Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3657

Chapter 3657: Holy Yuan Seal

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In the palace, the Cangbao Yin in front of Qin Xuan was quietly suspended.

This treasure seal seems to have surpassed the rules in this palace. No, this treasure seal is the key to control this palace.

Many people knocked on the gate of the palace and tried their best, but it was difficult to shake the gate in the slightest.

The entire palace has been turned into a cage and prison.

In the Primordial Continent, all the powerhouses couldn't help but lose their expressions. It was the Holy Emperor of the Human Race and others. At this moment, their expressions couldn't help but see the extreme.

"He holds the treasure map in his hand, it is most likely the key to breaking the taboo here, I should have thought of it long ago!"

The Lord of Longevity murmured, his face becoming more ugly.

Since he appeared here, he was calculating how to get that sky map.

They are all mortal bodies, how can he take risks with his witty calculations.

What's more, the blind and self-confident end has already been seen, the Lord Yuangu, the ink **** Qi is dead.

But now, seeing Qin Xuan look like this, he couldn't help but wake up completely.

Before, Qin Xuan was sitting cross-legged, waiting for more and more powerful people in the Primordial Continent. This is not arrogance or arrogance. He has been condensing this treasure seal, which can break through the rules and rules of this palace.

"I should have thought of it!"

The Lord of Longevity clenched his fists tightly, but now, they are completely passive.

If the fish on the board is glued, the Qin Changqing in front of him is a knife.

The Fenye Buddha on the side, the holy emperor of Human Race's eyes were as deep as still water, and they looked at Qin Xuan quietly.

At this moment, Qin Xuan condensed one of the seals of God, the seal of Saint Yuan.

It is stated in the sky map that this seal can swallow the essence of the world and turn it into one's own use. This seal is also called the swallowing yuan seal.

All the essence can be transformed by this sacred element seal, can be transformed into the sacred power of the heavens, can also be transformed into some other elemental power, and can even be used to shape things.

For example, swallowing sand and stones to turn gold and silver, swallowing gods to turn into quicksand, these incredible magical powers.

This sacred seal should have magical powers that are not described in the other heavenly pictures, but Qin Xuan also needs to discover it himself.

I saw that under this Holy Yuan Seal, the blood in the entire palace kept pouring.

It seems that this treasure seal is a gluttony.

And obviously, when the blood of countless creatures poured into the Saint Yuan Seal, Qin Xuan's aura became stronger and stronger.

Especially, Qin Xuan's connection with this palace is getting closer.

This feeling is very mysterious, not like a magic weapon, but this holy yuan seal awakens this palace, especially, in the connection between Qin Xuan and this palace, the palace is not like a dead thing, there is a kind of affection that breeds. .

When Qin Xuan felt this sacred seal, the remaining 300 people in the entire palace were almost mad.

When they reached this realm, they all came through the thorns and thorns, pitiful for their lives.

The most important thing is that in their eyes, the treasure seal swallowed the blood in the palace, not only that, but also swallowing the vitality of those corpses, wisps of aura gushing out from the mountain of corpses, and continuously entering the other one. Inside Baoyin.

The blood stains on Qin Xuan's body had long since dispersed, and even the white clothes had gradually returned to their original state.

The skin is like fat, the hair is like a dark night, those indifferent, deep eyes, and those indifferent eyebrows all appear in front of everyone.

Including the pair of big wings, it made them even more frightened.

"What to do? This outsider regained his strength, and we lost all the strength!"

"He has killed more than four hundred lives, can we still live?"

"Lord, I don't want to die!"

The creatures that were originally on the Primordial Continent are like ants on the brink of extinction.

There are also some people who are still calm, but let them think about it, and they don't know how to get out of this life and death disaster.

"When I did it before, if I was merciful, maybe there is still a way out at this moment, but it's a pity!"

"If you die here, it is not a loss to have Immortal Master Lin and others buried with you."

Some people even seem to have seen the dead, until the dead mountain becomes white bones, and once they stepped into powder.

The Saint Yuan Seal in front of Qin Xuan has not changed much.

In Qin Xuan's perception, this sacred yuan seal also barely reached the point of the first major multiplication.

This is the existence of more than four hundred Tonggu realm. Although they are deprived of their divine power in this palace, it does not mean that the divine power in their bodies has passed away.

Among them, there is also the existence of an ink **** Qi, which shows how many souls' vitality has been swallowed by this sacred seal.

Even so, it is only the first major multiplication.

In the description of the sky map, there are three kinds of treasure seals of God, each of which can reach nine layers.

Qin Xuan looked at the sacred seal in front of him and let out a sigh of relief. If this breaks through to the ninth layer, I am afraid that even the ancient emperor will have to swallow it.

The Saint Yuan Seal is still the easiest kind of the God Seal, and the other two seals are more difficult to cultivate.

There are also ten magical powers, even Qin Xuan couldn't help feeling a touch of helplessness in his heart.

For this reason, he is afraid that he will have to know how many years have been exhausted.

"Qin Changqing, you have already won. To close this place is life or death, you have the final say!"

"What do you want, you can speak bluntly!"

Suddenly, the Buddha Fenye spoke, and his height of 1 foot looked at Qin Xuan quietly, as if he regarded life and death as nothing.

Qin Xuan raised his eyes and looked at the Fenye Buddha quietly.

He hadn't spoken, just the next moment, he stepped.

At this step, he appeared behind the Fenye Buddha, and saw a golden sword emerge in his hand.

This sword was not an eternal sword, but was formed by the condensing of this holy yuan seal. With a light swing, it cut off one of the arms of the Fenye Buddha.

Qin Xuan picked up this arm with a sword, and the Saint Yuan Yin moved lightly, swallowing all the essence in this arm, leaving a piece of withered bone, and shaking it gently, it turned into dust.

His speed is not fast, but he also surpasses the limit of mortal eyesight.

When Buddha Fenye reacted, his body was already full of blood, and the Lord of the Longevity Kingdom was splashed.

Qin Xuan's actions made everyone even more shocked, followed by panic.

I saw that during Qin Xuan's sacrifice, the Saint Yuan seal moved, and strands of golden aura flew out and fell on everyone's heads.

These golden breaths condensed into a golden sword, standing and suspended.

Someone tried to avoid it, but no matter where they evaded, the golden swords were following each other and staying with each other.

Qin Xuan stood with his wings spread, and he glanced at the Fenye Buddha, "Wealth and silk are touching, and greed loses his life."

"You all want to take my life and take the man with the sky map in my hand."

"In my eyes, are you waiting for life or death?"

His words caused the complexion of the Lord of the Longevity Kingdom and others to change suddenly.

Qin Xuan's eyes were faint, and he didn't talk too much nonsense when facing the crowd.

"I, Qin Changqing, have always given a ray of benevolence to all living beings, and there is no way out of the sky, and this is the same for me, Qin Changqing."

"The one who submits lives, the one who refuses to die!"

His voice was calm and indifferent, "Life and death, you decide for yourself!"

The sound fell, and the palace fell into a dead silence.

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