Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3658

Chapter 3658: One after another

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Beiming Solitary Sea, the vast Primordial Demon Kun bones are still on this northern Ming Solitary Sea.

Where the Primordial Demon Kunbone was located, the entrance to Kunling, like a black jade, existed at this moment, but at this moment, a chain of laws and gods emerged.

Then, with a gleam of bright ink, a figure flew out of it.

This is a young man, he exudes an astonishing aura, and his strength surpasses the desolate ancient realm and directly reaches the existence of the Tonggu realm.

The difference is that he has actually entered the Tonggu realm without mastering the Tonggu Principles.

Obviously it is a creature of nine heavens and ten places, but at this moment, it has broken through the limits of the rules of the nine heavens and ten places.

With a proud smile on the young man's face, he was slightly taken aback when he saw the ancient way that opened up to the sky, but he ignored it, and turned and looked at the entrance of Kunling.

His gaze was like a hunter, staring at his prey.

Soon, there was another gleam of light in the huge black jade, and a creature rushed out of it with injuries.

This is a sub-ancient creature, dressed in the costume of the Longevity Kingdom, but obviously, his strength is greatly compromised.

The moment he rushed out, a touch of terrifying spirit penetrated directly through him.

The young man who walked out before appeared behind this creature holding a silver benlong spear.

The creature looked at the cave on his chest, suddenly spouted a large mouthful of blood, and fell into the Beiming solitary sea in despair.

The young man shook his palm and took out some accessories from the creature.

After that, he no longer looked at the creature, but continued to guard the exit, waiting for the rabbit.

Soon, three or five creatures from the Primordial Continent walked out of it. Every creature who walked out was beheaded at this exit by this young man, and all the treasures on his body were taken away by him.

The young man was the first to walk out of this ancient Kunling, he had already counted this far.

Until, the light on the Mo Yu flickered again, and a figure stepped out of it.

The young man's Panlong silver spear was faintly moving, but in the next instant, the sharp spear in his hand was held by the figure.

"Tai Qingyu, why? Even I became your prey?"

The creature that walked out of the black jade held a silver spear in one hand, and his palm had a layer of gloves as thin as silk. Even the extremely powerful benlong silver spear had never been able to leave a trace on this glove.

Most importantly, the two seem to know each other.

Originally, the young man raised his eyes and glanced at the visitor, his brows frowned slightly, "Ten thousand golden scales!"

The young man known as Tai Qingyu shook slightly, and put away the Panlong silver spear. He looked at the man with a white jade mask and a pair of blue eyes in front of him.

The man in front of him was the one who had used a long bow to do something against Qin Xuan before.

He was standing next to the emperor Chenyuan, and seemed to have some connection with the ancient emperor Zhou Tian.

But whether it was Tai Qingyu or Wan Jinlin, neither of these two faces were among the disciples of the Nineteen Daoyuan.

The two looked at each other, and Tai Qingyu slowly said: "You have also entered the Tonggu realm!? It is still the Tonggu Five Heavens, gratifying!"

Wan Jinlin closed his hand, and he stood with his hand, "You have not entered the Sixth Heaven of Tonggu, dare to guard here and hunt, you are indeed the arrogant of Blessed Heaven!"

Tai Qingyu smiled nonchalantly, "As a disciple of Master Huang from God's Academy and the adopted son of the ancient emperor Zhou Tian, I have always wanted to fight with you, but unfortunately, I feel uncomfortable at this time!"

"If not, I really want to try your master Huang Shi's unique skills!"

Wan Jinlin smiled lightly, with peerless arrogance in his eyes, "Welcome!"

The two were chatting here as if, suddenly, the light shining in the ink jade, and a figure walked out of it.

When this figure saw both, his face couldn't help becoming pale.

This is a disciple of the Nineteen Taoist Academy, from the Taoist Academy of the Great Zhou Di.

He swallowed saliva, pulled out his leg and left.

He saw Wan Jinlin's eyes move lightly, but Tai Qingyu's speed was even faster.

It is a step out, a shot like a dragon.


There was ancient power swept out, but in front of Tai Qingyu, it was like paper.

The gap is too big. Even if they are in the Heaven Ruins, they cant move the power of the law, but the power they master is very different.


The Daoyuan disciple spoke, but saw Tai Qingyu's palm directly covering his body.

There is a faint outline of a world, but Tai Qingyu's palm is turned into a fist about the size of it.

"There is only this thing." Tai Qingyu frowned slightly, "Is all the things acquired in the Kunling Mausoleum been consumed?"

After beheading this disciple, Tai Qingyu turned around again, his eyes still on the Mo Yu.

Obviously, he was hunting those who benefited greatly from the Primordial Kunling, whether it was the Primordial Continent or the creatures of the Nine Heavens and Tens, in his eyes, they were all prey waiting to be hunted.

Wan Jinlin on the side looked at Tai Qingyu's actions, with a touch of disdain in his eyes, he just looked up at the vast road to the sky.

"What is that?" Wan Jinlin said slowly: "You saw it when you came out?"

"I don't know, but it won't go away for a while, and it won't be too late to wait until I get enough treasures." Tai Qingyu held the Panlong silver spear and said, "You might as well go check it out first and take each one. Need, Im not sure what more amazing treasures will be in it."

His purpose is clear, and he has not wavered.

Wan Jinlin glanced at this Tai Qingyu, and then, he actually stepped forward to the ancient road.

He went straight into the ancient road, and below, Tai Qingyu also killed several creatures who walked out of it.

Until, an existence at the pinnacle of the Ancient Continent of the Ancient Continent walked out of it.

This is the Chang Geng prince of the Longevity Kingdom, who once fought against Lu Yuanji.

Soon, the two powerhouses fought in the solitary sea of Beiming, and that Tai Qingyu was only the sixth heaven of Tonggu realm, but with one of his sharp spears, it was indissoluble to kill the Crown Prince Chang Geng.

Above Beiming Solitary Sea, the two figures intertwined, and every time they fought, a deafening sound erupted.

Yin and Yang are chaotic, the aftermath is like a flood, sweeping in all directions, and the sea can't help but sink and sink again and again.

In the confrontation between the two, after all, it was Tai Qingyu who was slightly inferior.

Under the light of the sword, Prince Chang Geng was cut abruptly, stepped back a full five hundred feet, and coughed up blood.

The prince Chang Geng stood holding the sword, and his body exuded a terrifying breath, which was like a white dragon wrapped around him.

"Outsiders, before reaching the peak of the second ancient level, they can fight with me to this point."

"Submit me, I will give you endless treasures, how about?"

The prince Chang Geng spoke proudly. He who was originally the prince of the longevity country, is even more accustomed to being superior.

Tai Qingyu's mouth was bleeding, and a huge sword mark on his chest nearly split him in two.

"It's just a prisoner!"

After all, this Tai Qingyu stepped suddenly, and he rushed back into the golden ancient road and disappeared.

Originally, the prince Chang Geng was still going to chase him down, but suddenly, his brow furrowed.

But behind him, among the Mo Yu, a figure slowly walked out of it.

I saw a man holding a woman in his hands, his breath was a little weak, and there were many scars on his body.

The complexion of Prince Chang Geng's face changed, and there was a gleam in his eyes, and he slowly spit out three characters.

"Lu Yuanji!"

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