Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 675

Chapter 679 Illusions

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Chapter 679 Illusions

Hearing Lu Feng, a faint cold light flashed across Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

It was natural that Xue Tao was frightened of her because she had always played hardball on him.

If she hadn’t done that, how would Xue Tao have been frightened of her?

If not, how could her incompetent sister have survived in the Xue Family?

Song Yunxuan needed a family that could help her in the future.

Not a family that had always been against her.

For this purpose, she would not allow Xue Tao to disrespect her.

Song Yunxuan smiled and turned to Lu Feng, “My brother-in-law perhaps is not afraid of me. He just respects me.”

Lu Feng could not help laughing, “He doesn’t just respect you. He is very respectful to you.”

Lu Feng had keen eyes. He could tell that Xue Tao was afraid of Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan must have done something to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be afraid of her that much.

Seeing Lu Feng was thinking about it, Song Yunxuan walked outside the hospital on her own.

It was gradually darkening. Through the glass door of the hospital hall, they saw the branches that were almost blown broken outside.

Song Yunxuan looked at the sky and said with a smile, “It seems that it’s going to be cold again.”

“After all, it’s November. The new year is around the corner.”

“The New Year…”

Song Yunxuan’s face hardened, seeming it reminded her of something.

Noticing that she was lost in thought, Lu Feng asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Called by Lu Feng, Song Yunxuan responded, “Nothing.”

It was nothing. She just recalled last year.

Chu Mochen was here for her last new year. But now he was gone.

Song Yunxuan stepped out of the hospital hall.

The cold wind was blowing, cutting her face like a knife.

The assistant helped Lu Feng get in the car.

Song Yunxuan got in the car after him.

The car started. Lu Feng asked Song Yunxuan, “Would you like to have dinner with me at my place tonight?”

“If I say yes, I’m afraid I can’t go back tonight.”

“Yes, the weather forecast says there’s a little snow tonight.”

“Is it getting cold too early this year? Snowing at November?”

“It’s not too early.”

Lu Feng answered.

Looking out of the window, Song Yunxuan fell quiet for a long time.

Lu Feng thought she might accept his invitation. Unexpectedly, when they stopped at a red light, Song Yunxuan suddenly said, “I’d better come home.”

Lu Feng was somewhat surprised, “I won’t eat you at my house. You’re pregnant.”

“That’s why I want to go home. I’m tired.”

Lu Feng could not argue with her and force her to go to his house.

Thinking about Song Yunxuan’s baby was not his and he was going to be the father of someone else’s child, he sighed, “As you wish.”

Then he ordered the driver to send Song Yunxuan home and then to drive back to his own house.

When Song Yunxuan got home, she went into her bedroom and rubbed her mid-brows on the sofa.

The housekeeper noticed Song Yunxuan was tired. She served her warm milk, “Here you are, Miss Song.”

“I’m fine. Leave me alone. It’s okay.”

Song Yunxuan shut her up before she made a big fuss.

The housekeeper sighed and got out of the room.

When the housekeeper went out, Song Yunxuan put her fingers down from her eyebrows.

She found her mobile phone and opened up the Calendar app.

In an accident, she saw a financial magazine with a cover of Chu Mochen on the nightstand.

Song Yunxuan was stunned for a second.

After a while, she took the magazine over. She pursed her lips and touched the face of Chu Mochen on the cover.

Unconsciously, Chu Mochen had already been gone for a long time. In the past few months, Chu Mochen was not here for her.

But she had thought of him from time to time subconsciously.

If only Chu Mochen could have been here.

She was in the first trimester of pregnancy.

In a few months, their baby would come.

If Chu Mochen had been still alive, he must be happy to see their baby.

She placed the magazine back and gently touched her belly with her fingers.

Her flat belly had a slight change.

It would be showing soon.

It would swell.

She would get terrible morning sickness.

At that time, Chu Mochen would not be here for her.

Wasn’t it a duty that a husband should be there for his pregnant wife?

Why couldn’t he do that?

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes and slightly clenched her fingers. Every time she thought of Chu Mochen, she felt hurt in her heart.

It was gradually darkening outside.

The cloud was dense, and the wind began to roar.

It blew the curtains and made a sound.

The housekeeper recalled that the window in Song Yunxuan’s room was still open. She knocked on the door and said, “Miss Song, the window in your room is still open. It’s windy outside. Do you mind me closing them for you?”

Song Yunxuan sighed, “No, thank you. I can do it by myself.”

Hearing this, the housekeeper responded, “Sure, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan was not a spoiled lady who needed to be taken care of every minute. It was just a trifle.

She could do it on her own. There was no need to bother the housekeeper.

Moreover, she was blue and did not want to see anyone.

She stood up, walked to the window, and reached out her hand to the window.

When she was about to close the window, she saw a black limousine parked in the roaring wind at her doorway.

She was shocked. Did she just see what she saw?

She tried to identify harder, frowned.

The wind blew in from the window. It made her eyes open wide hard.

But she didn’t rub her eyes but made an effort to keep her eyes wide open. She looked straight at the car.

For no reason, she felt that Chu Mochen was in that car.

But if she chased out, he would disappear.

It was just like the last time. When she went out, the car was gone.

It was like a dream.

She grabbed the white handle of the window and stared at the car outside.

She had a feeling that the person in the car was also looking at her.

The familiar feeling fixed eagerness and fear.

She kept her eyes locked on the car in a daze motionlessly.

She lost the track of time until the housekeeper’s voice came through, “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan did not move.

The housekeeper did not hear Song Yunxuan’s response. She shouted, “Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan did not realize that the housekeeper was calling her. She was still looking out of the window.

The housekeeper became anxious. She opened the door with a backup key immediately.

The noise of opening the door shocked Song Yunxuan.

She turned to the door and found the housekeeper’s eyes.

The housekeeper apologized immediately, “I’m sorry, Miss Song. I called you several times outside the door, but you didn’t respond. I was worried about you so I opened the door with the backup keys.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes. She did not blame her but said, “Come here.”

The housekeeper walked up to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan said, “Look at that car. Does it look familiar?”

The housekeeper turned her head to the doorway as Song Yunxuan said.

But she frowned and asked in confusion, “Miss Song, there is no car.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan immediately checked the doorway.

Nothing was there. Just as the housekeeper said.

There was no car.

Tiny snowflakes were wrapped in the gusting wind. It seemed that everything she saw just now was a dream. It had never happened.

Thinking of this, she could not help clutching her fingers. Then she lowered her eyes and bit her lower lip.

The housekeeper noticed Song Yunxuan’s fluctuating mood. She asked Song Yunxuan with concern, “Miss Song, what’s wrong?”

Song Yunxuan answered with a smile, “Nothing.”

Although she said so, she griped the window handle so tight that the color of her fingers turned to be pale.

“Miss Song…” The housekeeper comforted her with a gentle voice, “If you’re tired, take some rest.”

Song Yunxuan closed the window and looked at the gloomy and wild sky. She answered, “Yes, I’m very tired.”

She was exhausted. Since Chu Mochen was gone, she had always felt tired.

If it wasn’t for Gu Yi and Miaomiao, who were in Shao Tianze’s hand, she almost forgot why she had been here.

“I need to rest. Leave me alone.”

The housekeeper nodded and got out of the bedroom.

After that, Song Yunxuan sat on the bed and rubbed her eyebrows.

She bit her lower lip tight.

She was having more and more hallucinations. She felt that Chu Mochen was alive.

She had visions that he would come back.

However, these were only illusions.

She whispered to herself, “He’s dead. He’s vanished. He’d never show up.”

Yes, Chu Mochen had been dead.

He was no longer existed and would never appear in this world.

She had convinced herself to accept the fact. But why it hurt even more when she thought about it? It seemed that a blade was cutting her heart into pieces.

Until her heart became a bloody pulp.

She couldn’t help shivering because of the pain.

She leaned back slightly, lying in bed, with warm tears in her eyes.

She turned her head, held her pillow, and buried her face in the pillow.

She didn’t want to cry.

But no matter how hard she tried, her tears came out eventually and fell on the white pillow.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she had to.

Chu Mochen’s death hurt her the most.

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