Rebirth of the Tyrants Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Selecting A Male Lover 2

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Chapter 485 Selecting a Male Lover (2)

Speaking of the king of Luo Ye, although he only ascended the throne for a short two years, he was still very well-known. Even more, Gong Yimo and Gong Jue were essential factors to him ascending the throne successfully.

The previous king of Luo Ye was very pitiful. He was the current kings big brother. He finally conspired to attack Da Yu, and gathered 200,000 soldiers to provide support, but this was all ruined by Gong Jue. Later on, he wanted to seek Yu Hengs assistance, but that was stopped by Gong Yimo.

The continuous sufferings made him lose his peoples support. In the end, his younger brother defeated him successfully. He didnt even know how he died!

Therefore, this current king was quite scary. He plotted a rebellion and took over the throne, but he was able to obtain his peoples support in just two years. One could tell how powerful his methods were.

Therefore, they must have a bargain if they wanted to form connections and obtain the upper hand. Right now, whats better than Luo Yes goddess and Luo Yes fiancee? As long as they captured it, itd be much easier to talk to him about the money farm.

However, they didnt know where she was hiding.

But Gong Yimo knew clearly that Huandan Wuyou obviously wont let her go since she killed Cang Xiu. Therefore, she didnt need to seek her out. The other party will naturally come to her residence. But if this was the case, she couldnt live in the imperial palace. After losing Cang Xiu, such a master, it obviously didnt make sense for her to infiltrate the imperial palace.

After Gong Yimo talked about her opinion, the emperor was moved and bestowed her a huge residence as the princess residence. She probably could move in within three days.

Gong Yimo left with satisfaction after she obtained her goal. She didnt want to continue living in the imperial palace. She really wasnt interested in dealing with those women.

What she didnt expect was that Gong Cheng wasnt being idle in the next three days either. Not only did he bestow her countless valuables and jewelry to decorate the residence, he also made a secret order.

The gist was that... whoever knew beautiful men and they were also willing to be a male lover could sign up...

When Gong Cheng made this decree, he explained the things vaguely. After all, even if he had countless reasons, this matter shouldnt be made public. Therefore, it was done so low-profile.

He had it planned out very well. He could only be comforted if Gong Yimo gave birth to a child in Da Yu. After all, she was very outstanding. People said that mothers become more powerful. At that time, shed become more overbearing and independent.

But he was also very worried. He naturally didnt want her to be with repulsive guys. They werent worthy of Moer! But who would be willing to her male lover if they were too outstanding? This wasnt a good title.

Therefore, he thought about it before making another decree. That was, the moment they were selected, the talented ones could still become officials for the imperial court. As long as Gong Yimo didnt abandon them for one day, they werent allowed to get married. They could only have Gong Yimo, that one woman!

After he considered this through, he anxiously waited for news. Who knew that on the second day, the memorials to the emperor filled the entire desk.

"This... this is?"

No matter how formidable Gong Cheng was, he was also frightened by the scene in front of him. Were these memorials to accuse someone of misconduct or?

Chang Xi secretly laughed. "Your Majesty, these are all memorials coming from volunteers. Theyre all waiting for you to make selections. Everyone is looking forward to this. Look. Just one afternoon and this servant has obtained quite a few hundred silver taels."

Gong Cheng still didnt process what happened. "Youre saying that a lot of people want to be Gong Yimos male lover? They all volunteered themselves?"

It was too scary. Did the world change?

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