Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 621

Chapter 642 Avenge You

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Chapter 642 - Avenge You

Edited by Ea and NZRose

Although Yan Tianhen deliberately made Lin Xuanzhi feel bad, he didn’t want to make him feel too sad. After putting all the blame on Lian Hua, his mood became a lot more refreshed, so he talked about the lie he fabricated over the course of a hundred years.

“I’m now at the peak of Earth Realm’s Small Perfection Stage, and my Yin Flame Secret has also made great progress. I think this weapon is the most convenient to use. Of course, I’m also practicing 《Decline and Prosperity》, but I don’t want to use Xiuxiu for the time being. Xiuxiu also doesn’t seem to have any problems with that. As for the blood cypress sap, I can save it for later.”

“By the way, I also picked up a rabbit. I named it Rongrong. It’s not an ordinary rabbit. It runs much faster than an ordinary rabbit, and its fur is so soft. It’s right there.”

Lin Xuanzhi turned his eyes and saw a little long-eared white rabbit the size of a kitten. It was carefully following Ah Bai and wanted to bite his tail. However, Ah Bai swung his tail and hit it in the face.

The little white rabbit’s red eyes looked a little wronged, and they looked cute and tight.

This Youshan evil spirit Fu Zhu had a soul contract with Yan Tianhen, and the evil Qi on its body was completely suppressed by Yan Tianhen. Now it simply looked like an ordinary little spiritual creature, and an infant at that.

Yan Tianhen always liked to pick up these small animals to take home, such as Ah Bai and Hu Po, as well as Feng Jingyu. Now, it wasn’t a big deal to pick up a white rabbit on top of that. After Lin Xuanzhi saw it, he didn’t have any suspicions.

“If you like, then keep it,” said Lin Xuanzhi.

Perhaps because Yan Tianhen’s performance was too natural, perhaps because he’d recovered his original memories, or perhaps because he’d rehearsed these words and these expressions countless times during the hundred years… In short, he very naturally talked about those experiences that never existed, and he perfectly concealed the truth from Lin Xuanzhi.

Youshan Lingyu has always been a liar.

Yan Tianhen spoke so much that his mouth and tongue became dry, and Lin Xuanzhi also saw it; he handed him the water at the right time.

Yan Tianhen took a few gulps, wiped his mouth, looked around at the unfamiliar environment, and asked, “Dage, where are we going?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “We’re going to avenge you.”

Yan Tianhen was taken aback, and said, “Dage, are you going to beat Lian Hua?”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him. “He made you suffer so much, shouldn’t he pay a price?”

Yan Tianhen felt ecstatic in his heart and thought, Lian Hua, you probably can’t imagine that your little life will soon be forfeit. However, his expression looked extremely worried. “Dage, didn’t you just say that Lian Hua is the real master of the Youshan Capital and the guy with the highest Dao attainments here? Will… will you be his match?”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, "According to seniority, he should call me Elder Martial Brother. The fact that I will punish him has nothing to do with his cultivation level. He has done something wrong and will always need to accept the consequences &#k2014; that is, unless he wants to betray the sect, deceive his master, and destroy his ancestors."

Knowing that Lin Xuanzhi could handle Lian Hua, Yan Tianhen felt at ease.

It would be impolite to not reciprocate. Lian Hua had made him so miserable, and Yan Tianhen also wasn’t a saint. Naturally, he wanted to find a way to retaliate. Moreover, Yan Tianhen was certain that Lian Hua was more afraid of Lin Xuanzhi’s discovery of his true identity than he was–

While Lin Xuanzhi remained unaware of his true identity, he had already gotten Lin Xuanzhi and had a pretty happy life. Naturally, he wouldn’t even think of destroying the world.

But once Lin Xuanzhi realized something and wanted to go their separate ways or fight with him, Yan Tianhen would certainly drag the whole cultivation world to be buried with him. In any case, it wasn’t like this kind of thing never happened before. When Yan Tianhen became crazy, he scared even himself.

If the Dao of Heaven treated him unfairly, he would destroy the heavens and vindicate himself.

But he naturally couldn’t let Lin Xuanzhi sense any of these kinds of private and dark thoughts. Yan Tianhen thought of this and his smile became more sincere.

If even a demon could get another life, then why couldn’t he and Lin Xuanzhi start from the beginning again?

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi held hands. They occasionally pulled each other, calmly and generously walking through the long street that ran through the north and south of Youshan Capital. Many people in Youshan Capital chose to fall into a deep slumber due to their boredom as living dead, so there weren’t many people on the street, and it seemed a bit deserted, but all in all, it still seemed to give off a liveliness characteristic of the mortal realm.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly very moved.

When he was still Lingyu, Lin Xuanzhi also held his hand this way, leading him all the way from one end of the downtown to the other, letting him buy all the snacks and trinkets that he liked without getting impatient at all.

No one would have thought that the orthodox Dao’s eldest disciple, the successor appointed by Dao Zu himself, Huarong Venerable, whom everyone praised and admired in the cultivation world, was actually such a gentle and elegant person. He was like an elegant bamboo in the spring breeze. People wanted to get closer to him, but they dared not entertain even the slightest blasphemous thought.

But later, Youshan Lingyu first used the sword skills Chang Sheng personally taught him to kill their master and cover half of the Hidden Spirit Holy Sect in blood, severely wounding his senior martial brothers Lian Hua and Xi He. He then seized the sect’s grand treasure and reentered the demon world. After colluding with foreign invaders, Chang Sheng never held his hand again.

Until the end of the battle that lasted for nearly a hundred years, Youshan Lingyu never felt Chang Sheng’s warmth again.

“Why are you suddenly silent?” Lin Xuanzhi asked.

As he talked, there was no sound around him. Although Yan Tianhen’s mouth was always smiling, he kept his head down, so Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t see what kind of expression was in his eyes.

Yan Tianhen raised his head and smiled at Lin Xuanzhi. “It’s nothing, I just remembered the past.”

Lin Xuanzhi had gentle eyes when he heard the past being mentioned, vaguely resembling the shadow of Chang Sheng. “What did you remember?”

“Thinking of my previous life, I always longed for Dage to hold my hand like this, for us to walk on the street where people came and went without shying away from the passing gazes.” Yan Tianhen raised their intertwined hands. “Unfortunately, in the past life, you always felt that I approached you with bad intentions and never wanted to touch me.”

The past life that Yan Tianhen referred to was naturally the one tens of thousands of years ago.

But Lin Xuanzhi naturally thought that he was talking about his previous life as Yan Tianhen. Past life wasn’t a term that could be mentioned easily. Once it was mentioned, someone was bound to be heartbroken.

Lin Xuanzhi clenched Yan Tianhen’s hand and said, “It’s my fault. In my previous life, I treated you too narrowly and contemptuously. I hurt you deeply–”

Speaking of this, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly remembered Yan Tianhen’s hundred years of walking alone in the dark in the Tomb of Youshan. He couldn’t help but sigh deeply and reproach himself, “I always hurt you deeply.”

Yan Tianhen said, “I’ve never blamed Dage. Dage is a person of noble character. He is worthy of everything he does, every word and deed. He never wronged the people in the world.”

Lin Xuanzhi seemed stunned. He looked at Yan Tianhen and said, “I don’t know if it’s because it’s been too long. Ah Hen, this time when you and I meet again, I always feel that you’ve changed a lot.”

Yan Tianhen held his cheek, and said in a guessing tone, “Maybe it’s because I’m a lot more mature and stable now. Moreover, in the past 100 years, I’ve also thought about a lot of things. Naturally, my state of mind is different from the past.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a while and said, “That’s true.”

He also couldn’t tell whether Ah Hen’s change was good or bad, but as long as Ah Hen was safe and sound, it was enough. The two people, two tigers, and one rabbit, just swaggered forward and walked into the palace that occupied practically half of Youshan Capital. The palace corridor went back a hundred turns, but there were no servants.

It’s not that no one was willing to serve Lian Hua, but ever since Lian Hua ordered people to build this magnificent palace that could be called extravagant and wasteful, he dismissed all those servants and lived alone in this empty palace with the excuse of not wanting to be disturbed.

When Yan Tianhen stepped into the palace, he began to imagine just what kind of aggrieved expression Lian Hua would display — this senior martial brother who never wanted to see him again and hated him would be furious but wouldn’t dare to express his anger.

Yan Tianhen felt overjoyed in his heart, but he had to show uneasiness on his face. He had clearly already cultivated the three Qi’s and had the protection of the ancient evil spirit Fu Zhu, but now he looked like a little wife who wanted to plaster himself all over Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi thought that he was genuinely afraid, so he protected him more tightly. At the same time, Lin Xuanzhi was even more determined to punish Lian Hua, who caused all these evil consequences.

Lian Hua had already felt Lin Xuanzhi’s aura. He immediately came out of the forbidden area where the Jianmu tree and the Spirit Emperor were. He was just about to open his mouth to speak when he saw Yan Tianhen, who was like a dog skin plaster shamelessly sticking to Lin Xuanzhi’s body!

Lian Hua, “!!!”

Yan Tianhen curled his lips triumphantly at Lian Hua.

Lian Hua’s blood rushed to his head, the expression on his face almost fell apart, and his teeth ground up and down uncontrollably. He bit his tongue; the pain made him suck in cold air. His expression twisted, but he also didn’t dare to let Lin Xuanzhi see what was going on, so he pretended to be ignorant and said, “You’re here, did you find the whereabouts of Youshan Lingyu?”

Yan Tianhen raised his eyebrows.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lian Hua indifferently. “Don’t worry about Youshan Lingyu for now.”

Lian Hua’s body slightly trembled. “This is a big deal, why not hurry?”

“No matter how much ability Youshan Lingyu has, he still can’t escape from the capital.” Lin Xuanzhi’s tone was indifferent, and his voice was as beautiful as gold and jade colliding, but it made people shudder. “Compared to catching Youshan Lingyu, what I want to know more right now is — have you ever lied to me…”

Lin Xuanzhi had a straightforward personality. Although he wasn’t very affectionate, he also wasn’t indifferent. At this time, Lian Hua clearly felt the prestige and pressure of his eldest martial brother, which he hadn’t seen for a long time.

At this time, Lian Hua’s heart was collapsing and roaring. He wanted to curse, and he wanted to fiercely beat Yan Tianhen — who was plastered on Lin Xuanzhi’s back and putting on an expression of a triumphant villain — then smash him into pieces and throw him into the sewer.

Lian Hua knew that he couldn’t hide it, but he also didn’t know what this villain had accused him of. So he had to use the safest answer. He was very careful and acted puzzled. “Shixiong, where did this come from? I don’t understand.”

Yan Tianhen immediately started laughing in his heart.

After so many years, Lian Hua’s old habits still haven’t changed, just like in the past.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen in front of him, put his hand on his shoulder, and asked, “Lian Hua, do you still remember who this is?”

Lian Hua frowned slightly, and his expression was very similar to that of a confused one. “He looks familiar. I seem to have seen him before, but I can’t remember right now…”

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