Records Of Barton’s Fantastical Events Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Sanatorium

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Still avoiding the time when the sunlight was the strongest, Zach left the Grande house. Because Benjamin was not interested in chatting with Pooky Quinn, Zach was alone again.

Perhaps due to historical reasons, Barton’s urban structure has been fixed; Hermann’s factory on the border between the north and south was like a clear dividing line.

To the north of the border was the prosperous city expected by city builders. Of course, there were also abandoned places like Passing District and the southeast of the Northern District. To the south of the border were things that would not disturb the development of the thriving city, such as prisons, farms, and the ‘abnormal human treatment center’-[Flamingo Sanatorium].

Zach did not turn to Highway 27, but drove a short distance west and then headed north. If Zach remembered correctly, the Sanatorium should be at the end of the road.

Zach was right. When the flat field was blocked by green trees and the road changed from a dirt road to a gravel road, and then into a stone road paved with gravel, the sign of the sanatorium appeared in Zach’s vision. In the sound of the noisy truck, Zach drove into the Sanatorium.

Although Zach didn’t know what she was thinking. Mrs. Quinn must have come to visit her grandson after she got the diary from Zach. However, this process was definitely not very pleasant, at least it made Mrs. Quinn a little alert. We all knew that Pooky’s mind was not really problematic, but that he temporarily lost his judgment under the torment of a series of incomprehensible things.

The “imprisonment” with no freedom of life for more than two months has begun to make him reflect. The meaning of reflection was not confession, so Zach’s visit was actually after-sales service.

Although Mrs. Quinn restricted Pooky’s contact with the outside world, after discovering that this young man who had no methods to vent really had a tendency to go crazy, she did not want him to really go crazy and start spreading ‘rumors’.

Driving into the front yard of the Sanatorium hidden in the shadows of the trees, Zach frowned. He saw a car he didn’t want to see. This car once came to Grande and brought the circle of Rapayet to Grande.

Zach frowned, grasped the steering wheel, and drove to the parking space under the sign. Quest heard the sound behind him. Even if he ignored the creaking gravel road, he could not ignore the hum of the old truck engine. His face gloomily looked at the dirty car body in the rearview mirror.

When the two cars were parked side by side, Zach held the passenger’s seat with one hand, propped up his body, and leaned toward the Quest outside the window on the right, waving his left hand, “What a coincidence.”

Before Quest had time to say anything, Zach had retracted his body, and the height of the truck made Quest unable to see anything. After a while, the door bearing, which lacked lubrication made a slight, shrill sound, and it ended with a loud bang of metal impacting each other.

Quest had seen Zach’s head and half of his upper body exposed from the front of the truck from the front window, and he noticed that Zach walked towards the front of the Sanatorium without looking back. With his light posture on the stone steps, Quest couldn’t help but hit his own steering wheel.

Of course, he used his left hand. After all, his right hand was being wrapped around by bandages at the moment.

Zach rang the bell on the reception counter, and when the middle-aged female nurse showed up, Zach said blankly: “Grande, I’m here to visit Pooky Quinn.”

This was not the front desk of the hotel, nor the staff here were not serving Zach. Smile? No need.

The other party also gave Zach a blank expression, and didn’t say anything. She picked up the phone, said a few words coldly, and let Zach wait at the reception.

This waiting time was neither long nor short, which made the distracted vampire start to curiously guess the reason why Quest would be here. The door separating the reception from the real main building was pushed open, and a sturdy-looking male nurse glanced at Zach, “Grande?”

Zach nodded:

“Things.” The other party really didn’t want to waste a single second, and took the wooden box handed by the female nurse at the reception and placed it in front of Zach.

Zach frowned and looked at some wooden boxes that obviously had other people’s belongings. “How do you tell which one is mine?”

“Don’t you know yourself?” The male nurse replied coldly, and did not want to change the box.

Zach shook his head slightly and began to remove the small accessories from his body. Belt, pocket watch, sunglasses, wine bottle, wallet Then carefully move a string of peculiar bead necklaces in the wooden box, make a space, and put his own things in.

The male nurse curled his lips, handed back the wooden box, and signaled for Zach to spread his arms. Zach frowned and did so, and the other party’s palm patted down his body and nodded, “Come with me.”

The Sanatorium was much smaller than it looked from the outside. This was a strange way of describing it. No one would describe a building like that. However, in contrast to the interconnected woods on the outside, the corridor that was about to turn in every two steps inside the building seemed very crowded.

Zach was still following the male nurse. He could clearly feel that the relative straight-line distance the two had walked was only around 20 meters, and the 20 meters were still shortening!

This was like a spiral maze with countless branch roads, and the hearing of the vampire could sense people chatting in this strangely arranged room. This entire floor was mainly for the medical staff, they were either resting rooms or offices. The real floors for patients were either the upper floors or lower floors.

The male nurse pushed open a door in front of him, revealing the spiraling staircase. Like anyone who saw a spiraling staircase, Zach habitually raised his head. There were two levels.

Looking at the person who was wearing a white hospital gown, curiously poking half of his body out of the guardrail smirking at them, Zach guessed that their direction was heading down.

The male nurse frowned and picked up the whistle on his chest. His cheeks quickly bulged and retracted, then the sharp sound made Zach rub his ears. And the guy who just smirked at them was already like a frightened rabbit, retracted his body and squatted down.

Zach was amused when he noticed that the man pinched his own ears, trying to hide himself but failed miserably.

Shaking his head with a smile, Zach walked down with the male nurse who no longer cared about the guy.

Moving downwards, the light gradually dimmed, and the light blue emergency light did not provide much light. It was not until the male nurse opened a door again that the light became sufficient. Then the artificial lighting tools completely replaced the sunlight, and the layout of the building’s interior was finally clear at a glance.

This was not a basement, because the stone steps in front of the sanatorium have raised the first floor. To be honest, Zach didn’t quite understand the meaning of such architectural methods.

In the fairly wide corridor, the two kept moving forward, and Zach inevitably looked around the white rooms with curiosity. Occasionally, a strong male nurse pulled a bound and struggling person out of the room. Zach could see that the walls seemed to be covered with thick soft cushions, and the ground was covered with elastic black rubber.

The sharp contrast of color and the clear defined hedge of hard and soft texture, it made Zach wonder if the designer James admired got his inspiration from the psychiatric hospital room.

“Don’t look around.” The male nurse in front of him cast a glance at Zach, “They will bite.”

Zach raised his eyebrows and looked at the people walking by, with a black leather mask over their mouths. In fact, the biggest function of this mask was to prevent saliva from flowing out of the mouth of those people. Zach speculated maliciously.

A slight impact sound came from somewhere, which was different from the continuous soft noise from the soles of the two people walking on the concrete floor. It was dull and short, mixed with people’s gasps and struggles. Zach followed the sound curiously, but the nurse in front of him stopped, they had already reached the end of the corridor.

“We are here.” The male nurse looked to a white room and opened the door. Another male nurse, who had been sitting here at the beginning, stood up, holding a restraint suit in his hand.

After the two guards entered, Zach entered the room belonging to Pooky Quinn, smiling and watching the two strong men press Pooky to the bed and forcibly put on the restraint suit for him, and tie him onto the corner of the wall.

After that, the two male nurses left a cold sentence, “One hour.” Then he left and closed the door. Pooky leaned awkwardly on the soft corner of the bed, his body leaning against the same soft wall, his legs weakly diverging on the edge of the bed.

“Are you satisfied?” Pooky’s hair scattered on his forehead, and he didn’t seem to have any plans to sit up. Even if he did, with his hands completely bound now, it was a bit difficult for him to do it. So he just looked at Zach in this awkward posture.

Zach smiled and shook his head, and walked to Pooky, “I don’t have this hobby.” His hand directly pressed the struggling Pooky, frowned, and looked at the lock behind Pooky, “Sorry, a key is needed to unlock it.”

The person who invented this thing must be a genius. Zach ignored Pooky’s resistance, pulled the tight belt on his body, pulled him up, and helped him to stand still in the corner.

It was a pity that there was nothing in this room except the bed, and naturally, there were no chairs. Zach looked at the soft bed and frowned. If he sat down, he would not be able to face Pooky. Turning around, he wanted to knock on the door subconsciously, but found that his fingers touched a thick soft pad, and there was no knocking sound at all.

“How do you call people here?” Zach asked as if talking to himself.

“Yell loudly!” Pooky seemed to be answering Zach’s question.

Zach raised his eyebrows, and when he turned his head, his eyes were already red, “Call the nurse.”


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