Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3659

Chapter 3659: Different

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At the end of the ancient road, the palace was closed tightly.

Wan Jinlin looked at the palace, and he dropped his hands on the gate of the palace, trying to push it away.


Accompanied by a roar, this palace slowly pushed away.

However, before the 10,000 Jinlin walked in, he frowned suddenly.

In his eyes, a touch of sharpness rushed to the center of his eyebrows.

Wan Jinlin moved, a monstrous aura erupted from his body, with one hand bent as if out of thin air appeared between his eyebrows.

He held the sword in his palm, but he never held it.

When Wan Jinlin's hand grasped it, it only crushed an afterimage. Then, his head was slightly sideways, and a blade of sword stroke across his cheeks on his cheeks, rubbing firelight with the close-fitting force on his skin. .

Wan Jinlin's eyes were abruptly cold, he had never seen anyone coming, but he felt the breath of the other person.

"Qin Changqing!"

He uttered three words, and then, the eyebrows of the sapphire mask were raised, and the pupils opened.

In an instant, tens of thousands of blue silks gushed out of the vertical pupil. This vertical pupil was not the magical power of the ten thousand golden scales itself, but came from the sapphire mask.

Every strand of blue silk is like a sharp sword, enough to penetrate everything.

In an instant, these many blue silks twisted that sword, including the figure, into nothingness.

But Wan Jinlin's eyes were getting colder and colder. He suddenly raised his eyes, but saw a figure standing holding a sword, Shengxue in white, quietly looking down at him.

Qin Xuan looked at these ten thousand golden scales. He didn't leave his hand for the sword just now, which was the ultimate that could be achieved by using the power of one hundred thousand ancestors in his body.

It is a pity that even if he hits these ten thousand golden scales with his strength, he has not broken the layer of power covering ten thousand golden scales.

Tonggu Realm, at least the power above the triple heaven.

The laws of the Tianxu and the nine days and ten places are different. Breaking into the Tonggu realm in the Tianxu without practicing the rules is equivalent to breaking through the original shackles of the nine days and ten places and forging an extremely powerful foundation.

Waiting to return to the nine heavens and ten places, on such a powerful foundation, to perceive the law again is equivalent to adding more wings, and the power of the law that it can carry is enough to multiply.

If one person is casting a tall building on the foundation of Zhangda, and one person is casting a pavilion on the foundation of Baizhang, the height of the pavilion is naturally not comparable.

The benefits are self-evident.

Before, in his perception, this person shouldn't have reached the Tonggu realm.

Did you break through in Taikoo Kunling? ?

Qin Xuan frowned slightly, and it has not been more than a year since he entered the sea.

This breakthrough speed is somewhat unrealistic. Even if the magic medicine is everywhere, it will take time to refining.

Unless, the time flow in the Kunling Mausoleum is faster than that in the Primordial Continent.

While Qin Xuan was thinking about it, the ten thousand golden scales moved.

"Qin Changqing, I'm not looking for you, you actually took the lead with me!" He slowly said, "It's really stupid and pitiful, do you think there is Baidi sheltering you in this place?"

With that said, he drew his bow into a full moon, then shot out an arrow, pointing directly at Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan's eyes condensed, and he held the Eternal Sword in his hand, accompanied by a violent roar, and his body directly vacated above the ancient road.


He slammed into the barrier between the ancient road and the palace, and a big mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Qin Xuan only felt that he was hit by a real dragon, almost to pieces.

The Eternal Sword competed with that arrow, and the terrifying power from this arrow rushed to Qin Xuan continuously.

The gap was too great, but Qin Xuan's eyes were still calm.

He looked at the ten thousand golden scales, and suddenly his body changed.

At the center of his eyebrows, a light flash of ink slowly lit up, gradually spreading to Qin Xuan's whole body.

Up to the fairy body!

Qin Xuan's breath suddenly increased, and the Eternal Sword gradually moved forward, actually suppressing the cyan arrow faintly.

It was that ten thousand golden scales couldn't help showing a surprised expression, "Are you magical powers or secret methods?"

"It's interesting, but I want to see if you can stop me with a few arrows!"

As he said, his palm covered with silk gloves opened the bowstring, and the cyan arrows condensed again until Qin Xuan.

The power of this arrow was obviously more terrifying than the previous arrow. Amidst the sneer of Wan Jinlin, his palm shook.


It is the sound of the bowstring vibration that forms a certain kind of sound blade, sweeping in all directions.

In an instant, Qin Xuan's arm was almost broken, and the second arrow directly penetrated the cyan arrow before and fell on the Eternal Sword.

The Eternal Sword was wailing, and Qin Xuan's arms and ten fingers were almost dripping with blood.

This is still the case when he moved up to the fairy body, if he has not used it, I am afraid that he has been penetrated by this cyan arrow.

Qin Xuan's eyes were calm, but his body broke out the sound of friction similar to rusty metal.


Qin Xuan's body collided with the barrier behind him again, causing the barrier to tremble faintly.

Wan Jinlin looked at Qin Xuan with such a slight smile, "Qin Changqing, you are in nine heavens and ten places, relying on the ancient emperor to support you, do whatever you want!"

"But the ancestral realm is the ancestral realm after all, and the ants are ants after all!"

"How can you, an ant who soared from the Chaos Realm, know the true peerless talent among the nine heavens and ten earth!?"

He stood up with a big bow, looked at the struggling Qin Xuan, and said lightly: "Today, I will let you know the gap between you and the true pride of heaven!"

"It happens to have some reputation, so it's arrogant. The real Tianjiao, killing you is nothing more than flipping your palms. Who cares about your fame?"

Wan Jinlin held the cyan big bow, pulling the bow like a full moon, and the third cyan arrow condensed.

More than that, on his sapphire mask, there was also a ray of green fire in the opened vertical pupil.

This is the fire of immortality, coming from his immortal blue face, and it is the treasure of the ancient realm.

Once this flame comes out, it can't be destroyed by all forces in the world, unless there is a force that transcends this immortal fire.

You must know that this immortal fire was only condensed from nine types of non-extinguishing fire, and it was definitely not cultivated overnight.

This immortal fire entered the cyan big bow, and a crystal-like crystal-clear arrow emerged, and in the arrow, there seemed to be a cyan flame burning.

Qin Xuan was above, and he frowned as he looked at the big bow.

Behind him, Zongtianyi suddenly unfolded, and his body was shocked, trying to avoid the arrow.

"It's nothing more than the ants of the chaos world, you think you can hide it from me with your little carving skills!?"

"If you lose, you want to escape? If it's that easy, this world won't be the weak."

"How can we not die if we are weak!?"

Wan Jinlin shouted, and he suddenly loosened the bowstring with one hand.

The third arrow came out, and in an instant, a green rainbow on the ancient road directly nailed Qin Xuan in the air, above the barrier.

Strands of immortal fire are spreading like maggots attached to bones.

Even Qin Xuan, looking down at the huge cave and immortal fire on his chest, his brows finally frowned.

Facing these ten thousand golden scales, he seemed...


The ancestral realm is too weak!

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