Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1557

Chapter 1555 Lanxin Company Encountered A Crisis

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The conversation with the reporter was quite enjoyable.

The interview lasted for about half an hour. The reporters got the news that a certain filmmaker and his lover appeared secretly at the airport. Ever since the filmmaker entered the entertainment industry, there had been few scandals surrounding him, so this news had great news value.

In the end, since Wen Xinya was not a member of the entertainment industry although her news was worth digging, she was not more entertaining than the gossip of the celebrities.

So, Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan got away smoothly.

Wen Xinya was awakened by her phone ringing.

"Hello, Im Wen Xinya!"

On the plane, Wen Xinya did not sleep well. She woke up after about an hour. Because her sleep amount was severely inadequate, Wen Xinya was extremely tired. After returning to Capital city, she met up with Grampy and Grandpa briefly before returning to Mount Li to sleep.

She planned to sleep for three days and three nights.

On the phone came Yan Shaoqings voice. "Missy, have you returned?"

Yan Shaoqings speaking speed was very fast and his tone was very urgent. Obviously, he had something very important to tell her.

Wen Xinyas brain received a very violent and turbulent sobering up. "I just returned to the country, what happened? Is Lanxin Companys listing not going smoothly?"

Yan Shaoqings temperament was usually tepid, restrained, and stubborn. There were few things that could mess up his cool, and because of that, she entrusted the management rights of Lanxin Company to him, letting him manage the entire Lanxin Company for her.

And he did not disappoint her. Lanxin Companys development going so smoothly was due to his contributions.

She rarely heard Yan Shaoqings anxious tone, therefore something must have happened to the company.

When Yan Shaoqing heard her voice, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and his face relaxed. "Missy, you have to listen to me seriously, the listing of Lanxin Company has been postponed because Ou Yangfeng found out that a multinational company has been absorbing stocks issued by our company to the market. The other party now has 20% of Lanxin Companys shares."

The other party had been very secretive, even managing to get away under his and Zheng Yifans nose. If not for the financial genius Ou Yangfeng, who had an innate sensitivity to the stock market and found the abnormalities in Lan Xin Companys stock market, raising his vigilance, no one would have realized.

It had been ten days since the discovery of this incident. Although he and Zheng Yifan both had the power to make major decisions in the company, this incident was too significant and had a very strong impact on Lanxin Company, thus it was not easy for them to make decisions.

Lanxin Companys biggest BOSS was Wen Xinya, who was in Milan participating in one of the most important jewelry design competitions in her life. He knew that jewelry design had always been Wen Xinyas dream and naturally, he did not dare to tell her about this earlier and distract her.

Therefore, defensive measures had been taken during this period of time. Although the defensive measures were rather passive, fortunately, they effectively blocked the other party from absorbing Lanxin Companys stocks. The situation was not too serious.

However, it had reached a point for high alertness.

Sitting on the bed, Wen Xinya immediately got up with a sharp look. "They want to launch a vicious acquisition of Lanxin Company."

Lanxin Company was not listed yet, but not only was it a leading domestic company, but it also had a very good prospect for sustainable development. Both the companys skincare products and health care brands had strong national characteristics. These national characteristics could not be copied or imitated, making them the most attractive enterprise for multinational corporations.

Yan Shaoqing replied with a heavy heart, "At present, it seems that this is the case. Lanxin Company is a start-up enterprise, and enterprises are supported by the state. The other party cannot acquire Lanxin Company openly and can only secretly absorb us. The stocks on the market brought the shares up to 30% to 50%, making it a vicious acquisition of Lanxin Company."

Fortunately, they found it quite early. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

Wen Xinyas face turned dark and her voice extremely cold. "Looks like this multinational company is very powerful, far from what we can compete with, and they have a good set of corporate acquisitions. They do not seem to do such mergers and acquisitions often. Rather, they invite investment companies that make acquisitions and mergers to collaborate."

Wen Xinya deeply despised this type of vicious acquisition!

This act of stealing the results of others in an underhanded method was like the act of a bandit.

Ever since the establishment of Country Z more than 70 years ago, so many state-owned enterprises had worked hard to start a business with strong technical capabilities, a strong sense of competitiveness, long-term market developments. Yet, they were all persecuted by foreign multinational companies and had to give up, their skills and painstaking efforts all robbed from them.

Yan Shaoqing heard her resentment and sighed slightly. "Although the country has been harshly controlling vicious acquisitions in recent years, such abusive behaviors are still emerging. Lanxin Company is not the first victim and will not be the last. Fortunately, we discovered it early. Lanxin Company is strong, and we have a financial genius, Ou Yangfeng. Thus, we will survive this difficult time."

Despite saying so, Yan Shaoqing knew very clearly that Lanxin Company was experiencing its greatest and fiercest danger since its establishment.

Taking a deep breath, Wen Xinya suppressed her wrath. "Can you find out which multinational company wants to buy Lanxin Company?"

Wen Xinya always believed that to fight a battle, you needed to know your enemy. Now that the foreign multinational company had put their sharp swords on their necks, they needed to know who their enemies were.

Whether it was the stocks market or a battlefield, this was a taboo to her.

Yan Shaoqing said, "The actions of the other party are very secretive, we have not been able to detect that for the time being. Ou Yangfeng is staring at Lanxin Companys stock market movements. Once the other party makes a move, he will be able to detect the clues."

When the first sign abnormality in the stock market was detected, the company was in a mess because Lanxin Company had never experienced such a thing. It was difficult to stabilize the situation, and once they did, they missed the best timing to investigate on the other party.

This incident also served as a wake-up call for Yan Shaoqing. Lanxin Companys development had been stable and fast. Whether it was their health care products or their skincare products, because of the concept of using Chinese medicine, the market was not too competitive, thus they could rapidly accumulate strength. But such a steady and rapid development had brought about the employees lack of ability to face crises and the insufficient responses to vicious market events.

If Lanxin Company went public like that, it may only face more problems in the future.

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