Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3716

Chapter 3716: Real confrontation (plus 3)

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Lin Huangxi's eyes changed, she just shook hands with the magic spear and stepped on the ring.

At this moment, the power of heaven and earth in the heaven and earth behind him continued to spread to the heaven and earth.

The power of the heavens and the earth, which is as dark as ink, is like a sea of ink, pouring into this 100,000-mile competition.

Behind Lin Huangxi, a towering monstrous Dharma image had appeared in the world.

The emperor of all things!

Lin Huangxi fell in the hands of the emperor of all things, and rose into the sky, the realm of the extreme magic is still there, and it can crush all the secrets of the ancient emperor.

She looked at Qin Xuan, and the divine spear in her hand suddenly shook. Behind her, among the emperor of all things, the terrifying power of heaven and earth condensed all things in the world, falling into Qin Xuan's body like a torrential rain.

Flying flowers and leaves, sand, stone, grass and trees...There are all kinds of soldiers, there are thousands of weapons, there are all things, and they directly kill Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan raised his eyes and looked at him. He has the infinite law when he moves, and he uses the extreme law to oppose the extreme law. In the realm of the virtual extreme law, he has opened up a piece of heaven and earth.

Within the body, the six heavens and the earth move together.

In the body, all the runes were integrated into Qin Xuan's body at this moment.

On Qin Xuan's body, ten thousand celestial light emerged, he seemed to be bathed in this celestial light, looking at the emperor of all things, he took a step forward.

With one punch, the fist turned into a thousand feet, and fell on that all things.


Thousands of things, at this moment, the cracks were directly blasted by Qin Xuan's fist, Qin Xuan blasted out a punch again, and the heavenly weapons, weapons, and things were shattered.

Even so, thousands of artifacts fell on Qin Xuan's body.

Qin Xuan was a condensed seal with his other hand. In this seal, the power of a hundred thousand feet of heaven and earth rushed into his body like a fairy mountain, colliding with the emperor and everything.

At the same time, at the center of Qin Xuan's eyebrows, a full eight banners flew out, and these eight banners rose through the sky. In an instant, the heaven and the earth were fixed, and the universe was condensed.

Another part of the emperor's phase everything condensed in this world, stagnating.

Qin Xuan's right fist recovered as before, and he squeezed his hand, and a black big bow emerged. On the big bow, there was the light of law, condensing a dark, terrifying arrow.

Qin Xuan held the bow with one hand, and saw that on top of the arrow, an arrow containing the power of annihilation was split into the sky.

Qin Xuan accomplished all this in one go, and coupled with the immortal law of time, all his magical powers were almost at the same time at the same time.

Even if Lin Huangxi used the Void Extreme Technique to penetrate the folding time, Qin Xuan still made a decision in a very short period of time, using the uninterrupted method of time and the secrets of the ancient emperor Shi Lang.

The emperor is extremely fast, and the weapons, weapons, and things are extremely powerful.

Coupled with the blessing of the power of extreme magic, this blow could not overstate hundreds of Tonggu Tianzun.

But now, 100,000 miles of heaven and earth are struggling, and everything is shattered.

Above, Baidi's eyes bloomed with splendor, and many ancient emperors couldn't help but open their lips and teeth, seemingly shocked.

"This should be the secret of the ancient emperor Shilang, the secret of the ancient emperor Tiantan, the secret of the ancient emperor of Mu Shen, the secret of the ancient emperor Qishan, and the secret of the ancient emperor Yunxu!"

"In an instant, using the ultimate technique to oppose the ultimate technique, the secrets of the five ancient emperors were all out, forcibly breaking the killing of the emperor of all things!"

Among the thirty-eight ancient emperors, an ancient emperor named Yunguang said, "If I am in the fifth heaven of the wild, I should not be as good as him!"

In a word, this is already a very high compliment.

There was the ancient emperor looking sideways, trying to say something, but very quickly, but attracted by the changes in the tens of thousands of miles, he stopped talking.

In the tens of thousands of miles of the world, everything was broken, and Lin Huangxi's eyes showed anger. Behind her, only the ten thousand hands of the emperor of all things merged and merged into one.

At this moment, Qin Xuan also moved. He raised his eyes to look at Lin Huangxi, there was no emotion in his indifferent eyes.

I saw Qin Xuan's hands condensing the tactics, and the sky wings shook behind his back. From Qin Xuan's body, nine terrifying babies flew out.

The secret of the ancient emperor of the nine infants was originally condensed into nine infants of no ancient emperor. They can enter nine days from the top and ten places from the bottom. They can be vertically and horizontally, and each one even has the power to rival the ancient emperor.

Qin Xuan is only a lonely old man now, so naturally he can't cultivate that power.

But his incarnation had already cultivated Jiuying Ancient Emperor Secret to the extreme.

After all, some of his incarnations are ancient emperor secrets obtained through special cultivation, and even several incarnations cultivate a kind of ancient emperor secrets.

It is equivalent to Qin Changqing, who has practiced this ancient emperor secret for two thousand years, so he can't be perfect.

The nine infants rose into the sky, lifelike, like a real human baby, seemingly ordinary.

Qin Xuan didn't stop there. He condensed his hands again, his lips and teeth moved lightly.

"Spelling the world, I am the only one!"

The eight characters, Qin Xuan's eyes suddenly brightened to the extreme.

In the mouths of the nine babies, there were screams, and the nine babies grew suddenly at this moment.

Every baby turned into a white dress. At this moment, nine Qin Changqing appeared again in the world.

It's just that each Qin Changqing has different spells on his forehead, and the weapons in his hands are also different.

Knives, guns, sticks, sticks, seals, rings, bells, hammers, axes!

The nine people holding the nine weapons, they are killing the Emperor Wanzhang and Lin Huangxi.

Lin Huangxi looked at it, she was condescending, like a true god.

"It's an avatar again! Qin Changqing, you will only let the avatar come to death, do you live in the world?"

Lin Huangxi spoke. At this moment, her arms turned into hands and appeared behind Lin Huangxi. Lin Huangxi held the divine spear. She took a step forward. Under the hand of the Emperor Wanzhang, her body, as if it could penetrate the world. His divine spear, the imaginary ultimate law turned into a great road and a chain of gods intertwined around his body, and the power of the emperor's appearance poured into his body.

The emperor is one, the ultimate method of emptiness!

Lin Huangxi looked at the nine figures, and suddenly passed the challenge.

Passing over the nine incarnations, pointed directly at Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan stood on the spot, he scattered the Shen Jue in his hands, and his hands slowly dropped in front of him.

After this fall, a sea of black and white emerged in his body, intertwined with seas of black and white, and the birthday month on the sea, gathering the power of the sea, haunted Qin Xuan.

Up to the ancient emperors secret reform, yin and yang meet, the sun and the moon are in the sky!

Lin Huangxi plunged into the sea of yin and yang, only to see that the sun and moon shattered and the sea annihilated, but Lin Huangxi's body stopped.

Behind him, the nine incarnations are like candles in the wind, and their bodies are all traces of the emptiness of the ultimate technique and the power of the divine spear. They are riddled with holes, but the nine weapons still appear in Lin Huangxi's. Surround yourself to fix yourself.

Behind these nine bodies, you can see that there are ten worlds of heaven and earth emerging, and every world of heaven and earth is not lost to the real wasteland.

Curse the ancient emperor secret, Jiuying ancient emperor secret, Yunhuang ancient emperor secret change...

Nine Treasure Immortal Body!

Qin Xuan watched quietly in front of him, gathering strength, preparing to break through Lin Huangxi, who was suppressed by the Nine Treasure Immortal Body. He jumped up abruptly. In his body, there was a vibration of heaven and earth, and he went to six heavens and earth. Opening, the world poured into Qin Xuan's body.

Qin Xuan took one step into the air 30,000 feet, with one hand behind and the other in front of him, as if to set off something, above it, the world suddenly cracked, and the law of the road was like thunder, tearing the darkness.

He looked down at Lin Huangxi, and the Nine Treasure Immortal body regressed, turning into nine ray of immortal light and then falling into his body.

At this moment, among the over eighty million people, there was a woman who covered her face with white gauze, exuding the aura of no one to enter.

Suddenly, she stood up suddenly, but fortunately, everyone had never looked at her, but looked into the world of tens of thousands of miles.

"this is!"

The woman's voice faintly trembled, "Nine Nether World!"

"Cangtian map, he really got it!"

The white gauze lifted lightly, revealing that corner of the peerless face.

Among the thirty-eight ancient emperors, if the Baidi had observed something, he glanced sideways and his eyes moved.

Tu Lingshi!

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