Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3715

Chapter 3715: Ancient Emperor's Secret Change

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Above a hundred thousand miles of heaven and earth, all the ancient emperors fell into silence.

They are also concentrating, watching this battle.

Even as ancient emperors, they never looked down upon this battle.

When they were young, they were not necessarily as enchanting as these two people in front of them.

The one hundred and eighty million creatures watching by the side also fell into silence. Everyone looked at Qin Xuan with shocked expressions.

It was nothing more than the fourth heaven of Huanggu, and the speed was so fast that Lin Huangxi in the ninth heaven of Huanggu never reacted.

Moreover, it repelled tens of thousands of feet in one palm.

How did Qin Changqing cultivate? He is just a disciple of Luogu Tiandao Academy.

"Is it possible that the Immortal Dao line is also fully supporting him?" Someone said, as if this is the only way to explain everything in front of him.

In the tens of thousands of miles of the world, Qin Xuan stood trembling, he did not pursue the victory, but looked at Lin Huangxi and stopped his figure.

The heaven and the earth exudes a faint brilliance, and all the blood stains are directly wiped out.

However, Lin Huangxi's expression has become a bit hideous.

The injury is not a serious matter, but this kind of humiliation, this kind of steady victory, was hurt by an ant, and that kind of anger constantly impacted Lin Huangxi's state of mind.

Fortunately, she can be regarded as having an extraordinary state of mind, and she has not lost her mind because of this.

She looked at Qin Xuan and didn't even move rashly, because she was telling her rationally that Qin Changqing in front of her was different.

Although Lin Huangxi didn't want to admit it, the scene before him was so similar to five hundred years ago.

The world is different, but this Qin Changqing has surpassed the extreme time and time again, even five hundred years ago, he did something that the ancient emperor had never thought of, and opened his way to God.

Even beheaded her on the birthday banquet.

Lin Huangxi's heart gradually sank into complete peace. She looked at Qin Xuan, and she never looked down upon Qin Xuan, because she understood that this moment was the same as five hundred years ago.

Ant, turned over!

After calming down, Lin Huangxi looked at Qin Xuan, and she took a step forward again.

At this step, the heaven and earth behind him had once again condensed, and among them, there was a faint phoenix resounding in this heaven and earth.

Like a phoenix of nothingness, about to be born in the heaven and earth.

Desolate ancient realm, the pinnacle!

This is Lin Huangxi's true culmination. Her aura is not only exuding, but introverted.

"Qin Changqing, it's surprising that you break the routine again!"

Lin Huangxi spoke, her voice returned to her indifference and her cold arrogance as a goddess of the gods.

She looked at Qin Xuan quietly, her body lifted up gently, her godly clothes hanging down on the tens of thousands of miles of heaven and earth.

"I stepped back to this point, but I didn't get hurt, and you don't have to be too proud!"

Lin Huangxi raised her head slightly, her eyes seemed to be condescending, despising the white dress in the distance.

"You only have the fourth heaven of the wild. I don't know how you made such a rapid breakthrough, but presumably, you are also sitting on some means, which may leave some troubles, or maybe not."

"Even though your Qin Changqing is talented, has background, and enchanted like me, there is still a gap between you and me."

"Where is your chance of winning!?"

Lin Huangxi spoke, and she gently raised her hand, which was shocked, and a golden divine spear emerged in her palm.

The breath of this divine spear was bright, only the ancient realm, but it exuded an invincible breath.

Above it was even stained with the blood of the ancient emperor.

The most important thing is that Lin Huangxi merged with the breath of this golden spear. It was obvious that she and this spear were already one, enough for her to exert her full strength.

When Lin Huangxi held it, strands of the power of the ultimate magic lingered on this divine spear.

At this moment, even if Lin Huangxi didn't use the slightest momentum, she still exuded the supreme majesty, which made all the creatures involuntarily tremble.

Qin Xuan raised his eyes slightly, he looked at Lin Huangxi, and in the next instant, Lin Huangxi disappeared into his eyes.

Time is infinite!

The time of four weeks was folding, and in Qin Xuan's world, Lin Huangxi's speed was indeed slowing down.

But at this moment, a terrifying phoenix sound resounded in Lin Huangxi's heaven and earth.

Then, in the world, two powers of extreme magic flew out and fell into Lin Huangxi's eyes.

Lin Huangxi's eyes were moving, she seemed to see through the time and years of folding, and a proud smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. The divine spear suddenly shook, and she actually penetrated the stacking time of time.

Time is like a piece of white paper, and people are in it. It is equivalent to a pen on the piece of white paper that is constantly moving at an even speed. There is no time for time. It is equivalent to folding this time and folding the original white paper, which can be The line still walks at the original length, so in Qin Xuan's eyes, the world has become extremely slow, but he can span the original time.

Turning a moment into a moment, this is the law of time.

But Lin Huangxi is also a practitioner of extreme law, she may not be able to perceive it, only knows that Qin Xuan has a certain magical power, but the great laws of the virtual extreme law can perceive it.

With the help of the ultimate method of emptiness, she saw the outline of the law of time, but the spear, like a steel needle, directly penetrated the folded white paper and reached directly in front of Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan watched Lin Huangxi's actions, and the sky wings flickered lightly behind him.

As he suffered, a rune fell into him again.

There are six-character mantras appearing in his pupils, and more than that, there are seven different artifacts appearing beside Qin Xuan.

Clocks, watches, plates, sundials, leaks, instruments, tables!

Around the body, the Eight-Faced Treasure Seal appeared, directly blending into Qin Xuan's body.

The secret change of the ancient emperor Shi Lang, the six-character mantra, the seven-fang fixation device, and the eight-treasure emperor seal, all belong to me!

Qin Xuan looked at Lin Huangxis divine spear, and suddenly took a step forward. This step passed by facing the Lin Huangxis divine spear. Although Lin Huangxis speed was fast enough, Qin Xuans speed was even higher. A quick minute, as if to see through her actions, her body also travels through time.

"Secret of the ancient emperor Shi Lang!?"

Lin Huangxi's divine spear missed, and suddenly his body turned, and the heaven and the earth behind him suddenly burst out with radiant brilliance, and this brilliance shrouded in all directions.

The time and years that had changed next to Qin Xuan directly collapsed.

Lin Huangxi turned around, she looked at Qin Xuan, and said lightly: "The mere secret of the ancient emperor, dare to use it in front of me.

"You used the ultimate technique before, right? Chen's ultimate technique? This still has the qualifications to fight me!"

She formed a realm directly above the heavens and earth, and with the help of the power of the Void Extreme Technique, Qin Xuan's body was shattered by the power of changing time.

What Lin Huangxi said is true, the ancient emperor's secrets can only affect the world of nine heavens and ten earth, and the ultimate law is also respected by God.

Acting on the secrets of the ancient emperor in front of the extreme law is no different from making an axe.

Facing Lin Huangxi's words, Qin Xuan still had a calm expression on his face. This calmness was simply hateful for Lin Huangxi.

Just when Lin Huangxi was about to move, Qin Xuan's body was shocked, and then his breath surged again.

Breakthrough! ?

Lin Huangxi's eyes condensed, and the palm of the hand holding the divine spear was hard.

Above, thirty-eight ancient emperors, watching, one hundred and eighty million creatures, at this moment, almost the same idea emerged.

Breakthrough again! ?

Qin Xuan looked at Lin Huangxi, inside his body, among the eighteen layers of heaven and earth, the fifth and sixth layers of the Qingtian Mahayana.

Desolate ancient times, the fifth heaven!

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