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Chapter 439: 3 Foot Golden Crow And Nail Head 7 Arrow Book

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"Second brother, don't worry, little brother saves it."

Qin Feng walked in the various elixir gardens opened by the second senior brother in Tiansheling, constantly patrolling among the various elixir plants, thinking that there were those elixir suitable for transplanting into the demon refining pot, and he couldn't talk about it. Facing Hao Shicheng with heart.

Let him focus on cultivating elixir?

Stop teasing, he doesn't have that time.

Qin Feng had already decided to select a few spirit beasts from inside the demon refining pot that were specifically responsible for taking care of the elixir.

For example, there are several kinds of spirit birds in the fifth level. They are naturally born and have a gentle temperament. They can be taken care of. Anyway, there are spells in the body, and they are not afraid that they cannot take care of the elixir.

In fact, many monster beasts like to stay with elixir very much, and it is better to take care of elixir, but they can only take care of these elixir for Qin Feng in the demon refining pot, and they are at most dissipated by the elixir. The breath nourishes the demonic energy in the body, and there is no other benefit besides it.

Qin Feng even wondered if he would look for opportunities to conquer a few little fairies that turned into spirits, preferably the kind of elixir, they are the experts who are best at taking care of all kinds of elixir.

It's just that this kind of thing is relatively rare, and it can only be seen in the future. If there is a chance, maybe you will meet it soon, if it is not, then you can only look at your eyes.

In the entire Imperial Beast Sects elixir garden, there are only a few elixir-shaped boys and virgins to help take care of the elixir. , On the contrary, it is not as easy to give birth to spiritual wisdom as ordinary vegetation.

Even if some spirit medicines were born in the wild, it is very likely that they would be swallowed by other monsters because of their strong medicinal fragrance and powerful effects.

Even after being transformed, they would often be coveted by other monsters.

After all, the elixir has reached the level of transformation, and it is conceivable how powerful its effect should be.

Therefore, in the eyes of other monsters, every elixir of transformation belongs to the level of Tang monk flesh. This is also the reason why the monsters in the wild can be seen, but the elixir is so hard to find.

Hao Shicheng looked at Qin Feng pickingly digging out the various elixir in his elixir garden, a little distressed and a little pleased.

I feel distressed because he cultivated these elixir by himself and took care of it hard to grow up.

It is gratifying to feel that someone in his line finally supports him, and besides him, there are actually others who want to plant elixir.

Anyway, Qin Feng wont make his elixir extinct. At most 30% of the selected elixir will be dug out, and most of them will be left for him. He doesnt worry that it will be useless in the future. Just let Qin Feng spoil it, as long as the younger brother understands the fun of planting elixir.

Every time Qin Feng digs out a kind of elixir, Master Hao will explain how to care for this kind of elixir, what kind of environment it is suitable for, and so on. In the end, he will not rest assured that he has accumulated over the years. The experience was copied in the jade slip and handed it to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng changed his hands and received the demon refining pot, allowing the spirit birds to comprehend by themselves.

Finally, when he turned around all the spiritual medicine gardens of the second brother, he left with satisfaction.

He felt that after a while, it would be better to go to the alchemy hall responsible for managing all the elixir gardens of the sect and ask for a batch of elixir seeds, and it would be better to spread them on the fifth floor.

After all, in such a big place, just relying on this little elixir transplanted from the Second Senior Brother's Spirit Medicine Garden, it really couldn't fill the land of the inner spirit veins of Lingyang Baolun.

And since the fifth floor is going to be dominated by various spirit birds, he also wants to transplant more vegetation and spirit trees into it, which is convenient for those spirit birds to build nests, and can rely on spirit trees and other exotic flowers and plants to grow. The fruits satisfy their daily consumption.

After returning to the cave, Qin Feng stretched out his hand and summoned a blue bird with a body the size of a fist but with a long tail feather that was more than a foot long.


Blue Bird stood on Qin Feng's palm, her black and bright eyes looked very agile.

It bowed its head and pecked Qin Feng's hand lightly to show surrender.

Qin Feng stretched out his hand and stroked its smooth feathers a few times, feeling satisfied.

The blue bird is beautiful in appearance, somewhat similar to the phoenix, but belongs to two different kinds of spirit birds.

It contains a little Qingluan bloodline in it, which is not strong, but rather thin.

This is because the blue bird is not a descendant of the Qingluan family, but the bloodline that has been turned several times, of course it will not be much stronger.

However, Qin Feng felt that this blue bird was very good, with a similar appearance to the legendary blue luan.

This is also a very spiritual and intelligent bird that he deliberately came to the House of Internal Affairs.

Because from the very beginning, he chose the blue bird as the demon king of the fifth level of the demon refining pot to train.

Don't think that this blue bird's body is only the size of a fist, but its cultivation base is already at the pinnacle of foundation construction. As long as Qin Feng cultivates it a little bit, it will soon be promoted to the demon pill.

And as long as the resources are sufficient, it can continue to purify the bloodline and obtain enough Qingluan inheritance from the bloodline, Qin Feng is sure to cultivate it to the realm of the Purple Mansion within a few years.

Sending the blue bird into the demon refining pot, Qin Feng directly urged the law in the refining demon kettle to refine the other Emerald Crested Bird, which also had the blood of the Qingluan, and purify its blood into the blue bird.

But in about a quarter of an hour, the fusion was complete.

At this time, the blue bird's strength hasn't improved on the surface, but it won't take long for it to realize the bloodline supernatural power of the Cuiyu Phoenix-headed bird, it will naturally improve.

What's more, there is no shortage of the pure aura in Qin Feng's demon refining pot, as well as various panacea.

With the accumulation of these resources, even a lazy pig can cultivate to the peak of the Demon Pill in a few years, not to mention this blue bird who was carefully selected by the House of Internal Affairs to be extremely intelligent and spiritual.

In fact, the disciples of the Hall of Internal Affairs did not dare to fool him. He said that he wanted a blue bird with the strongest spirituality and the fastest cultivation speed. They went to the place where the Suzaku line specializes in raising blue birds and compared all the blue birds. Once again, in order to meet Qin Feng's request, they even gave up the few blue birds that had formed a demon pill, and instead selected this one.

And this blue bird did not live up to Qin Feng's expectations, and quickly figured out the bloodline supernatural power that originally belonged to the Cuiyu Crested Bird, and after combining the power of the two bloodlines, the Qingluan bloodline in the body naturally improved a lot.

In fact, the disciples of the Royal Beast Sect want to cultivate their own spirit beasts, they all use the secret methods of the sect to integrate the blood of other homologous beasts into the spirit beasts, but their fusion methods are definitely not directly used by Qin Feng. The demon pot is completely integrated, so it not only consumes more, pays less, and is not as convenient as Qin Feng.

Feeling the pace of Jade Bird's progress, Qin Feng nodded in satisfaction.

After the Blue Bird adapts to the current strength and blood heritage, under the cultivation of resources that he consumes regardless of the consumption, he will soon succeed in forming the pill, and he will help it integrate again when that time comes.

At this point, Qin Feng was stronger than the ancestors of Imperial Beast Sect.

For example, the supreme elder in the line of Suzaku, after two to three thousand years, only then cultivated a spirit bird with a trace of Suzaku's blood into a Suzaku. In the process, it not only spent countless resources, but also spent enough time for all The immortal monk felt desperate.

But Qin Feng is different. He has the Demon Refining Pot in his hand. It doesnt take that long. As long as the resources are sufficient, he only needs to find other spirit birds of the same bloodline, and he can directly and perfectly integrate, unlike other fellows. The essence and blood of many spirit beasts slowly merged.

It's a pity that the demon refining pot has only nine layers, nine is the most numerous, he can only cultivate nine spirit beasts at most, otherwise, if there is no limit, he will definitely be able to train countless top spirit beasts, even **** beasts. In that case, wouldn't the entire spiritual world let him gallop?

However, Qin Feng quickly suppressed his greed and stopped thinking about it.

It is very rare to be able to train nine spirit beasts in this way. Ordinary immortals want to cultivate none of them. If they are not satisfied, and if they are too greedy, they are afraid that they will bring disasters because of greed.

After calming down his thoughts, he quickly turned his attention to several other spirit beasts.

Since only nine spirit beasts can be cultivated, the Qingluan on the fifth floor has been determined, so consider more about the other spirit beasts.

Sky-swallowing toad is limited by the blood of its ancestors. Although it is the blood of the top spirit beast, it is different from the divine bird such as Qingluan.

Qingluan is a phoenix species, similar to real dragons. Although not as powerful as Tianfeng, it is also a branch of the Phoenix family. As a divine beast, its bloodline is strong. Spirit birds such as bluebirds contain a trace of divine beast blood. By continuously purifying the blood of Qingluan in the body, it has the potential to become a divine bird in the future.

Just like all kinds of spirit snakes and flood dragons who pursue the transformation of dragons, although few can truly transform the dragon in the end, this is their hope and a direction of cultivation.

But the ancestor of the Sky-Swallowing Toad is the power of the Immortal Realm. Not to mention that it is not as good as the top beasts such as dragons and phoenixes. Even the weaker beasts such as the white tiger, basalt, unicorn, and Dapeng are not as good In addition, the Sky-Swallowing Toad basically doesn't mix with other types of Spirit Toads, so the bloodline passed down from the Sky-Swallowing Toad does not have the phenomenon of returning to the ancestors, so it can only practice with sullen heads.

Among the toad monsters, the best mixed is the three-legged golden toad.

The three-legged golden toad possesses the magical power of falling treasure, which is a very special existence.

Unless Qin Feng can find the three-legged golden toad, he is no longer ready to fuse the Sky Swallowing Toad with other bloodlines.

However, other levels of spirit beasts are still possible.

Especially the Ruyi Golden Snake.

Qin Feng himself already had the strength to advance to the Purple Mansion, but he deliberately suppressed his own cultivation realm, and wanted to accumulate a stronger foundation and comprehend more Dao laws, so he did not advance.

But as long as he can completely refine the demon refining pot within a few years, fill up the other layers of space, and collect the corresponding spirit beasts, he will be able to comprehend several other laws in the shortest time and advance to Purple House.

And with so many spirit beasts helping him understand the power of the law, the time to come to him to achieve the law will not be slow.

Once you have advanced to the Dharma Stage, you can integrate your life spirit beast into the Dharma Stage, and it will be impossible to help the Ruyi Golden Snake fuse other bloodlines to obtain other magical powers.

So if he still wants to make his future Faxiang stronger, he must make some plans in advance.

But at this point, especially after beginning to comprehend the power of the law, the power in the Ruyi Golden Snake has gradually reached a balance. The power of the five elements is available, and light and darkness can be regarded as yin and yang. If you rashly join other power systems, it is likely to be There was a conflict, so Qin Feng is now very cautious.

He didnt want to make mistakes because of random fusion. Besides, with the current strength and bloodline level of the Ruyi Golden Snake, fusion of bloodlines lower than its level has no effect. On the contrary, it will confuse its bloodline and get no benefit. Supernatural powers.

And the bloodline is stronger than it. Nowadays, except for a few extremely powerful beasts and beasts, such as the snake, the snake, the snake, and the nine infants, there are probably only real dragons.

Even the ordinary flood dragon can't have much effect on it, just like the fire flood in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave Sky, even if it is integrated, it will have no other benefit except to make the fire magic power in its body stronger.

Keba snakes, snakes, and nine infants, unless you go to find them in the prehistoric ancestor realm or the sky demon world, or else where can they be found?

As for the true dragon, the entire Biluo world is only available in the East China Sea.

It was said that Qin Feng did not have the strength to go to Longhai to capture a real dragon, even if he did, he would not dare.

The strength of the East Sea Dragon Race is still very powerful, much stronger than the Royal Beast Sect.

Although the number of dragon races themselves is not large, they have countless sea races, and the number of water race armies is more than ten times more than that of the spirit beasts of the Royal Beast Sect.

Besides, in the ancient times, the dragon clan always stood on the side of the human race, and did not betray Biluo, but damaged many ethnic groups during the ancient catastrophe. He was also embarrassed to destroy the relationship between the two races because of his own selfishness.

Therefore, Qin Feng could only take a step-by-step attitude towards Ruyi Golden Snake now.

Perhaps in the depths of an ancient battlefield, there are those rare spirit snakes, and perhaps in some dangerous places, there are the blood descendants of those spirit snakes. If they can come across, of course he will not miss the opportunity.

In addition to the Ruyi Golden Snake, as well as the White Dragon and Death Cursed Crow, Qin Feng also needs to think about it.

Of course, the White Dragon's words are based on the law of light, but if there is a chance in the future, it may not be able to help it integrate the blood of other dragons.

Especially the colorful dragon, descended from the bloodline of the Primordial Dragon God.

Although the number of that kind of dragons is scarce, it is said that each strength is tyrannical, and they have the peak strength of super monsters in adulthood. They are comparable to monks in the realm of Yuanshen.

It's just that the colorful dragons all live in the giant dragon world, and they are not as large as the other giant dragons, scattered from all walks of life.

After Qin Feng thought about it carefully, he didn't think much about it.

If he encounters a suitable and powerful dragon in other worlds in the future, he certainly won't be stingy to help the white dragon fuse. If he can cultivate the white dragon into the realm of the dragon god, it will certainly benefit him a lot.

In addition, what Qin Feng values most is Death Cursed Crow.

The crows are something special.

Legend has it that they contain a trace of blood from the three-legged golden crow of the demon clan royal family.

The three-legged golden crow is a top-notch sacred beast race that is arrogant and tyrannical, with the power of a clan dominating the existence of countless monsters in the entire sky demon world.

Although the Death Cursed Crow was from the Dark Crow clan, if you merge with other crow monsters, it may not be able to inspire a trace of the Golden Crow bloodline, and let the Death Cursed Crow awaken some of the Golden Crow bloodline.

Thinking of this, Qin Feng thoughtfully.

Although the three-legged Golden Crow clan is best at the real fire of the sun, the strength in the body is as strong as the yang, but the anode is yin, and it seems that they are also proficient in the most insidious curse.

The most powerful curse magic circulated in the spiritual world, "The Book of Seven Arrows with Nail Head", is said to have been created by the Jinwu clan.

This cursing method is the most terrifying and vicious forbidden technique, cursing people in the invisible, killing people in the invisible, even if it is said to be immortal and immortal, there have been people planted under this curse secret. .

In the ancient times, the Primordial Human Race and the Monster Race competed for the fortune of heaven and earth in the great world. They all wanted to become the protagonist of the world. As a result, the Golden Crow family was able to display "The Book of Seven Arrows with Nail Head", which secretly killed a Da Luojing of the Human Race. The presence.

Although the Daluo walked deeply, and finally managed to escape from the soul, the body of law that had been cultivated for countless years was completely destroyed, and his strength was greatly damaged.

In fact, if it weren't for a certain strong person to help, the other party wouldn't dare to continue chasing and killing his soul, it is very likely that even the soul could not be kept.

This incident caused a great uproar at the time, and the impact was so far-reaching that it is still circulating in the ancient deeds passed on by human monks.

Qin Feng stretched out his hand to stroke his chin and pondered for a long while.

He was wondering if it is possible to cultivate the death cursed crow into a three-legged golden crow.

If the death-cursed crow is fused with a variety of crow bloodlines, it may still be a cathodic positive, and it will nourish the real fire of the sun.

If not, with death cursing the crow's innate ability to curse supernatural powers, is there a chance to get the inheritance of the "Seven Arrows" from the bloodline of the Golden Crow.

If you can obtain the strongest curse secret technique, the invincible forbidden spell, then Qin Feng's future assassin can be powerful.

At that time, if you encounter a powerful opponent that cannot be matched, you can use "The Book of Seven Arrows with the Nail Head" to deal with it, and you will definitely curse one by one. Even the strong in the Great Luo Kingdom will lose their Taoism by this curse secret technique. , The existence of ordinary gods, demons, and immortals should not be able to resist the curse of the "Book of Nail Head and Seven Arrows".

I dont know if the Death Cursed Crow has the chance to get this inheritance, and I dont know if there are any restrictions on the use of the "Book of the Nailhead Seven Arrows".

Can't just anyone can do it, right?

Moreover, after all, the cursing method has dry heaven and harmony. If you cast a spell to undermine the existence of a stronger cultivation base than yourself, it is impossible to pay no price.

Just like the death curse when the crow casts a curse, the ordinary curse is nothing more than a small amount of energy in its body. But if you cast a big curse, such as the last time he made his palms alive, the death curse The crow can only use the feathers on its wings as a guide, and can barely reach that point after consuming most of the body's strength.

Even dealing with him is so difficult. If this is to curse the existence of a higher level of Taoism, it will definitely consume some things accordingly, but I don't know what needs to be consumed.

If its just strength, it doesnt matter, even if you need to consume other things on your body, like the death cursed crow used to consume feathers, it doesnt matter. The big deal is to shed all the feathers of this crow and consume it. Can't grow back.

But if it's something like life-span and luck, it's a big trouble.

In fact, it is really possible to use the "Book of the Nail Head Seven Arrows" to consume very important things. Otherwise, why the Golden Crow Clan uses so little of this curse forbidden technique, I think it is very scrupulous.

Otherwise, if you really want to catch the human race and curse one by one, no matter where you can get the human race to sit in the wild, the Golden Crow family will not take the ten thousand monsters under their command to go away into the void, and occupy a big world.


Qin Feng let out a long breath, no longer thinking about these things.

No matter what the price is, it has nothing to do with me now. After all, the Death Curse Crow is still a variant of the Dark Crow clan. It is just an outlier among the Dark Crows. I dont know if I can awaken the bloodline of the Three-legged Golden Crow. Nothing is useless.

He got up, left Tian Snake Ridge again, went to the Internal Affairs Hall, and found the Deputy Hall Master.

"Senior Nephew Qin, why did he come back so soon?"

Vice-Hall Master Yuan Hong raised his pale brows and looked at Qin Feng in surprise: "But what happened to the spirit birds that I gave you earlier, or did they fail to meet your requirements?

If it doesn't fit, just say it, I'll let someone exchange it for you. "

Qin Feng is one of the most potential genius disciples of the sect. At present, the Royal Beast Sect is only comparable to Li Miaozhen from the Baihu line and Lianxing from the good fortune line. Therefore, Yuan Hong is quite equal to Qin Feng. value.

Needless to say, Li Miaozhen has accumulated a lot of vigor and power, far surpassing the geniuses of previous generations, especially after obtaining the magical powers of refining gold, not only refining a large amount of precious and anomalous gold iron, but also able to refine immortals. She has absorbed and refined the golden essence of the weapon.

So although she did not practice as many great avenues as Qin Feng did, her cultivation on the Tao of Gengjin is profound enough. Although she is not a sword cultivator, she can also break through ten thousand laws with the Tao of Gengjin. overbearing!

As for Lian Xing of Good Fortune, I heard that there is another chance in another world. Not only has he been promoted to the Purple Mansion, his strength is much stronger than many veteran Purple Mansion monks.

If it wasn't for Qin Feng's age to be a few years younger than her, and there was no bottleneck for him in the Purple Mansion realm, I am afraid that Zongmen's evaluation of Lian Xing would be better than him.

Except for these two, the true disciples of the other lines of the sect are relatively normal.

It's not that they are not strong enough ~wuxiaworld.online~ nor that they have poor qualifications, but that they are not as good as Qin Feng in terms of opportunity, which leads to their overall accumulation inferior to them.

Just like Wei Yan, the true disciple of Qi Chong's line, although he takes the immortal silkworm as his life, he has also been vigorously cultivated by Qi Chong's line, but in terms of chance, Qin Feng and Li Miao Zhen Lianxing cannot be compared, so the strength is comparable. They are weaker.

The true disciple of Suzaku's line was eventually lost by Kong Xuan. His colorful peacock is indeed powerful, and his talent is also extremely high, but he really started a little later than Qin Feng, and he has just cultivated to the late Jindan stage.

The contemporary true biography of the Shenniu line is similar to that of the Suzaku line. They are all offshoots of the flower and fall. Qi Hengshan, who was originally cultivated by the focus, was defeated by Xue Baozhu from the white elephant branch and took the position of true biography.

The true disciple of the spirit ape line is normal, but Yuan Powang, who owns the Hercules ape, came up behind him, defeated the inner disciple with the most famous name, and obtained the true heir of the spirit ape line.

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