Records Of Barton’s Fantastical Events Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Induce

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The two male nurses rushed into the room as if they had banged open the door. The first thing that appeared in their sight was Pooky Quinn, who suddenly forgot why he yelled. He was sitting on his own like a mermaid statue. On the bed, he opened his mouth wide, but the voice gradually decreased, and finally disappeared like a cat whimper, in his confused eyes.

Pooky closed his mouth and turned to Zach in the corner with the gazes of the two male nurses.

The vampire shrugged, “I helped him sit up. If this is wrong, I will keep my distance from him from now on.”

The two male nurses felt annoyed and were about to leave again.

“Wait, can you give me a chair?” Zach pointed to the single bed where Pooky was and made a very reasonable request.

The two male nurses glanced at each other, frowned, and pulled a chair from outside the door, “Don’t get close to him.”

“Sure.” Zach replied affirmatively, and immediately asked, “How do I tell you to let me out?”

“You can’t.” A male nurse replied coldly, “This is not designed for people to visit at all. One hour, when the time is up, we will let you out.”

Zach nodded in understanding. If a person did not want to cherish his own life and needed someone else to prevent him from committing suicide, then he was indeed not suitable for having any visitors.

It was just that Pooky obviously didn’t belong to this kind of person, he was just not allowed to contact anyone.

The door was closed again, and Pooky looked at Zach sitting in the nurse’s chair with a fierce expression, “Yes! You should stay away from me! Don’t touch me!”

Zach couldn’t help but curl his lips. This was a side effect of hypnotizing eyes. But he didn’t bother to explain. It was so easy to weld the false and true memories together. Hiding the true memory to elicit Pooky’s nature would save him a lot of time.

“You should cherish your hour.” Zach waved his hand, his eyes didn’t even want to see Pooky who was in a sorry state. He began to study the white soft wall, poking his fingers at the wall like playing, watching the recessed place rebound after he took back his fingers. “If it weren’t for Mrs. Quinn, I wouldn’t even want to come here.”

This was half the truth. The work of the funeral home had calmed down recently. Zach had a lot of time. He just didn’t know the news that Louise deliberately revealed in The Church Of God the Son (Grande will cooperate with Barton Prison and use the method of cremation) (today is the day the people from the church will arrive at the church of God the Son for maintenance) reached Crowlie’s ears.

For negotiation, Alpha was really not as good as the vampire.

“That old bitch!”

Zach glanced at Pooky, “She is your grandmother, you should show some respect.”

“She is a liar! A manipulative bitch! She thinks I don’t know! You are working for her! Respect? ! You just want her money!”

“Yes, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with this.” Zach smiled and looked at Pooky. He shook his head, “At least, you know what I want, but you can’t give me anything.”

Pooky’s face flushed red.

But soon, as if he thought of something, his blushing face returned to normal, he became calm, and sneered inexplicably, “You know nothing!”

Zach shook his head again.

“Are you talking about the fact that you have been poisoning your grandparents?” Zach looked at Pooky’s sudden livid face, “I know very well.” Zach raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Is it strange? Do you know the real burial place of your parents?”

Zach didn’t bother to wait for Pookey’s reply, “In the north section of the old Western Cemetery that Grande used to have.”

Zach waved his hand, showing a considerate expression, “At that time you were too young to know the gray areas of the real.”

“Stop!” Pooky stopped Zach coldly, “I don’t want to hear this! What’s the use of telling me this now!”

“We have an hour to kill, don’t we?” Zach smiled and said, “aren’t you curious why Ms. Quinn wanted me to come? Because I know everything. After telling you what you should know, you will continue to stay here until you can’t stand it anymore, Then I will come back again.”

“You!” Pooky glared at Zach, “You said you know everything!”

Zach shrugged, “I’m helping you to clear up your questions. But you want spoilers, I don’t mind telling you. My suggestion is that some things should not be written in the diary.”

Pookey’s face dropped.

Zach glanced at Pooky, turned his gaze away, and shook his head, “Do you know how ridiculous you are? Your Inan blood came from Mrs. Quinn. Although I don’t know where you got the voodoo-poison, your idea is too naive.”

Zach was ‘really’ ‘helping’ Pooky to clear his confusion. He wanted to use this to turn his attention away. Inan blood was a very handy thing.

The reason why he was doing this was very simple. If Pooky was very imaginative, he would surely associate Mrs. Quinn’s sudden recovery with the Grande. Zach didn’t want this to happen. Zach could trust Quinn and Barton, but in the current situation, even if he trusted them, it was still not enough.

As for Pooky, it was impossible for Zach to have any good feelings for this guy. If he could lead Pooky to think in another direction, no matter how he developed in the future, the vampire has laid an escape route for himself, because Alice also had Inan blood.

When saving Amanda, Mrs. Quinn also mentioned this, ‘The one who you really need to thank is Alice’. Zach did not deny nor admit it at that time.

“Who are you!” Pooky looked at Zach coldly. His voice was a little hoarse.

Zach waved his hand annoyingly, “Did you not listen to me? The Grand Family and Quinn have long been in a business relationship.” Zach showed a little helplessness,” of course, although we were silent for a while after my father moved to the southern district, thanks to you, we established our contact again. The only thing I did was to find your diary, and everything”

Zach smiled, and the rest, he wanted to let this guy, who really had a lot of time, think about it himself.

If it really didn’t do any good for the Grand family, Zach wouldn’t even bother to take this trip.

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