Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Diluan

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After many comparisons, Qin Feng gradually had a direction in his heart.

He set his gaze on a **** and great bird that had manifested in the Ten Thousand Demon Tree.

This is Qingluan, belonging to the phoenix species. Like the Suzaku, it is one of the five phoenixes. It is an important branch of the five branches of the Phoenix family.

Unlike Suzaku, who is fierce and fierce by nature, Qingluan's temperament is much gentler, which may be related to its power attributes.

Green is a wood, Luan is a fire, Yimu makes a fire, it is a Qingluan!

Although wood and fire coexist, it will greatly increase its ability to continue combat, but Qingluan's life spirit is not violent, and it is the mildest of all phoenix species.

Because of this, Qingluan's reputation is far less than that of Suzaku.

After all, Suzaku is combative and unparalleled, of course it is far more jealous than Qingluan's gentle character.

Qin Feng took a fancy to Qing Luan, he felt that the power system of this divine bird was the closest to the power of pure Yang.

Pure Yang is a power system of Taoism.

It is also a unique heritage.

Pure Yang was born out of fire, but it is independent of the law of fire. It is an original road created by the ancestors of pure Yang Tao of the Primordial race based on the law of thousands of roads, and a new practice method passed down.

So this is not a magical power that the monster race can pass down through blood inheritance, it can only be achieved through cultivation.

Therefore, from the very beginning, Qin Feng wanted to select a spirit beast with the power attribute closest to the power of pure sun from among the fire walking spirit beasts, rather than looking for a spirit beast with the power of pure sun, because there was no one at all.

Choosing from the left to the right, the **** bird Qingluan was selected.

It's just that Qing Luan fits the image in his mind best, but Naihe has a huge difficulty in front of him.

That is the big world of Biluo today, and there is no such thing as Qingluan.

The Great Tribulation of the Ancients, the Phoenix race that was originally born in the Great Biluo World, could not resist the temptation of the Heavenly Demon Great World, and could not bear the pressure of many world offensives. In the end, for the continuation of the race, they chose to betray and give the Human Race monk. Brought great losses.

In the face of traitors, Terran has never kept its hands.

So at the end of the ancient catastrophe, the ancestor Taixuan used the supreme way to fight and move the stars to move the big world of Biluo from the original void to this star field, avoiding the steady supply of reinforcements from all realms, and the monks of this realm finally killed. After all the invaders, the purebred phoenix bloodline was also slaughtered by the angry monks. Of course, there is no way to find Qingluan in the current practice world.

Even the spirit beasts of the Suzaku line in the Royal Beast Sect did not exist for thousands of years.

It wasn't until the Suzaku's bloodline was cultivated continuously for tens of thousands of years, and the bloodline was continuously purified, and then there was a Suzaku with a pure bloodline and aura.

However, that was the spirit beast of another Supreme Elder in the line of Suzaku, who hesitated to return to the ancestors after the blood was too strong, so not many descendants were born.

And because there is no Suzaku with the same pure bloodline, it can only mate with other spirit birds, and the bloodline of the descendants born is naturally far inferior to it.

Even so, those blood descendants are also raised by Suzaku's line as treasures, and they are reluctant to use them for refining for their disciples on weekdays. They often train very good true disciples every few generations before they can bestow one, other monks. , Don't even think about it.

At this point, the line of Suzaku is far inferior to the line of Spirit Snake.

Not only is there a wide variety of spirit snakes that can be chosen by disciples at will, even if it is a flood dragon with a true dragon bloodline, it is not uncommon in this world, so there are many spirit snakes who practice the dragon transformation technique.

Fortunately, there are countless other kinds of birds and spirit birds in Suzaku's line, so disciples don't have to worry about the choice of spirit birds.

Even the only one Suzaku evolved after tens of thousands of years of continuous purification of its blood. Of course, Qin Feng couldn't find the sacred bird like Qingluan immediately.

Fortunately, he has a refining pot.

As a special immortal tool made by the powerful refining of the demon clan, the refining pot is extremely clever in refining and cultivating spirit beasts.

Just like Qin Fengs natal spirit beast Ruyi Golden Snake, after many fusions of bloodline and supernatural powers, the power system in his body is a bit mixed now, with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, as well as divine wind, shadow transformation, holy flame, size changes, etc. Supernatural powers, with the appearance of a hydra, as well as the form of a dragon, with a weird appearance, more like fierce beasts than normal beasts.

But this does not deny its power.

In fact, Qin Feng didn't care whether the power of the Ruyi Golden Snake was mixed, and even the reason why the Ruyi Golden Snake became what he is now was that he did it deliberately.

Otherwise, according to a normal spirit beast, the purer the power, the higher the possibility of future advancement. An existence like Ruyi Golden Snake, who wants to take care of all power systems, will only slow down the speed of cultivation. In the long run, the gains outweigh the losses.

But Qin Feng never thought about the long-term, because when he reached the state of Dharma state, the Ruyi Golden Snake would blend into his Dharma state, which would not only allow him to thoroughly master all the magical laws and powers of the Ruyi Golden Snake, but also improve his Dharma state in one fell swoop. To a very advanced realm, let him directly become a master in the realm of Dhamma.

And this is also the best that the Royal Beast Sect cultivator can get rid of his weaker strength in one fell swoop after he was promoted to the realm of Dharma, greatly increase his combat power, and is no longer weaker than other major sect cultivators in terms of personal combat power. main reason.

Even if the natal spirit beast is stronger, it may surpass many monks and become the ultimate master of Dharma Phase Realm.

This is also the reason why Qin Feng was so cold that he merged many spirit beast bloodlines and magical powers into his life spirit beast.

As for the Sky Swallowing Toad, he doesn't integrate too many bloodline supernatural powers now.

That guy is now mainly based on space, supplemented by stars. These two supernatural powers are enough for him to cultivate. As for the previous water control and ice supernatural powers, they have been reduced to the point of auxiliary, and they have never been regarded as the main direction of cultivation. .

However, this is because the Sky-Swallowing Toad's bloodline itself is at its peak, so the fusion of too many bloodline magical powers of different systems will cause some obstacles to its promotion.

But proper integration will definitely have greater benefits.

As it is now, when the Sky-Swallowing Toads spatial power cannot be advanced, it will be practiced mainly with the power of the stars, so that it will not remain stagnant in its current realm. If the power of the stars is used to advance first, the other way around is The cultivation speed that drives the power of space complements each other, and is also considered to complement each other.

Therefore, Qin Feng did not cultivate the Sky-Swallowing Toad like the Ruyi Golden Snake.

Otherwise, with his current worth, it was enough to pack all the spirit toads with the top bloodlines in the Ten Thousand Demons Pavilion and buy them for integration.

However, if the spirit beast's original bloodline level was not too strong, it would be different if those bloodlines of the same origin that were stronger than this spirit beast were merged into one.

For example, a snake monster with ordinary blood, fused with a variety of dragons with true dragon bloodlines, will also have a powerful true dragon bloodline in its body. If one continues to merge, it is likely to become a true dragon in the future. .

This is also the main reason that the ancient great demon king made this demon refining pot.

That demon tribe's great ability is to train a group of subordinates with top bloodline strength to help it fight the four directions.

In fact, it succeeded, otherwise the half-remaining Demon Refining Pot would never possess such a powerful fusion power.

Therefore, the great demon king of the demon race relied on many subordinates in the ancient years, thousands of demon races, plus the nine demon kings in the nine-tier space of the refining demon pot. He once moved in all directions, invincible, and swept even more after attacking the big world Family sect, creating boundless killing.

But it is precisely because of its tyranny that this attracted the attention of the top power of the big world of Biluo.

Then after repelling the demon clan's top power, he slapped it to death, even carrying this demon refining pot, as well as the countless demon clan in the nine-layer space inside, were buried with him.

In the end this made Qin Feng cheaper.

Therefore, to a certain extent, Qin Feng can be regarded as having inherited the legacy of the great power of the ancient human race.

Qin Feng moved his gaze away from the image of Qingluan, and began to search for the spirit bird related to Qingluan.

The best is a spirit bird with the blood of Qingluan.

He wanted to get all these spirit birds with the same bloodline, integrate their bloodline power into the same spirit bird, and try to cultivate a true divine bird Qingluan.

It took another half day before Qin Feng roughly listed many species of spirit birds.

Then he didn't delay, got up and went to the Hall of Internal Affairs.

He did not go to the Ten Thousand Demons Pavilion again.

Although there are many spirit beasts in the Ten Thousand Demon Pavilion, the good and the bad are uneven. The spirit beasts with the top bloodline are all eliminated from the Ten Thousand Demon Caverns. Although these top bloodline spirit beasts do not exist too weak, they are still from their daily practice. In terms of progress, it was the worst batch, so it was selected.

Qin Feng wanted to cultivate a powerful sacred bird, and of course he wanted to choose a spirit bird with a purer bloodline.

Especially the one that he intends to train as the fifth-tier Demon King, he needs to have his own talent and aptitude belong to the top-level spirit bird, so he can't go to the Ten Thousand Demon Pavilion.

With his current status and status, coupled with enough credit, he was able to mobilize various resources of the sect to assist his own cultivation, so he came to the Internal Affairs Hall to directly find a deputy hall master, and asked him to help him mobilize these spirit birds. .

Although there are several rare ones among the spirit birds he needs, even though there are not a few within the Ten Thousand Demon Cave, the Internal Affairs Hall still hasn't been delayed. Although the deputy hall master is curious that Qin Feng needs so many strengths, it is not too strong. What did the spirit bird do, but did not ask much.

After all, Qin Feng is one of the top geniuses of the Royal Beast Sect today. He acts for his own purpose. He is the Deputy Hall Master who relies on his seniority to do specific affairs, so he shouldn't give pointers on this.

A genius has its own path of cultivation, which is not something that a monk like himself can give guidance.

It is really necessary to teach the super genius how to practice according to the conventional method, which will cause the genius to become mediocre, which is a huge loss for the sect.

Just like Ning Wuxu back then, Ming Tomorrow was extremely wealthy, and in the end, because of the teachings of the elders, he was too conservative in his cultivation, so that he did not make progress for many years after being promoted to the soul.

If it hadnt happened to coincide with Bi Luos expedition to the void, Zongmen happened to have locked the coordinates of the Chiyan Demon Realm. After starting the war, due to various coincidences, he obtained the Druid Transfiguration Method, and finally ventured to incorporate a deity-condensed beast. After learning from the rules of that Warcraft, this will have the opportunity to break through the realm and achieve longevity.

Otherwise, in the situation of Yining Wuxu, you will have to stay for thousands of years at least, maybe you may not be able to find the opportunity to break the boundary until the lifespan is exhausted.

Therefore, the deputy master of the Internal Affairs Hall didn't say much, and directly sent people to retrieve them from various places, and asked them to send him the spirit bird named by Qin Feng.

This is the advantage of relying on a large gate.

If it were not in the Royal Beast Sect, if Qin Feng wanted to gather so many spirit birds, he would have to spend at least several years searching for traces all over the world, and then personally fight and capture them. He would also have to let several of the spirit birds with proud temperament. After losing the battle, you won't explode the demon pill and die, otherwise, I'm afraid it will be a waste of water.

A group of executive disciples from the Hall of Internal Affairs kept flying in and out, running the inner and outer doors all over the place. There were even many disciples who went to the Ten Thousand Demon Caverns to gather top bloodline spirit birds. In the end, the forests brought them back to Qin Feng. Hundreds of psychic birds, many of which are of the same species.

Of course, not all of these spirit birds are used for cultivating blue luan.

Qingluan is not as amorous as the real dragon. Although it will inevitably spread the power of the bloodline during the long process of reproduction, it is not too much. In addition, the spirit birds with a little bloodline are also It will open branches and leaves, and dilute the blood, but there are only a dozen species in total, far not as many species as the descendants of the dragon race.

The reason why Qin Feng wanted so many spirit birds, apart from cultivating Qingluan, was to fill the fifth layer of the Demon Refining Pot.

Ever since he incorporated the Lingyang Treasure Wheel into the Demon Refining Pot, he has thoroughly understood the power of the Lingyang Treasure Wheel.

Not only is the law sound, but the internal space is vast, with a radius of thousands of miles. For him now, it is already a huge independent space.

Moreover, within the Lingyang treasure wheel, many spiritual veins were moved into by the Taoists of Lingyang. In addition to the large-scale spiritual veins gathered into a whole, there are nine medium-level spiritual veins distributed around the large-scale spiritual veins, and each medium-level spiritual vein Around the veins, there are also nine small spiritual veins, which is quite a lot.

It's no wonder that Zhong Duanshan was surprised at how Lingyang Taoist placed so many spiritual veins in Lingyang Baolun. It is estimated that the old Tao originally had the intention of making this immortal sacrifice into a heavenly magic weapon.

Because of the vast space, it would be too lonely if there was only one soul bird, so Qin Feng simply asked the Palace of Internal Affairs to get him some more soul birds and exotic birds, and kept them in the fifth layer of space, so that they could spread out. Ye, by reproducing descendants, can also increase the number of spirit birds in the demon refining pot, and when the strength gradually becomes stronger in the future, it will also be a not weak combat power.

Anyway, the Lingyang Baolun has its own internal system. There are not only so many spiritual veins, but also various vegetation, mountains and rivers, and even a lot of elixir breeding, which is enough to allow these spiritual birds to multiply and do not need Qin Feng daily feeding .

Otherwise, if he was worried about how to feed more spirit beasts as he did in his early years, he would not dare to subdue more spirit beasts to help fight.

So having an independent space that can be recycled can have so many benefits.

If, like the great demon king of the ancient times, nine cave worlds were created inside the demon refining pot, then the number of spirit beasts that could be kept in it was beyond Qin Feng's imagination.

The elixir in Lingyang Baolun should be grown from seeds planted by the Taoist Lingyang in his early years.

It's just that there is no elixir that is too old in it. It should have been picked by the White Niu Venerable of the Nine Spirits Sect. Only those elixir with a general appearance and insufficient age are still left.

Qin Feng despised the monk of the Demon Dao with his short-sightedness. After picking the elixir, he didn't know that more elixir would be planted in, but it also made him think and plan to plant some elixir seeds in it.

Not only do you need to plant the fifth-level Lingyang space, you can also plant some Yin-attribute elixir in the Mandaw space on the fourth floor.

Although he is not a good at seed elixir, the second brother Hao Shicheng is an expert in this area.

Moreover, there are many rare elixir in the spiritual world~wuxiaworld.online~ and even collected some good things that are not available in the sect. Qin Feng feels that there is a pure sun in the Lingyang treasure wheel. , And the Pure Yin in the fourth layer of space, should be able to plant a lot of good elixir.

So when he thanked the deputy master of the Internal Affairs Hall, after leaving the Internal Affairs Hall, he returned directly to Tiansheling and found the second brother, and then in Hao Shichengs distressed eyes, he uprooted many elixir and transplanted them to the Lian. In the fifth floor of the Demon Pot.

"Junior Brother, you have to take good care of those elixir!"

Hao Shicheng followed behind and chattered like an old woman with a broken mouth: "These are the treasures that I have taken care of for many years, brother, you can't spoil it.

In addition, you haven't cultivated any elixir before, and you are too unfamiliar with these. I have here a tip on cultivating various elixir. You can take a look at it to avoid improper cultivation and death. "

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