Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Webnovel Chapter 1208

Chapter 1206 : People Changed

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Yellow Maple Port.

In the dark space, a planet with a diameter of dozens of kilometers was floating. As we looked in its nearby sky, there were many shining ships sailing toward the planet from different points of the universe. There were dozens of ports which extended from the main Yellow Maple Port and a lot of ships were docked there.

But the most obvious among them was a space shuttle that looked like a giant beast.

The Sunset!

The black Sunset was floating above the Yellow Maple Port like a snake. Although it wasnt surrounded by an aura, and there were only some patterns with golden light carved on the ship, it did have an enormous body with a few levels more than the other ships, as if it were a giant ancient beast, which was as heavy as a mountain. Everyone felt a bit stunned by the skills and power of the Tiannan Planet Province when they saw it.

On the queuing passage at the port, a middle-aged man, another man and a woman were walking side-by-side.

The serious looking middle-aged manwith a beard like steel needles, wearing an ancient robe with the style of the Little South Heavenly Realmwas walking in the front; there was even a sword on his back. People who knew would notice that the scabbard was made of the thinnest dragon skin on the back of a Purple-Bearded Golden Eye Dragon. Even though it was merely a Golden Core beast, it was extremely rare. Such creatures lived in the restricted area at the border of the universe, in which only peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivators could enter.

As for the other two, the man wore a white robe and was surrounded by a dim aura. He was walking upright like a sword; he apparently had strong Qi Refinement skills. On the other hand, the woman was wearing clothes from planet Earth. She was clad in white sportswear; her hair was tied in a ponytail, looking beautiful.

In fact

Chen Fan recognized her at first sight.

"Jiang Feifei? Why is she here?"Chen Fan was shocked.

That was Auntie Tangs niece. Chen Fan had also met her when he made one of his returns to Earth. He knew that the girl didnt really like him, but he was the North Mystic Celestial Lord; he wouldnt even bother to make a scene with a little girl. Especially when Chen Fans identity was exposed He was like a dragon in the sky; never did he care about Jiang Feifei ever since.

"Auntie Tang said Jiang Feifei had left a letter behind, saying that she wanted to leave home for a while to cultivate on Wu Dang Mountain. There had been messages from her from time to time in the last few years, showing that she was all right. Why is she here with two guys now? And they even used the VIP passage."

Chen Fan frowned.

Given his power, he was able to see the level of the other two people at a glance. The aura around the young man in a white robe was dim; he looked unpredictable, and had only reached the Nascent Soul level. Even so, he seemed to have formed a divine-grade Golden Core and was as powerful as the Divine Princes of the imperishable sects, but Chen Fan didnt take him seriously. He had killed more than a dozen cultivators like the young man back on Earth. On the other hand, the middle-aged man in a black outfit was a peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator and had probably entered the Half Grand Cultivator level. That was not something he had achieved in less than a thousand years.

"Even though the energy of his cultivation arts is powerful, they seem a bit incompatible, impure and they are definitely not from any of the imperishable sects. I guess hes a rogue cultivator.

"I cant believe there are rogue Overlords like this in the Little South Heavenly Realm, and Jiang Feifei is tagging along."

Chen Fan saw that Jiang Feifei had also become much more powerful. She seemed to be reverent toward that black clad middle-aged man, and she called him "Master."

The middle-aged man apparently had a very high status at the Yellow Maple Port. Even the guards at the port were startled when they saw him, quickly making way for him. Then, someone in luxurious clothes went to greet him passionately and invited him to enter the Yellow Maple Port.

"Brother Chen, what are you looking at? Its our turn now." The fat guy turned around and gave a wretched smile. "The pretty ladies in the VIP line are all traveling first class. They must have a powerful background; well never be able to approach them."

"Im just wondering why a Half Grand Cultivator would bring a Connate cultivator with him," Chen Fan said.

"A Half Grand Cultivator?" Even the fat guy was startled.

Such a being was superior even in the Tiannan Planet Province, someone ordinary Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators could never compare to. The large families in the province were also willing to rope in those cultivators who had hopes of reaching the Soul Formation level. Even though the chances were low, there was still hope after all; they would be able to dominate a planet region if they could really have a Soul Formation cultivator. They were truly the foundation for the future ten thousand years for those families.

"Maybe shes his new pretty concubine or an elite descendant of his family," the fat guy guessed.

He had said that cultivators like the Half Grand Cultivators didnt have to pay anything if they were willing to go to the Tiannan Planet Province, and they could even take a few people with them for free. They were of a higher status when compared to Golden Core cultivators.


Chen Fan went through a security check with Guo Chuandong.

There were at least two Half Grand Cultivators at the security point just about to board, staring at people fiercely. A mirror was hung in the air; when someone stood underneath it, the mirror would immediately show who he truly was and many pieces of information like his level and race. After going through that checking point, there was also a high-tech inspection of the Tiannan Planet Province. There was almost a complete station every step of the way and a few more inspection points. Normal Nascent Soul monsters would be exposed and shown their true forms at the first station.

On the contrary

When Chen Fan reached the Nascent Soul level of Heaven, his energy became extremely restrained and he looked just like an ordinary person, so he had no choice but to release some of his energy. That mirror couldnt even detect Chen Fans Golden Core Level, which made the old Half Grand Cultivator nearby turn around in confusion, wondering if the mirror had failed somehow.

After smoothly passing various checkpoints

The two of them finally boarded the "Sunset."

Guo Chuandongs room wasnt far from Chen Fans. He said he had already made a profit after selling one boat ticket. However, selling tickets wasnt his main job; he took cultivators from the Little South Heavenly Realm to the Tiannan Planet Province mostly. He just needed some sponsorship. Apart from Chen Fan, there were eight other people who were also his customers.

Chen Fan had a weird feeling; wasnt Guo Chuandong a scalper and a guide at the same time?

The Sunset was moving at a very slow speed. It had already made the round trip to the Tiannan Planet Province and back in January. Every time it traveled, the ship would remain docked at the Yellow Maple Port for a long time. Not only did it have to carry a lot of passengers, but also the resources and products to trade from the Little South Heavenly Realm. This was the Sunsets real purpose.

The fat guy stopped by and said, "Brother Chen, dont just cultivate here. Lets go to the Central Resting Area. I have to show you how busy the Sunset is. There are more than a few resting zones."

There were eight other cultivators behind him

Men and women.

Judging from the style of their clothes, they were apparently from the Little South Heavenly Realm as well.

Most of them looked friendly, except for a Nascent Soul cultivator who seemed a bit arrogant. He apparently didnt want to lose face in front of a group of Golden Core cultivators, given his higher rank.

"All right."

Chen Fan nodded.

He also had an errand for the fat guy, which was to look into the identity of that middle-aged man in black. The fat guy was indeed familiar with the Sunset; he had the answer in just four hours.

"The Lone Ranger of Star Ocean, Song Yufeng!

"Hes a Half Grand Cultivator who once broke into the Changshen Sect alone with a sword and defeated the Lord of the thirteen mountains. In the end, a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator of the Changshen Sect had to get on the battlefield and finally injured him severely. Even so, he managed to escape from that crisis, astonishing the whole Star Ocean and becoming the top rogue cultivator in the Little South Heavenly Realm!"

"Thats strange. Why is Jiang Feifei with such a being?"

Chen Fan frowned.

He obviously didnt believe the fat guys claim that Jiang Feifei was Song Yufengs concubine; she was more likely to be his disciple. Chen Fan had seen Jiang Feifeis talent; She had clear Dao Qi, her body could move like smoke and her energy was extremely pure. She was a good cultivator. So, it wouldnt be surprising if Song Yufeng would have become interested in her.

"But there will be a big problem. Auntie Tang has always thought that Jiang Feifei is only traveling and relaxing. To think she would show up in the Yellow Maple Port? Besides, Song Yufeng seems to be taking her to the Tiannan Planet Province. I dont think shell return in a few years."Chen Fan thought.

And yet, that wasnt something he should interfere in.

Song Yufeng would certainly not care about Chen Fan, and Jiang Feifei also seemed like she was following him willingly. If Chen Fan tried taking her away, she would be the first one to resist. Still, Auntie Tang would be really sad once she found out, if he didnt take her back.

While Chen Fan was struggling.

He had entered the central area of the Sunset with the fat guy and the others.

The inside of the Sunset was extremely spacious. The Central Hall was like a shopping mall Chen Fan had seen in his past life. He couldnt even see the end of it and countless people wearing clothes similar to those on Earth were jostling one another. Apart from the cultivators, Chen Fan also saw some ordinary people, but they were walking around expressionlessly in uniform. They seemed to be part of the working staff.

The Little South Heavenly Realm clothing worn by Chen Fan and the others was a bit eye-catching.

Guo Chuandong first took everyone to a clothing store and chose outfits of the Tiannan Planet Province for each of them. Compared to the clothes on Earth, they were a combination of both classical and futuristic styles.

Chen Fan received a black, short-sleeved, fitted robe with a belt, which had a traditional style. It looked similar to a modern suit, although it had a quaint feeling.

Someone exclaimed immediately when he saw the price, "F**k, an outfit made of normal materials costs a hundred Spirit Stones. I can buy a hundred normal clothes with one Spirit Stone in the Little South Heavenly Realm."

The stores assistant helping them was an ordinary man in an azure uniform. He immediately pulled a long face after seeing this situation, proposing for them to buy the clothes if they liked them or to leave if they didnt want them.

The fat guy immediately comforted the Golden Core cultivator and the latter could only accept it in silence.

The others also handed over the Spirit Stones quietly.

Chen Fan stood aside coldly. He was able to notice that, even though the shop assistant was an ordinary person, his arrogance came from the heart when he faced the cultivators from the Little South Heavenly Realm; it simply couldnt be hidden. That was probably one of the reasons why the Golden Core cultivator didnt say anything just then.

"The people of the Tiannan Planet Province are indeed arrogant."

Chen Fan shook his head and forgot about it.

After that, he wandered about a bit more and then made an excuse to leave. He had placed an Immortal Will tag on Jiang Feifei before; he could sense that she was also at the Central Hall right then, so he went there.

After walking for a while

He saw Jiang Feifei standing in front of the window with the young man in a white robe, chatting joyfully with their backs facing the view outside of the ship. The two of them had put on the clothes of the Tiannan Planet Province, one in red and one in white. The girl was wearing a fiery red gown, making her look extraordinary. Her waist was accentuated with a delicate belt. The man was standing upright like a sword in a fitted white outfit and his face was as fair as jade.

The two of them seemed very intimate. Jiang Feifei was all smiles; she turned around to look at the man with her watery, glittering eyes from time to time.

Chen Fan saw them and gradually slowed down.

He stood there quietly for a while and watched those two who looked like a perfect couple. Even though Jiang Feifei had looked at Chen Fan several times, she didnt recognize him. She focused on the man in a white robe most of the time.

When that guy noticed Chen Fan, he merely glanced at him and didnt mind much when he realized that Chen Fan was just a Golden Core cultivator.

After watching for a bit, Chen Fan silently returned to his room.

People changed and it was normal, as human minds were volatile.

There were things Chen Fan didnt ask, but he knew what Jiang Feifei would reply. He sat in the room and closed his eyes to cultivate quietly. After all, Jiang Feifei was just one of his old friends; Chen Fan couldnt take her back forcefully if she didnt want to return to Earth.

Just like that, the Sunset had gone deep into the black sandstorm zone after flying for two weeks. Although they encountered a few attacks from the monsters along the way, they were never able to get through the powerful arrays and defenses of the Sunset.

On that day.

Chen Fan met Jiang Feifei again when the fat guy asked him to go to the bar. This time, Jiang Feifei frowned and stared at Chen Fan with a hint of shock, astonishment, embarrassment and confusion in her eyes.

"You are?"

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