Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man Chapter 685

Chapter 685: 685 Are you sick?

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Chapter 685 685 Are you sick

If you have offended someone, you can find out by checking it up.

Ji Shanhe's power in the public security system plus Ji Yunfan's ability, and Wen Jianguo's influence here, it really didn't take much effort to investigate this matter.

Qian Long paid the money and wanted to steal back the subscription certificate from Jiang Mu. In his words, these things belonged to the Qian family originally, but Jiang Mu cheated them away by using shameless means. He took back his own things. That's it.

Sun Hao had just been released from prison and wanted to get revenge on Wen Liyan. However, he has been in jail for so many years. He has no money and no one. He must not be able to accomplish this by himself. He just happened to run into Qian Long looking for someone to do the job.

The two hit it off and use each other.

Wen Ru was really implicated this time, and there was nothing wrong with her.

Jiang Mu is very guilty.

"What do I say about your expression? I don't know what I thought I owed you 800,000 yuan. Come on, give my sister a smile." Wen Ru poked her cheek and smiled heartlessly.

Laughing is impossible. Wen Liyan hasn't woken up yet. Although Wen Ru suffered from skin trauma, he was also frightened this time. He even had nightmares at night and couldn't sleep well.

This is all implicated by her.

Seeing her little sister's face still sullen, she sighed helplessly, "This incident is an accident. Maybe I was hit by this accident? It has nothing to do with you. Don't take everything on yourself. ."

"People say that if you dont die in a catastrophe, there must be a blessing. My blessings are behind, so dont think about it. Look at your injuries. They are heavier than mine. You can lie down and rest. What are you thinking about!"

Jian Qi walked in with the lunch box, "Xiao Ru is right, this matter has nothing to do with you, it is the fault of the kidnappers!"

"If Sister Wen didn't come to see me, she didn't need to suffer." Jiang Mu's voice was a little hoarse after not speaking for a long time.

"That's not your involvement. If you insist on implicated, Wen Liyan should be blamed. Think about it, he is the person Sun Hao is looking for. Both of us are implicated by him. But we can The escape is all dependent on him, so if you count it this way, it's even."

Wen Ru said seriously.

Jiang Mu was speechless. When she mentioned Wen Liyan, her mood was even lower. He was hurt the most. Although he was out of danger, he still didnt wake up.

Wen Ru also narrowed his smile, Dont worry, he will definitely wake up. In order to protect you, he worked so hard and didnt open his eyes to look at you. How can he rest assured?

Jiang Mu echoed, "Yes, he will definitely wake up. He has been ill since childhood, so serious, so painful, and he insisted on living. He is such a tenacious person, and this difficulty can't help him."

Wen Ru also smiled, and took a deep look at Jiang Mu, "He can't bear it."

Jianqi has opened all the lunch boxes and said with a smile, "Yes, that's right, with you friends, how can Xiaoyan be too willing to wake up?"

Wen Ru took a look at his mother, then you were wrong. That kid was reluctant to have only Mu Mu. Actually, it has nothing to do with people like us.

Wens chefs skills are quite good, and both of them eat a lot.

Originally, Jiang Mu was in the same ward with Wen Liyan, but Wen Liyans injury was erratic. After the Wen family arrived, they were directly transferred to the special intensive care unit. Jiang Mu was in the same ward with Wen Ru.

Its also convenient to take care of it. Zhao Yue has been frightened these days. She has to be busy with the supermarket and Ru Mu every day. She is very tired. With Jianqi, she can reduce a lot of work.

Ji Yunfan would come to report almost every day. Sometimes Wenru fell asleep, sometimes Wenru was awake. Every time he came over, he either carried fruits or some snacks. The ward in their ward was similar to a small shop.

Every day, the little nurses like to go to their ward for rounds. Every time they come here, they bring a thermometer and an infusion bottle. When they leave, there are either a handful of candies, chocolates, or a bag of peanuts and pine nuts. .

These are all the achievements of Ji Yunfan.

It's also rare that he can bring different snacks every time he comes over. Jiang Mu really admires Ji Yunfan for this, but she can't understand Ji Yunfan's operations.

Looking at the newly brought little cake, Jiang Mu glanced at Wen Ru, and then at Ji Yunfan, who was in the dust, and listened to Jian Qi said, "How come you said it was such a coincidence, Xiao Ru still wanted to eat the little cake last night. , You brought it here."

"I remember that Wen Ru liked to eat these soft and sweet little cakes when he was a child, and because he ate too many little cakes, he broke his teeth and cried and cried and said that he would never eat them again."

Recalling the past, Ji Yunfan's face also has a smile.

"No, I also remembered that Xiaoru's teeth were all black when she ate cakes, so she would not let her eat them, and she would hide them. Every time she hid them either to you or to her small room. I eat secretly in bed, and every morning I find crumbs on the bed."

Jianqi couldn't help but smile when she recalled it.

Wen Ru's expression was not so good, and a pillow was thrown at Ji Yunfan, "Do you think you have been too idle these two days? There is no case in the police station for you to investigate? Even if there is none in the police station In the case, have you found out about our kidnapping? Has the person who should be arrested been caught?"

Ji Yunfan keenly received the pillow, "It seems that you are recovering well."

"So, did anyone catch it?" Wen Ru continued to ask.

"Qian Long caught it, but..." He looked at Jiang Mu.

"Qianlong is just a crap, isn't it?" Jiang Mu was already suspected. After listening to Ji Yunfan's investigation results, Jiang Mu was able to confirm it. It is absolutely impossible to say that Qian Changan did not participate in this matter.

Ji Yunfan nodded, "However, there is no evidence."

"It's useless." Wen Ru complained.

Ji Yunfan almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. Is this a useful or useless question?

"Qian Long is quite loyal to his uncle." Jiang Mu mocked.

"He won't be able to resist for long." Ji Yunfan also hated Qian Long very much.

"Naturally, he can't resist it for long. He is carrying it like this now, but he just thinks that his good uncle will help him. After all, the other party is rich in money and may have some connections. If you dredge up and down, what will happen in the end? , No one knows."

"He can't think about it! Uncle Ji is the director, dare to do things under his nose? Don't kill him!" Wen Ru admired Ji Shanhe relatively.

Jiang Muxings eyes were slightly cold, Sister Wen is right. As long as Qian Longs expectations are broken, he will naturally not resist.

Wen Ru put his chin in one hand, acting like a theater, "Mu Mu, are you going to do something?"

(End of this chapter)

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