Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1561

Chapter 1559 Wen Xinya Im Back

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Chu Jingnan stood before the huge glass window with a glass of red wine in his hand. He was wearing a lead ash Armani suitthe thin material had a matt glow which made the color look obscurely elegant and the low key extravagance and simple cutting seemed to be rid of any complication, left with only classiness which neednt especially flaunt its value, yet silently radiated an extremely fine taste.

Chu Jingnan had always been an extremely outstanding man. Living for almost four years abroad had gotten rid of all his rough edges and floppiness, making his quality even more obscure and cultivated, just like the red wine in his handits tannins bitterness had been through years of storage, its aroma had been through brewing, its texture had been stabilized, and its taste had been fermented by time, making it exquisite yet elegant.

He looked down at the scenery and at this instant, it was as if the entire city was beneath his feet and everyone became ants. This was how awesome it felt to be looking down from way above.

"Wen Xinya, Im back!" Chu Jingnan sneered and suddenly pushed his head back, gulping the red wine in his hand.

He could still remember just how ruthless and heartless this woman was then.

Previously, when the Ai Shang Groups products were being launched at the Wen Corporation, the Xiao Family had wanted to make use of Yang Ziyu to attack the Wen Familys stance. She had single-handedly plotted for the exposure of his identity as the illegitimate child of the Xiao Family and made him lose almost all of his reputation. The Xiao Family had also given him up for the sake of their reputation by giving him a huge sum of money and sent him abroad.

He had worked hard in America to complete his studies and amassed a huge sum of money by investing the money that the Xiao Family had given him. After he graduated, he had entered a rather well-known investment company in America. Not only did this investment company invested in stocks, funds, and bonds, it would also accept some international cases for mergers and acquisitions.

America was an opportunistic country where capable people would be rewarded, unlike China where experience was considered in addition to ability and people were often oppressed. Thus, he had risen through the ranks rapidly through his capabilities and became the manager of the company.

This time, he had returned because the company had accepted an international companys case to acquire Chinas health supplements brands. He was one of the main people in charge of this acquisition.

Just then, polite knocks on the door sounded.

Chu Jingnan instantly tidied up his wild ambitions and turned into that gentlemanly and charismatic Chu Jingnan. "Come on in!"

The door to the room was pushed open by a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black mini uniform that hugged her tall frame, and her voluptuous figure made her look very sexy.

Chu Jingnan asked, "Jenny, whats up?"

Jenny was a partner that the company sent over to assist him with the acquisition. At the same time, she was filling in as his assistant.

Jenny passed a set of documents to Chu Jingnan. "Manager Chu, this is from the headquarters. Its some information regarding the meeting with the Nanshan Company later."

The Nanshan Company was a health supplements brand that was in fourth place locally.

Chu Jingnan received the information and his gentle fingers accidentally brushed over Jennys palm. "Okay, I got it."

The client this timean international company which was a world-renowned tycoonwas also involved in health supplements brands. The other party had targeted Chinas health supplements market and had wild ambitions of monopolizing the entire health supplements brands market.

Thus, they now needed to acquire the top five health supplements brands in China.

The other partys intention was to abandon all the local brands in China, launch their own health supplements in the market using the acquired companies, and monopolize the entire health supplements market.

It was very cruel and violent.

The other party had said that money wasnt an issue and that outcome was key.

The gentle sensation of his fingers made Jenny blush and hastened her heartbeat as she stared dreamily at Chu Jingnan, who was browsing the documents.

Chu Jingnan felt her scorching gaze, raised his head, and looked at Jenny. "Is there anything else?"

His focused gaze made it seem like he only had eyes for you when he looked at you.

Jennys heart beat ferociously as she hurriedly calmed herself down and said, "Previously, youd asked me to check on the mastermind behind the Lanxin Company. Currently, theres no outcome yet. Do we still proceed as planned?"

Chu Jingnan frowned slightly and said, "Continue the investigation. Ive gotta discuss with the international company if well still proceed as planned."

It seemed like this Lanxin Company was more complex than he thought.

Jenny smiled and said, "Okay, I got it."

After Jenny left, Chu Jingnan threw the documents in his hands onto the glass tea table and sank into his thoughts.

The international company wanted to enter Chinas health supplements market and the local top five health supplements companies were all insignificant stepping stones for the international companys ambitious aim of monopolizing Chinas health supplements market.

However, it was with the exception of Lanxin Company!

The international company was extremely interested in the Lanxin Company, especially the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products and health supplements produced by their company. The international company had even spent huge sums of money and hired a professional research team to conduct countless analyses on Lanxin Companys skincare products and health supplements. The conclusion was that their skincare products and health supplements were all completely natural and made up of organic traditional Chinese herbs and their essences. The effects of their products were far superior to the top skincare products and health supplements in the world currently.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was still medicine, and medicine was partly poisonous.

However, their formulas maximized the complementing and contradicting qualities of all herbs, making their products gentle, irritant-free, and were even effective for health maintenance.

Seeing its huge potential, the international company had exhausted countless manpower, resources, and finances, wanting to decipher their formulas. However, they had still failed eventually.

This time, while representing the international company in its acquisition of the local health supplements brands, he also had the task of working out a merger or cooperation with Lanxin Company.

However, he couldnt act.

Because, while checking on the background of Lanxin Company, the mastermind behind Lanxin was kept behind the scenes. Thus, he had no choice but to order for the secret acquiring of Lanxin Companys initial public stocks. On one hand, it was to test the reaction of Lanxin, and on the other hand, it was for future preparation. Once the merger or cooperation talks fell through, they would do the unexpected move of viciously acquiring Lanxin Company by force.

This was double preparation.

However, if he couldnt find out the real identity of the other party, he would be hindered in terms of negotiating for a merger or cooperation.

As a Chinese, he was better at scheming than foreigners. His principles all along were to plan before acting and to strike only when confident of winning. Thus, when he wasnt sure of who the enemy was, he wouldnt act recklessly.

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