Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapter 3717

Chapter 3717: Pressure (plus 4)

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"He actually merged the secrets of the ancient emperor!"

"This guy, even if it is his incarnation, is only the realm of the realm, how dare to even merge the secrets of the ancient emperor!"

"Most importantly, he succeeded!"

"With the power of the Fifth Heavenly Desolate Ancient Realm, Lin Huangxi abruptly suppressed the pinnacle of the Desolate Ancient Realm!"

"Xiandao's line, really didn't support him?"

"Qin Changqing, he soared from the Chaos Realm? How could it be possible!"

"It's incredible!"


Among the over 80 million creatures watching, too many people made their voices heard. Everyone saw this unparalleled and wonderful battle, and they dared not blink for almost a second.

In particular, they looked at Qin Xuan's white clothes, as if there was a heavenly abyss emerging from their bodies, and on top of them, the laws of the Great Dao turned into thunder, illuminating the endless heaven and earth abyss.

Thirty-eight ancient emperors also looked solemn at this moment.

The three ancient emperors of the immortal Dao line also showed smiles involuntarily on their faces.

The three ancient emperors in the line of God, the ancient emperor Zhou Tian, their faces became more gloomy.

The palm of the ancient emperor of all things landed on the throne on the side, and his towering, stalwart figure, at this moment, was faintly trembling.

That's because of anger!

It was a peerless road paved for their disciples, a peerless road paved for the Shinto line, but now, the scene before them is completely opposite to what they imagined and thinking.

How could that soaring ant in the Chaos Realm cultivate to this level.

What a fate this guy is! ?

The face of the ancient emperor of the nine extremes and the ancient emperor of the Eastern Desolation also became gloomy.

The ancient emperor Prisoner also had a dull look, he was even a little dazed, as if he couldn't understand why it was so.

This Qin Changqing, before his wisp of incarnation, had to give up the lives of all beings in the immortal world before he could contend.

Now, let alone his real body.

Even if he had to look up, Lin Huangxi, who was almost obedient, was suppressed by Qin Changqing.

Even if it is time, the heavens are only a few thousand years past.

How can an ant grow to this point in just a few thousand years?

His Qin Changqing, in just a few thousand years, surpassed the heavens, surpassed the existence of nine days and ten earths for tens of thousands of years, and even hundreds of thousands of years.

He couldn't figure it out, but he also recovered from the shock, his eyes gradually condensed with bloodshot eyes.

Lin Huangxi, can't be defeated!

Shinto, don't lose!

He Qin Changqing must die!

Prisoner looked at Qin Xuan. No matter how Qin Xuan did it, no matter what Qin Xuan's scheme was, he would lose this time.

If he does not die, then next time, he may die, and there is even a feeling that he will be overthrown by this Qin Changqing even if it is a line of divine Dao.

He looked at Qin Xuan, clenched his fists with both hands, suddenly turned and left.

Yu Guang, the ancient emperor of the Eastern Desolation, wrinkled his brow slightly, but he never said anything.


In the tens of thousands of miles of heaven and earth, Qin Xuan's body, a vast sky rises.

Lin Huangxi still held the divine spear in her hand, and suddenly a terrifying phoenix sound resounded in the God wheel behind him.

She looked at Qin Xuan, almost unable to suppress her inner anger.

I saw a dark phoenix of nothingness in that treasure wheel. This phoenix of nothingness was condensed by the power of the ultimate magic, spreading out, and suddenly turned into a height of seven feet in this world. At that time, spread his wings and scream.

Those eyes, like those of Lin Huangxi, looked at the sky above the thunder shining, and the sound was full of anger and murder.

Qin Xuan held Jiu You Mingyuan with one hand and the other behind him. He looked at Lin Huangxi, his arm moved slightly.


The Heavenly Abyss that was thousands of miles above, the crack in the sky, suddenly crashed.

The weight of the sky, all things are destroyed, the Great Way of Longevity, all laws are broken, and all ways are destroyed!

Seeing that phoenix of nothingness, it also spread its wings.

After a while, his body was magnified geometrically, and a dark river of heaven and earth emerged from the treasure wheel of the heavens, and the power of endless heaven and earth was injected into the phoenix of nothingness.

In the eyes of countless creatures, they watched the phoenix of nothing collide with the Nine Netherworld Abyss.


It was like a heavenly phoenix plunged into an unfathomable heavenly abyss, and in that abyss, there was endless thunder shining.

The thunder of Longevity Avenue draped on this heavenly phoenix, smashing its feathers.

However, Tian Feng also shook his wings, smashing Tian Yuan into cracks.

The flame of nothingness in his mouth burned through the Nine Nether Abyss.

Qin Xuan stood on the Nine Nether Abyss, and the six layers of heaven and earth in his body were constantly pouring into the Nether Abyss.

Suddenly, Ming Yuan shook, and Ruuo roared endless roar, as if coming from the netherworld.

In the horrified eyes of all the creatures, nine terrifying foxtails rushed out of the nine ghosts, and a terrifying ghost fox emerged from it, lingering around the law of longevity, and the nine foxtails looked like The chains of the sky entwined the phoenix of nothingness tightly, and thunder kept shining on the fox's tail.

Five hundred years ago, Qin Xuan used a long life to break the ultimate magic with one sword.

Five hundred years later, Qin Xuan is a hand-operated Tianyuan, longevity forging a fox, breaking through nothingness!

In the shocking eyes of everyone, the angry phoenixming voices were gradually annihilated, and everything in Tianyuan was almost plunged into darkness.

It is like that ghost fox, dragging it into the endless nether, no longer reappearing in the world.

Lin Huangxi's seven orifices are also bleeding continuously, this time, she is truly injured.

Just when the world was almost silent, Lin Huangxi was full of savage faces at this moment, and let out a howl like a ghost.

In the Nine Netherworld Abyss, there was a phoenix sound again, as if that phoenix of nothingness had broken through the netherworld.

In the eyes of all the creatures and the ancient emperor, the body of that emptiness phoenix was broken. Under the entanglement of foxtails, its wings supported the edge of Mingyuan and wanted to break free.

It is a pity that in the next instant, a huge ghost fox stuck out its head and bit at the throat of the phoenix of nothingness, and cut off its sound abruptly. Its teeth are one of the laws of the Longevity Avenue. The force lingered and intertwined, in the horrified eyes of everyone, the phoenix of nothingness was completely dragged into the deep abyss.

Above, Qin Xuan was the same as before, his palm suddenly shook, and he pressed Tianyuan with one hand, and rushed towards the world of 100,000 miles.


The whole world is trembling, and Tianyuan falls, causing the whole world to tremble.

If it weren't for the ancient emperor's refining, this world would be broken and annihilated into nothingness.

Tian Yuan fell, Lin Huangxi was submerged in it, Wan Lai was completely silent.

Above, all the ancient emperors couldn't help being dumbfounded. It was a battle that was destined to result, and such a reversal actually took place.


When the ancient emperor spoke, he stood up directly and looked at the three ancient emperors in the line of the gods.

He didn't know how to express, and he even felt that he was old and lonely, far inferior to this younger generation.

After a hundred thousand miles of the world, a laugh suddenly sounded.

The ancient emperor of Ji Dao was raising his beard and laughing, his smile was like thunder, "Hahaha, what a peerless battle, what a one-hundred-thousand-mile battle!"

"What a goddess goddess, her palms will overwhelm all enemies in the world!"

"Good one, the ant of the Chaos Realm, crushing the pride of the heavens, the phoenix of the gods!"

Smiling, laughing, the ancient emperor of Ji Dao slapped his legs and thumped the void, Ye Tongyu on the side could not help but change his face.

"Qin Changqing, if he doesn't die, he will sweep away the ancient gods in 100,000 years!"


Laughing ceaselessly, its sound is from ancient gods to the heavens, and one hundred and eighty million creatures can hear it.

With a smile, the sentient beings smiled and couldn't help but laugh.

With a smile, the line of Shinto, including ancient emperors, endless creatures want to go crazy.

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