Rebirth of the Tyrants Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Past And Present 1

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Chapter 486 Past and Present (1)

Chang Xi smiled again. "Your Majesty, you... youre underestimating the princess too much. Within the capital, men of suitable age all want to have a relationship with the princess! Plus, Your Majesty, you said that you wont intervene in their future prospects if theyre really talented. Naturally, many people volunteered themselves. However, there are probably quite a few that just want to borrow the princess to instant success, and they dont truly love her."

In the end, Chang Xi paused before continuing, "Of course, it depends on Your Majestys judgment."

Gong Cheng nodded and said, "That should be the case. Hows the construction for the princess residence coming along?"

Chang Xi said, "Itd definitely be completed by the day after."

Gong Cheng opened the memorials and noticed that the majority of them were just repetitive. Therefore, he didnt bother to look through it carefully. He directly tossed the memorials to the side.

"The weather is nice today. I want to host a poetic gathering in the plum garden in the afternoon. Chang Xi, invite all these people over. I want to take a look at them."


Chang Xi was really efficient. Not long later, quite a few people entered the palace already. When Gong Jue heard the news, he crushed the teacup and tossed all his work to Bai Sheng, entering the palace too.

By the time everyone arrived, Gong Cheng gradually appeared. This poetic gathering was hosted decently. The moment he arrived at the plum garden, he nodded in satisfaction. After seeing the men, he was even more pleased.

Before coming, he was worried that hed see some repulsive men or those trying to curry favor. But now that he looked at them, he noticed that a lot of them were sons of officials, and some that he had never seen before were most likely favorite pupils of officials subordinates. Each one of them were handsome and extraordinary amongst everyone.

When he said it was a poetic gathering, he meant it. Gong Cheng was about to say something when someone hurried in. Clearly, they just received the news and came late!

He was very handsome. He had plump lips and white teeth, his appearance outstanding and distinctive.

But the moment he saw him, Gong Cheng knitted his brows in displeasure. "Shiye, why are you here?"

When Shen Shiye saw the emperor, he was a bit restrained and greeted him gloomily, "Didnt you say youre going to select a male lover for Gong Yimo? I came to volunteer myself!"

The emperors face paled and changed colors when he heard him. Although that was his motive, he didnt want anyone to say it out loud! It was hard for him to keep a neutral attitude, okay! Even he found it shameful!

Gong Cheng knitted his thick brows and scolded, "Nonsense!"

Speaking of this, he pulled Shen Shiye to the side. "Youre the future Prince Ping. It is true that I want to select a man for Moer, but a male lover! Youre a prince, so why are you coming here to join the show? Youre going to anger me!"

Shen Shiye blinked his eyes, not caring. "Your Majesty, why cant I? Didnt you want to select a man for Gong Yimo? Its not like itd interfere with my future."

"Male lover!" Gong Cheng emphasized in a low voice. "Although Im not restricting their freedom, theyre not allowed to marry anyone for life. They could only have Moer. Plus, they have to share her with other people... you... can accept this?"

Shen Shiye humphed. "Besides the last point, I can accept it!"

Gong Cheng stared at him confused. When did Shen Shiye have feelings for Moer?

"It doesnt matter if you accept it or not. When your grandmother personally comes and tells me that she could accept it, we can talk about it then."

Speaking of his grandmother, Shen Shiye was dejected, but he was stubborn and refused to go. Gong Cheng had no other choice, pointing at a very desolate table and said, "Sit here. Wait and dont talk!"

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