Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man Chapter 687

Chapter 687: 687 Hehe, let's do it

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Chapter 687 687 Hehe, let's do it

For a week, Qian Changan didnt get any results. Not to mention a hundred subscription certificates on the market, even single sheets were hard to find. Qian Changans anxious mouth was blistered.

Especially seeing that colleagues in the company have created huge profits for the company, but he has done nothing. Qian Changan is more like an ant on a hot pot, rushing round and round.

Seeing that the position of the general manager becomes more stable, but he has not made any progress, how could Qian Changan not be in a hurry?

Under such circumstances, he no longer wants to buy a hundred consecutive number of subscription certificates, as long as there are, no matter what the number is, he wants it.

In this way, when new stocks are listed, he is eligible to participate in the drawing, and if he is drawn, he is eligible to enter this battlefield.

Its just that the unrecognized subscription certificate is very risky. It is very possible that a large sum of money is spent and the last one is not selected. Then these subscription certificates are just a piece of waste paper.

If it is a one-hundred-numbered card, no matter how you draw, you cant run out of these 100 numbers and you will be drawn no matter how you draw.

However, in this situation, Qian Changan has no patience to pay attention to so much, so he can buy it, regardless of whether it is a single sheet or a serial number!

Qian Changans strategy is very effective. It has been quite effective in just one day. There are nearly 100 subscription certificates in his hand, which are just a lot of repeated numbers. However, he is already very happy to have such results.

Facts have proved that you still need to be flexible, just a little change in the rules, there has been no progress, there will be breakthroughs.

It seems like a lot of bad luck a while ago. Since the subscription certificate had a good start, the things that followed went smoothly to make Qian Changan smile every day, even in the face of the yin and yang of his colleagues, he can keep smiling. .

His change also caused many colleagues in the company to discuss.

No way, Qian Changans change is really too great.

When he is a big leader, he is the kind of self-respecting temperament, no one is allowed to rebel against him, and no voices different from him are allowed in the company.

Only those who flatter and obey him can be in position, but employees who disagree with him will not be promoted and reused.

Long time like this, naturally many people are very dissatisfied with him.

This kind of dissatisfaction was naturally held in his heart when he was the general manager, and everyone would not say anything. However, when Qian Changan fell from a height and became an employee of his own level from the general manager, everyone would naturally no longer have to. Forbeared.

For a time, more than half of the company's people fell into trouble.

Everyone vented all the grievances accumulated in the past. At the beginning, Qian Changan was still angry and felt humiliated, but he had to endure it. Everyone looked very relieved.

These are all the sins and sufferings they have suffered, and now he has suffered it again, and he can only say, who has been spared by the heavens.

But, such a arrogant person suddenly changed his complexion. What's the tricky thing in it?

Could it be that he changed his temper? Already confessed?

how can that be?

If a persons personality is really that easy to change, Qian Changan would have changed a long time ago, and he wont wait until now.

The only explanation is that he has a new plan, which is enough to change his current situation.

There are many people in the company who have such guesses.

Someone even revealed this speculation to the newly appointed general manager, but the other party just smiled, and there was no worry at all, as if Qian Changan was not in his eyes at all.

The person who came to report was very puzzled, Dont you worry that Qian Changan really does something big and let the people above him promote him again?

"Hehe, if he really has that ability, I can abdicate and let him be virtuous." The general manager said lightly and brought this topic away.

(End of this chapter)

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