Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Webnovel Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169 Defeating Enemies With A Finger

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In the Deity Realm of the ancient timeswhen disciples of Deities formed a Deity Infant and cultivated their Nascent Soul, body and soul to the phenomenal success level, they would obtain the "Full Nascent Soul Power;" it was an energy that would allow them to defeat Soul Formation Cultivators in the human world.

Chen Fan had only turned his Nascent Soul into a Deity Infant, but his body and soul were still at the Golden Core Level. And yet, after combining his energy, vitality and spirit into one, he also had the Half Nascent Soul Power.

Even though it was just the result was partial

It had half of the energy of a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator, which was beyond what the strength so-called Half Grand Cultivators were able to summon. They seemed to be just half a step away from the Soul Formation level, but many of them would never be able to take the last step in all of their lives. There wasnt even one in a hundred cultivators who could become a Soul Formation Cultivator. Without a breakthrough, their energy level would still be far from that of real deal.

If Soul Formation Cultivators were True Dragons and Nascent Soul Cultivators were snakes, they would only count as dragons or White Drakes that only had small horns on the head, a few pairs of feet on the belly and minor Divine Powers that summoned the wind and rain. They would be thousands of miles away from the real dragons.

Chen Fan was like an immature True Dragon at the moment.

Even though he wasnt fully grown, he was already a True Dragon after all, vastly different from dragons and pythons.


When the power of the Deity Body, Deity Soul and Deity Infant came together, countless beams of bright light surged out of Chen Fans body. He stood in the sky with hands behind his back as his robe fluttered in the wind. That energy shook the sky; even the moon a few thousand miles away vibrated slightly because of his power. Many people felt like their bodies were cracking and their hearts trembling.

If Song Yufeng hadnt left the solar system to see this happen, he would have never said that Chen Fan would lose in the hands of the large sects.

"This is?"

Some rogue cultivators from the Star Oceanwho had lingered outside of Earth to watch the battle quietlyhad their eyes wide open.

They only saw something

A Deity Halo appeared above Chen Fans head. He was being drenched in golden light by the dazzling halo, making him shine as if the King of Deities would have descended to the human world. The Deity Halo was extremely sacred, seemingly much more noble than a Divine Halo seen on a Grand Cultivator. It carried a free, perfect and perpetual energy. However, upon a closer look, people would discover that the Deity Halo was a bit unrealistic; it seemed that only half of it had appeared and it was far from perfect.

"What kind of power is this?"

The elders were truly shocked.

The brawny old man widened his eyes and looked directly at Chen Fan for the first time. Qin Jian could no longer keep the smile on his face; his eyes were full of shock. The pretty woman in a palace gown used to be calm before, but she was also frowning at the moment.

They felt the power harnessed by Grand Cultivators in Chen Fan.

Even though that energy wasnt as powerful as that of the Soul Formation Grand Cultivators, like the difference between babies and adults, that was the power of the Soul Formation Level after all; it was different from that of the Half Gods like them who still had one leg in the mortal world.

"Has he really become a Divine Lord? But how is that possible? Hes just a Nascent Soul Cultivator. Besides, the Dharma Laws in this planet region are incomplete. He cant become a real Soul Formation Cultivator here. Even if Pseudo-Divine Lord Tatian could release energy of a real Divine Lord in this planet region, hes just a Pseudo-Divine Lord after all, completely different from the true Grand Cultivators. Hes not a True Dragon!" The skinny old man widened his eyes, unable to believe it.

Grand Cultivators were among the superior beings in the universe.

Although there were many planet regions in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm, not even half of them had imperishable sects; only one-third did. The rest were just declined sects with ancestors who were Soul Formation cultivators. For every hundred "dragons," only one could become a "True Dragon," showing how rare Soul Formation Grand Cultivators were.

That Abandoned Planet Region was like a remote and barren area in the eyes of Qin Jian and the others. It was just a small pond and a sewer compared to the Little South Heavenly Realm which was like a large lake, or the Central Galaxy which was like the vast ocean. So, how would there be a "True Dragon" there?

Fu Yan frowned and said gently, "Maybe its some kind of secret treasure or a secret art he got from the deity ground. Lets take him down together and well know the truth. He cant be a real Soul Formation cultivator. There cant be a True Dragon in this planet region!"

"Right, lets do it together."

The skinny old man yelled coldly, "Dont you just stay there. Lets take him down together. I have a feeling this kid has the real Grand Opportunity of this planet. The Sect Masters will look for someone to blame if you let him go. Dont say Im not merciful when we go back and report."

He had already disappeared before he finished his sentence.

Many phantoms appeared in the sky. The skinny old man jumped in the air and formed another body of himself. In a blink, there were a few hundred images in the sky, surrounding Chen Fan and attacking at the same time; all of them were his clones. The skinny old man was able to freely jump in and out of those clones. He wouldnt die if his "images" werent destroyed at the same time.

The secret art of the Niekong Sect.

"No Trace Divine Art!"

"Ah, kid, I didnt want to do this, but your secret arts are too powerful, which makes you guilty." The elder of the Taichu Sect sighed. There were worlds appearing and disappearing in his eyes every second. A world appeared in front of him and was immediately destroyed, turning into a ray of grey light that was suddenly shot towards Chen Fan.

"Taichu Birth and Death Art!"

This art was said to draw the power that could annihilate a world as energy. It was able to injure Soul Formation Cultivators!


The Overlords of the Demon Sun Sect, the Wuji Sect and the Changshen Sect performed their most powerful Divine Powers at the same time to attack Chen Fan. Even the pretty woman in a palace gown frowned and spread the Mountain River Universe Map, trying to wrap Chen Fan with it. The old man in linen clothes shook his head and threw out three Dharma Treasures. Each of them was comparable to the giant golden hammer and they turned into three rays of light that flashed towards Chen Fan with endless power.


The seven Grand Elders no longer held back. They became more serious and attacked together.

The galaxy shook slightly because of them. Even the moon would shatter with their joint attack.

And yet, Chen Fan looked extremely calm.


He gently cast a spell and pointed with a finger; a beam of green light was immediately shot. The green energy ray carried the vitality of everything, as well as the domineering power that could destroy Divine Souls.

"Azure Thearch God-Killing Finger!"

That was a Divine Power that was part of the Azure Thearch Longevity Art. It was a superior-grade Divine Power, but it wasnt the strongest one among all the Divine Powers Chen Fan knew; it wasnt even among the top ten, so Chen Fan had not used it in a very long time. However, he activated it with his Half Nascent Soul Power right then, and the real strength of that Divine Power was immediately revealed.


At that moment

A beam of extremely thin, green lightcovered with countless mysterious runes and surrounded by a golden auraappeared in the universe, gently striking the old man with the surname Yao, like the finger of an ancient Entity.

The old man with the surname Yao sneered. Having just one clone destroyed wouldnt do him any harm. He could jump to the other few hundred clones anytime he wanted. However, the next second, the green light was immediately extended to the rest of his clones along an unpredictable route, like gangrene on the tarsus. Then, the few hundred old men turned pale at the same time, instantly losing all of their power and being destroyed together.

The Azure Thearch God-Killing Finger was devised to destroy Divine Souls in particular. Even if the Divine Souls were thousands of miles away and had just a hint of energy, they wouldnt be able to escape.

If the old man hadnt left the Quasi-Divine Treasure of the Niekong Sect behind to cut off the last connection, his last clone and even himself would have also died.


Chen Fan had severely injured the Yao elder. He then raised his hands with an indifferent look and pushed with his palms facing up like an Entity holding the sky.

"Crack, crack!"

The galaxy dropped by the elder of the Wuji Sect was unable to withstand Chen Fans "Half Nascent Soul Power" and it started to crack, inch by inch. Billions of sand-like planets in the galaxy were destroyed by Chen Fans unimaginable power. Each of them was exploding, representing the destruction of a Golden Core cultivators power that the elder of the Wuji Sect had cultivated.

In the end, the entire Wuji Galaxy Painting was shattered. The galaxy completely disappeared and the elder was pushed dozens of miles back while spurting out blood.

His Divine Power was cracked; he had been greatly injured. He had cultivated for fifty thousand years, but Chen Fan had broken his attack with one move. He almost fell out of the Half Grand cultivator realm.

"How is that possible? Why is his power so much stronger than before?" The elder of the Wuji Sect widened his eyes as he spurted out blood.

But that was only the beginning.

Chen Fan joined his fingers and slashed the air.


The entire universe was split by Chen Fans slash. Shapeless light with five colors, including red, yellow, white, black and green, flowed around and formed a "Primordial Five Elements Qi Blade" that was thousands of feet long; it was like a Heavenly Blade in the hands of an Entity, which was able to slit the sky open. It was a supreme Qi Weapon Art of the Five Elements Immortal Sect.

The Grand Elder of the Demon Sun Sect was split in half after receiving the attack. Blood splashed in the sky and his body was crushed to pieces. He would have died right away if it werent for the fact that the Quasi-Divine Treasure retrieved his Divine Soul and Nascent Soul to escape in a beam of light. Even so, he still looked extremely terrified.


Chen Fan punched, smacked and scratched.

Fu Yan and the brawny old man were knocked away by Chen Fan one after the other. The pretty woman from the Fuyao Sect had the Mountain River Universe Map which was claimed to be invincible, strong enough to trap Soul Formation Cultivators, but Chen Fan directly performed the Kun Pengs Great Chaos Art, fighting the Quasi-Divine Treasure with a Dimension Divine Power. The Mountain River Universe Map in the hands of the woman was also sucked in. She quickly took the map back and fell back anxiously.

In a heartbeat

The seven Grand Elders had besieged Chen Fan, but all of them were defeated. Two of them had almost died and a Quasi-Divine Treasure of a Grand Elder had almost been taken by Chen Fan. Countless onlookers were dumbfounded; even the eyes of the rogue cultivators from the Star Ocean popped out; they thought they hadnt seen things properly.

Only Chen Fan was left standing in the sky, surrounded by a bright aura with a halo above his head like a Grand Cultivator.

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