Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 673

Chapter 677 Changle's Operation

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Chapter 677 Changle’s Operation

Time was fleeting. It was already the middle of November.

Nothing unusual happened in the first half of this month. The only thing that Song Yunxuan kept in mind was the time of Gu Changle’s operation.

Shao Tianze had found a suitable organ for her operation.

Song Yunxuan didn’t expect that her heart could only beat for such a short time in Gu Changle’s body.

It had only been two years at most.

Song Yunxuan felt strange, but she could understand it to some extent. During the year after Gu Changle had had the heart transplant operation, she did bring lots of trouble to her.

When Tan Yi had fixed a date for Gu Changle’s operation, he had informed Song Yunxuan of it.

He said that the operation would be on November 22th in the City Hospital.

Song Yunxuan checked the calendar and found that there were still five days before the operation.

Thus she held her horses and watched the Shao enterprise striving to survive under the pressure of the Lu Family and the Song Family.

When the meeting was over in the afternoon, Lu Feng went to Song Yunxuan’s office by himself and laid some papers on Song Yunxuan’s desk, saying, “I think it’s a feasible scheme.”

Song Yunxuan took the papers over, leafing through them and nodding, “I second that.”

“But don’t you think it’s strange for the Chu Family to play up to you at the moment?”

Lu Feng sat in the wheelchair, tapping the handle.

Song Yunxuan replied with a smile, “They and I are families.”

“But now you are my fiance.”

Song Yunxuan stroked her belly with her fingers, replying, “It doesn’t matter whose fiance I am. As long as I am carrying the Chu Family’s child, thats be enough.”

Lu Feng couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, “You are really good at scheming.”

“Who doesn’t live on scheming? Right?”

Lu Feng felt Song Yunxuan’s words made sense, but he didn’t want to nod. Instead, he changed the topic, “I heard that Gu Changle would have a transplant operation again.”

“You are really well-informed.” Song Yunxuan couldn’t help teasing Lu Feng.

Lu Feng appeared humble, “Not as well as you. You know whatever the Shao Family does every day, right?”

“You are exaggerating. But if anything big goes on, I will know it more or less.”

Song Yunxuan seemed to be relaxed. However, it made Lu Feng completely understand how bad the relationship between Song Yunxuan and the Shao Family was.

If their relationship had been a little bit better, Song Yunxuan wouldn’t have known what happened to the Shao Family so well.

“Did you plant your men in the Shao Family?” Lu Feng asked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Now I’ve only got two families, who are my second elder sister and my elder brother. Tell me who I could plant in the Shao Family.”

Seeing that she played dumb, Lu Feng stopped asking any further.

But after remaining silent for a while, he still wondered, “You seem to have a private grudge against Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.”

Song Yunxuan smiled as she didn’t expect Lu Feng to ask such questions, “What grudge?”

“That’s what I am asking you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “If I tell you, you may not believe my words. How about guessing it first? I’ll see if you are close to it.”

Lu Feng rubbed his brows, saying, “I can’t make wild guesses at it. Tell me if you want to. If not, I’ll ask no further.”

Lu Feng didn’t intend to push Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan said, “What grudge can I have? It’s just about interests and…”

When hearing Song Yunxuan mentioning the word interests, he did not doubt her words.

Businessmen valued interests. As long as they could profit from it, they would surely want to set foot in it.

The great Shao Family began to decline bit by bit since Shao Tianze took over the company after Gu Changge died, so it was normal for people to covet the family.

Not only Song Yunxuan, but Lu Feng also wanted to get hold of it.

But Song Yunxuan did not make her move on Shao Tianze only because of the interests.

Hearing that Song Yunxuan didn’t finish her words, Lu Feng wore a serious face, waiting for Song Yunxuan to continue.

Song Yunxuan said, “Song Yunjia was my own eldest sister no matter what. Though she always cold-shouldered me, now she died. I have to revenge for her, no matter for the Song Family or myself.”

Lu Feng had run a check on the Song Family once again these days and knew that Song Yunjia died in unexplained circumstances.

“You suspect the Shao Family of killing Song Yunjia?”

“My eldest sister was willing to do anything for Shao Tianze when she was alive. If Shao Tianze hadn’t hurt her, how could she have died this decisively?”

Lu Feng replied, “But judging from results of the investigation offered by the police, your eldest sister committed suicide.”

“When I get even with Shao Tianze, I’ll let him tell me how my eldest sister died.”

Lu Feng was relieved.

Song Yunxuan unfolded the papers Lu Feng handed over and signed her name. Then she handed the papers and a pen to Lu Feng.

After Lu Feng took them, he also signed his name on the signature area.

“In this way, we will be doing trade with the Chu Family.”

“Now Shao Tianze has got three rivals, the Lu Family, the Song Family, and the Chu Family. I’ll wait and see how much longer he can hang on.”

Hearing Lu Feng’s words, Song Yunxuan smiled, “So will I.”

Shao Tianze tossed the papers onto the desk.

The big noise made his secretary quiver.

Shao Tianze frowned, ordering, “Get Jin Tian from the Sales Department here.”

Hearing that, the secretary immediately went out and brought over the director of the Sales Department, Jin Tian.

Jin Tian was not very tall. He was more than forty years old and experienced in the workplace. He didn’t work here before. When a complete change in the leadership occurred in the Shao enterprise, Shao Tianze fired the former director of the Sales Department administered by Gu Changge and poached the veteran salesman Jin Tian from another company.

Before entering Shao Tianze’s office, Jin Tian had had a nasty feeling.

Just as expected, as soon as he called President Shao, Shao Tianze tossed the sales figures on Jin Tian’s face.

Jin Tian’s glasses had been knocked askew by the papers.

He knew that his superior’s temper was at boiling point, so he asked Shao Tianze sensibly, “President Shao, what’s going on?”

Seeing that Jin Tian kept calm and had no idea what happened, Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes, saying icily, “You have no idea what happened at all?”

“President Shao…” Jin Tian didn’t know what to say.

Shao Tianze snapped, “Take a look at this month’s performance. I let you administer the Sales Department. See what you’ve done!”

Shao Tianze’s blood boiled.

Seeing that, Jin Tian immediately picked up the sales report of this season and read the statistics.

The more he read, the more embarrassed he was.

Shao Tianze paid a lot of money to poach him.

No boss would be happy to see such poor performance conducted by someone he hired by paying a large sum of money.

Jin Tian frowned, adjusted his glasses, and replied with embarrassment, “President Shao, please let me explain it.”

Shao Tianze put on a long face, not speaking.

Jin Tian ventured, “President Shao, please read all the sales reports of the Shao enterprise. Our performance has been improving in the past three years. Besides, when President Gu was alive, the YER electronic products of our company have occupied 60% of the market share of the relevant products. But over the past 12 months, it has declined evidently.”

Hearing that, Shao Tianze knitted his brows, “So you mean my ineptitude led to the yearly decline of the Shao enterprise’s market share. It’s all my fault?”

Shao Tianze’s words made Jin Tian sweat on the forehead.

No matter how Jin Tian tried to exculpate himself, he dared not to blame Shao Tianze for all.

Jin Tian immediately corrected himself, “No, no, no. President Shao, that’s definitely not what I meant.”

Shao Tianze sneered, “Who else could you blame? Tell me.”

Jin Tian said, “President Shao, Guo Yuyue and the Tan Family were used to be our right-hand men. And the promotion of our brand was basically conducted by Guo’s company.”

Guo Yuyue did put a lot of effort into the Shao enterprise.


“What’s the point of mentioning that? Guo Yuyue has left our company and been away for a long time. Now your sales performance is bad. Are you saying you want me to invite Guo Yuyue from abroad?”

Everyone in the Shao enterprise knew that Guo Yuyue left the Shao enterprise because she had a grudge against Shao Tianze. And it could be said that she fired her boss.

It was impossible for Guo Yuyue to return to the Shao enterprise, and Shao Tianze hated her guts.

Jin Tian answered, “No. President Shao, I know our performance is declining, and we have a heavy responsibility. But the Promotion Department and even the R&D Department also should be blamed.”

Jin Tian’s words successfully dragged the Promotion Department and the R&D Department into the mire.

Shao Tianze frowned, snapping, “Get them here.”

Jin Tian felt relieved. He was surely willing to get them all here. Anyway, he wouldn’t be the only one to be scolded.

Everyone could see that the Shao enterprise was declining bit by bit.

Jin Tian could not stop it and didn’t want to be the only scapegoat. He must get the heads of the other two departments here to share the blame.

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