Records Of Barton’s Fantastical Events Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Unexpected

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"Its not bad." Benjamin smiled, "Matthew can stop worrying now."

Seeing Benjamins mood getting better, Zachs mood also improved. Thinking about it now, the interaction between two people usually didnt have any significant meaning. But from the moment they met on the battlefield, they both felt that having such a guy by their side would probably comfort their souls.

"Then I met Father Constantine." Zach started the next topic, the thing that made him have a bad mood.

Benjamin frowned and listened, "What does the Father mean by the change?"

"Everything," Zach said depressed. Contact with Constantine has only recently begun to become frequent. The two parties have been neighbors for such a long time, but they rarely communicated with each other. And at this moment when the work of the Grande family was changing rapidly, whether it was the work on the surface or the side business in the shadows, the priests words made the vampire worried.

Benjamin had already noticed the strangeness of the vampire, smiled, and shook his head, "Didnt you also answer him that the original intention would remain the same. Do you want to change?"

Zach looked at Benjamin, a friend, who could always mention the most critical point. Hesitation was one thing, just like the debate between heaven and hell. If the vampire didnt want to continue living as a Grande in Barton, what would he do? The Camarilla was already very merciful for not hunting him down. Did it mean he needed to throw himself into the arms of The Sabbat?

Zach emptied the glass with a smile, "Then James came."

Benjamin raised his eyebrows, because the excess hair had disappeared, the werewolfs expression was inexplicably funny, "James made up his mind?"

James said that the demon hunter should not continue to hunt the demon. This meant that the other party was no longer thinking about the problem from an ordinary humans perspective, but thinking about the problem from the perspective of maintaining the stability of the entire Barton. So in a way, he indeed made up his mind.

As for the demon hunter, although the vampire seemed to be involved in the target range of the demon hunter, Benjamin didnt care very much. As long as he hadnt come to mess with Grande, he would not care about it.

Seeing Benjamins indifferent attitude toward the Demon Hunter, Zach felt like his decision seemed to have received an affirmation. Yes, as long as he didnt come to mess with the Grande family, it would Crowlies business, so why did he need to care that much? And he was still guessing the identity of the other party, what a boring move.

"Then, it was purely unexpected." Zach smiled and took out a small stack of business cards and handed it to Benjamin.

Benjamin held the beef-cutting knife in one hand, and moved the business cards with his fork, looking at a name and address. Except for a few offices directly stated, most of the cards only had a number. It was very vague.

"What is this?" Benjamin frowned in confusion.

Zach began to talk about the party last night, the people in that small circle, and the projects they were running, and incidentally mentioned the new development of Quest.

Benjamin would naturally not be interested in Quest, but rather curious about the people in that circle, "We should treat Hank better." Benjamin smiled humorously.

"He already got the best treatment." Zach smiled. They never asked about this strange old mans past, and in exchange, Old Hank never asked about their past. It was just that when the vampire used the hypnotizing eyes on the dead old Grande, the strange old man waved his hand and said: Dont waste power on me, you just want Grandes name!

After the joke, Benjamins face was a bit gloomy. Zach sighed, just as he hesitated about whether he still wanted to live as Zachry Grande, Benjamin also had his own hesitation. The Grande family has taken a path that Alpha couldnt control. As Alpha, he was no longer alone. He had his own wolf pack, although there was only one Matthew.

Benjamin didnt know whether this would affect Matthew in a good way or a bad way.

"At least, we entered another area covered by shadows." Zach looked at Benjamin in a comforting manner. After explaining everyones business, Zach pointed to a few business cards, "We also have resources now. We are no longer alone. It would be more smooth in the future."

Benjamin nodded. In fact, after asking Matthew if he wanted to leave Barton, he made a decision. No matter what Grande would develop into, this was the home of Matthew and the home he, Benjamin, built. How could he just let it go!

So now Benjamin only felt gloomy for a moment, then he nodded with a smile, as if the future was bright.

The telephone rang.

Benjamin waved his hand, "Dont disturb me eating."

The discussion was over, Zach smiled and stopped harassing Benjamin, walked into the office, and answered the phone.


"Mr. Grande." An unfamiliar voice came from the receiver, "This is [Flamingo Sanatorium]."

Zach frowned. This was the only complete psychiatric treatment facility in Barton, and it didnt have any business with the Grande Funeral Home.

"Mister, one of our patients wants to speak to you, Pooky Quinn, I wonder if you would like to talk to him?" The unfamiliar female voice asked, showing no emotion. This was normal in a facility that restricted most of the freedom of the person, like a prison.

Zach frowned. "Does he say why he wants to talk to me?"

"Do you want to talk to him or not?" The other party asked back, a little impatient.

"Yes." Zach pouted his lips:

"Five minutes." The other party said indifferently, and then the noise of the receiver being handed to another person appeared.

"Grande." The male voice was extremely calm and indifferent.

"Mr. Quinn?" Zach asked uncertainly. After all, in his impression, Pookys voice was much louder and more intense than this.

"Its me, we need to talk."

"Five minutes," Zach repeated what the staff said, he didnt know why Pooky would contact him. What was even more strange was why Mrs. Quinn gave Pooky permission to communicate with the outside world. For a guy like Pooky who had too many secrets in his heart, it was too risky for him to communicate with others.

"You need to come to see me, we have enough time." The voice in the receiver remained calm.

"Why?" Zach was really puzzled.

"The old geezer gave me a chance to talk. But I can only talk to you." The other partys tone finally had hatred and fierceness, "Dont think I want to!"

Zach pursed his lips helplessly. He shouldnt have returned the diary to Mrs. Quinn. Anyway, it was out of goodwill, there was no need for him to think too much about this thing.

Zach chuckled lightly. "I will see when I have time."

Zach hung up the phone and couldnt help sharing this more unexpected incident before Benjamin had finished eating. Seeing Benjamins chuckle, Zach was very satisfied.

But, of course, it wouldnt be over. Zach returned to the office and called Quinn Manor. Although it was an inexplicable development, it was necessary to clarify Mrs. Quinns intentions.

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