Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man Chapter 686

Chapter 686: 686 Conflict

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Chapter 686 686 Obstacles to Development

It is necessary to do things.

Jiang Mu recovered quickly. Although he was a bit heavier than Wen Rus injury, he was discharged from the hospital with her.

Zhao Yue is worried and wants her to stay for a while. If she feels sick, there is a doctor in the hospital who can treat her in time.

However, Jiang Mu performed a one-handed hacking of the bedside table in front of her, saying that she was in good health, and Zhao Yue went through the discharge procedures in silence.

Oh, I paid for a bedside table when I went through the procedures.

Qian Changan was a little restless in the past two days. He knew that his nephew was taken by the police. His target was only Jiangs subscription card. It was inconvenient for him to do this, so he gave it to his nephew, but he didnt expect it to happen. Will develop to this point.

He comforted Qian Long and promised many benefits, which stabilized him.

After leaving the police station, he couldn't help but yell at him, Qian Long is really an idiot! Let him get the subscription card, why did he kidnap someone!

Even the daughter of Wens family dared to kidnap her. Isnt this a pitfall?

Wenjia can anyone move?

Wen Ren is an old fox, and his personal connections are not comparable to that of a securities manager. This time his daughter was implicated, how could he do nothing?

Qian Changan was very disturbed. For the first few days, even when he was working, he was in a trance. It was just that after a few days, there was no movement, so he calmed down a lot.

Wens family is indeed very prominent in the Shanghai stock market, with a wide network of contacts, and a lively way. However, Wens business is in industry, and his business is in finance. Not to mention that the two are irrelevant and not much different.

Wen Jia's success can't stretch it so long.

The more Qian Changan thought about it, the more stable his heart was. In addition, the police did not continue to report any unfavorable news from him. He thought that this incident would just pass.

Except for the loss of the company due to the wrong decision-making on the subscription certificate, which caused him to be reprimanded, made difficult, and even demoted, there is really no fatal crisis.

Now for him, the unemployment crisis is more serious.

This decision error made him change from a general manager to a securities manager, and from a person in charge of a company to a person in charge of a project. Naturally, he is not in the same position as his previous position.

Not to mention other salary packages.

People are used to staying high, accustomed to being high, and suddenly falling, naturally they cannot accept it.

After suffering all kinds of arguments from colleagues in the company, the same ignorance, as well as the boss's making things difficult, Qian Changan decided to regain the position of general manager in the shortest time.

Although he is still just a securities manager, after all, he has been a leader for so many years, and he knows more about the situation in the company than the current airborne leader.

If you want to get back your position, you must make some achievements. It should not be a small performance, but the kind of performance that can shock big leaders.

The most direct thing is to create profits for the company.

Stocks have become the latest industry in the Shanghai stock market, and the industry with the fastest money.

Since the country has liberalized the rise and fall of stocks, anyone who enters and exits the stock market, whether it is a small test or a let-off, has basically made a lot of money, but only earns more and less.

Naturally, there are also those who are weak-willed, too greedy, and lose their money.

The four large securities companies in the Shanghai stock market are overcrowded every day. Many people are greedy by the stock market's earnings. Seeing that others are making money, they think they can make money. Some people have made a fortune before and tasted the sweetness, so they naturally want to continue.

The four securities companies are naturally also fiercely competitive. The competition for customers is only one, and there is also a competition for profits.

As long as he can make enough profits for the company, he wont have to worry about his position.

As a securities manager, he naturally has a generous amount of funds in his hands.

In order to make a blockbuster and earn enough money for the company, Qian Changan bothered to find a subscription card.

Yes, if you want to manipulate the stock market and want to buy stocks, you must first have a subscription certificate, otherwise, you will not even be eligible to buy.

Its just that the subscription certificates on the market are too difficult to buy.

Dont say that a certificate is hard to find, its almost the same.

At least 5,000 yuan for a book, and 500,000 yuan for a 100-numbered book!

500,000 in 1992, that is not something ordinary people can get.

Actually, according to regulations, it is impossible for a securities company to have a subscription certificate. Otherwise, how does the company operate? How to drive?

However, because of Qian Changans wrong decision, except for the part that the company bought, he sold all the rest of the apportionment, so that they can only watch other companies make a big profit, in the stock market. There is nothing but the desperate need of their company.

No way, their subscription proved to be very limited.

For this reason, even if Qian Changan is a securities manager, he does not have enough subscription certificates for him to use.

And now, if he wants to make a blockbuster, the first thing is to get a large number of subscription certificates in the shortest time, otherwise, even if he has great ability, no amount of ideas, there is nothing to do.

(End of this chapter)

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