Tang family's enterprises, because more than half of the profits are returned to the society, they have many supporters for what they do.


Great influence.


Hummingbird Commercial Storage has spread all over the world, becoming the world's largest logistics and commercial storage enterprise, plus its cooperation with powerful families in various countries.

It can be said.

One-fifth of the world's merchandise trade is controlled by it.

Its right.

Its wealth.

Its potential.


Its good.

It is admirable. In recent years, the Tang family has been low-key, but the company has never been low-key and has a sense of existence, and it was 15 years ago.

Tang Qing is the richest man in the world.

Assets: Three trillion US dollars.



. . .


Tang Qing held a fishing rod and hooked it straight into the water. Its been a long time since its been a long time since it takes time to refine the material, and it also consumes his energy to do it.

right now.

He doesn't know how strong he is.

Just to.

It is not a big deal to tear down the earth in a moment of thought. It is also because the original tenth-level authority has been directly strengthened to the point of inhumanity, until now.

There are still no children and a half.

of course.

Want to live.

In fact, it is okay. The integration of space allows him to do a lot of things, such as creating a small tadpole from his original genetic material.


I always feel very awkward.


I haven't done this all the time, besides, I haven't reached the point where I need my children to inherit the inheritance, and I don't need the offspring to create glory and open up branches and leaves.

Not urgent.

When Lin Jiaxue is strong enough, it is not too late. What he lacks most now is time.

. . .

look back at past.

Tang Qing couldn't help but smile.

Back then.

Rebirth, from a young boy, became now. . . Still young, technically speaking, it was smooth sailing, and there were no enemies.


to date.

He didn't feel that he needed an enemy, and an enemy of the same level appeared, fought and fought, and finally won a terrible victory. As a party, it is strange to like it.

It's fine now.


They all follow their wishes, and what they have done over the years can be considered worthy of a repeat. In retrospect, he had many expectations and implemented them.

-Demining vehicles.

Let the dark thunder no longer bother the local people.


Let the abduction behavior disappear.

-Transcription stock solution.

Let cancer no longer be a terminal illness.


Let the desert become fertile land.

-Filter the solution.

Let air pollution become history.

-Water purifier.

Make countless rivers clear and clean.


Green hills.

Green water ~wuxiaworld.online~blue sky.

Become a norm.

Tang Qing dare not say.

His actions have made the world so beautiful, but at least with his efforts, it is better than when he first met.

At this moment.


I remembered Lin Jiaxues voice, "Tang Tang, Chai Dashaos sixty banquet will start in half an hour. Sister Yan is in the Shanghai stock market, you go take it."


-------- "End of the book!

The new book "My Bank Connected with Other Worlds" has been uploaded, it is also a currency hegemony, becoming a big boss, with a trace of expectations for a better life!

I implore everyone to come to the starting point and support, the new book seedlings ask for collection, ask for votes! ! !

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