Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2807

Chapter 2807 3 Star Wanderers Shop

Shi Fengs statement was like a hammer that struck everyones mind. For a time, those intent on negotiating with Shi Feng to maximize their own profits were nonplussed.

Even Elder Wu, who had come here brimming with confidence, was momentarily at a loss for words.

Shi Fengs display of power was simply too astonishing!

Zero Wings strength had severely exceeded Elder Wus expectations.

The four Tier 4 players here in this Wanderers Shop plus the three Tier 4 experts over at the Twin Towers Kingdom meant Zero Wing had a total of seven Tier 4 players on its side. With such strength, even NPC forces would find dealing with Zero Wing tough.

While the gathered crowd suspected that Shi Feng was trying to instill fear into them by showing off his power, Shi Feng himself didnt think he was doing such a thing at all.

This was because he was truly busy.

Initially, Shi Feng planned to contact Heavens Blades commander after entering Dragonheart City. However, for some reason, Divine Edge and the others couldnt contact Zwei, not even through offline means. This situation temporarily prevented Zero Wing and Heavens Blade from furthering their partnership, and it severely affected Shi Fengs plans. Fortunately, Divine Shadow had agreed to gather up the remaining Heavens Blade members and put Heavens Blade under Zero Wings banner in the meantime. Now, Heavens Blade was barely considered an adventurer team subordinated to Zero Wing and had to obey Shi Fengs arrangements.

Dragonheart Islands various powers had long since split Heavens Blades territories inside the World Tower among themselves after the adventurer team disbanded.

However, War Bloods fall granted Dragonheart Islands various powers a new opportunity to gain more territory.

Hence, Shi Feng had tasked Divine Shadow with snatching War Bloods territory first. After all, these territories were important sources of Ancient Coins. He couldnt keep Heavens Blades members fed for free. Aside from territories inside the World Tower, Heavens Blade also had over a dozen Shops in key locations inside Dragonheart City. Shi Feng planned on bringing some of Candlelights products to sell in these Shops.

As for the Lands surrounding the World Tower, due to Zweis absence, Divine Shadow could only delegate one medium-sized Land to Zero Wing with his authority. What this Land would be used for was entirely up to Shi Feng. However, half of the profits the Land generated would have to be split with Heavens Blade. After all, there were still plenty of people in the adventurer team that needed nurturing

Shi Feng had no opinion in regard to this situation. On the contrary, he was very happy to secure the management rights of a medium-sized Land. After all, Zero Wings members also had to explore the World Tower. The hotel built on a small-sized Land was hardly enough for Zero Wings purposes. A medium-sized hotel would alleviate the Guilds pressure.

Hence, Shi Feng needed to arrange what kind of hotel to construct.

Aside from this, Shi Feng also received another piece of good news when he entered Dragonheart Citythe Wanderers Shop was eligible for promotion to 3-star status.

Originally, he had only planned to have the Wanderers Shop purchase some Epic materials and the precious materials necessary to construct the Small Mobile Fortress. He never thought that in the time he was away, the Wanderers Shop would actually meet the conditions for promotion to 3-star status. So long as a Wanderers Shop reached 3-star status, it would undergo a qualitative transformation. Hence, Shi Feng had decisively spent 30,000 of the Ancient Gold the Wanderers Shop had earned during his absence, and upgraded the Shop to 3-star status.

However, before he could even check out the 3-star Wanderers Shops specifics, Dragonheart Citys various powers had come looking for him already. This forced him to push back his schedule and negotiate with these profit-hungry powers seeking a share of War Bloods corpse.

Meanwhile, after silence enveloped the room for a short moment, Intoxicated Drunkard, the Four Saints Societys Vice Guild Leader, stepped forward.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, I understand that Zero Wing is planning to partner with Heavens Blade to annex all of War Bloods resource spots. However, although Blood Oath is currently imprisoned and War Blood is in chaos, War Bloods backer, the Secret Hand Association, is not to be trifled with. With Secret Hands presence, annexing the 17 resource spots War Blood holds on the fourth underground floor will be difficult.

"Of course, I believe that with your strength, annexing those resource spots shouldnt be a problem; however, maintaining them will be. Such a task will require a large number of experts; it cant be done with just a few Tier 4 experts. Hence, the Four Saints Society wishes to partner with Zero Wing to go against War Blood and Secret Hand," Intoxicated Drunkard said confidently. "Once we annex all of War Bloods resource spots on the fourth floor, each of our sides will take half. Of course, we wont let Zero Wing give up these resource spots for nothing." After saying so, Intoxicated Drunkard took out a City Building Order from his bag.

"The Four Saints Society understands that Zero Wing is currently having difficulty defending the Secret Covenant Tower. However, with this City Building Order, Zero Wing can instantly construct a Guild City beside the tower. With this Guild City to fall back on, Zero Wing should have a much easier time repelling the various superpowers. "In addition, the Four Saints Society will also trade various rare materials and Level 110-plus Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment with Zero Wing. We will sell these items to Zero Wing at market value. May I know what you think of this, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

When Intoxicated Drunkard took out the City Building Order, the other powers representatives were dumbfounded. This situation also made many of the powers seeking to partner with Zero Wing despair.

The Four Saints Society was a Super Guild; only a few powers operating on Dragonheart Island could match its resources, manpower, and background. Even setting aside the fact that the Four Saints Society was a Super Guild, just the City Building Order alone made it impossible for the various powers present to compete with the Four Saints Society. This was because the City Building Order was what Zero Wing currently needed the most!

At this time, a gloomy expression appeared on Elder Wus face. He never thought that the Four Saints Society would have a City Building Order too. This would undoubtedly increase the competition.

After the silence in the room had stretched for some time, Shi Feng swept a glance at the various powers representatives.

"May I know if anyone else has something to say? If not, I will have to ask you to leave. I still have to continue detailed discussions with Vice Guild Leader Drunkard," Shi Feng said in a calm tone. However, his interest in the City Building Order was obvious to everyone present.

Upon seeing this situation, Intoxicated Drunkard smiled in satisfaction. He was very confident in the success of the partnership this time, as he was certain Zero Wing wouldnt be able to resist the City Building Orders temptation. Hence, he had paid no heed to having to attend negotiations together with the other powers.

"What should we do now, Elder Wu?" Thousand Lives asked anxiously.

The World Towers fourth underground floor was crucial for them to search for Tier 4 Legacy Lands. The influence of a Tier 4 player was not something Tier 3 players could hope to match. Every addition of a Tier 4 player could increase a Guilds overall strength by a large margin. Simultaneously, Tier 4 players were crucial in resisting the invasion of NPC forces.

For the current Super Guilds, Tier 3 players were no longer the thing they lacked the most. After all, they had the required foundation and resources to nurture a large number of high-caliber experts. Even without complete Tier 3 Legacies, it was only a matter of time before these experts reached Tier 3.

As proof of this point, not one of the superpowers attempting to wrestle control over the Secret Covenant Tower was a Super Guild. Only super-first-rate Guilds, which were lacking in foundation and resources, were contending for the tower. However, the World Towers fourth underground floor, which could reliably generate Tier 4 Legacy Lands, was a different story. Moreover, the World Tower still had the fifth underground floor and beyond. The chances of Tier 4 Legacy Lands appearing in these locations were most likely even higher. However, if a power did not possess a base of operations on the fourth underground floor, exploring the even more dangerous fifth underground floor would be utterly impossible for this power.

Just as the various powers representatives were about to turn around and leave, a deep voice resounded in the room.

"Wait a minute! Guild Leader Black Flame!" Suddenly, Elder Wu said, "Thirteen Thrones plans on partnering with Zero Wing as well. Moreover, the conditions we offer will not be any inferior to the Four Saints Societys."

After saying so, Elder Wu also brought out a City Building Order.

"Crap! Another City Building Order?!"

The representatives of the various powers present gasped at this situation.

The City Building Order was an incomparably rare item, no less rare than Fragmented Legendary items. Meanwhile, it was many times more valuable than Fragmented Legendary items. After all, there was no way a Fragmented Legendary item could compare with an entire Guild City.

When Elder Wu took out a City Building Order, Intoxicated Drunkards complexion darkened slightly.

"This is interesting. What shouldve originally been a monopoly has now become a two-sided competition."

"I wonder how Black Flame will decide? Both parties are Super Guilds, and neither is weaker than the other. Moreover, both have their own advantages as well."

The various powers representatives couldnt help their curiosity as they looked at Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard. They wondered how Shi Feng would proceed in this situation.

By stating that Thirteen Thrones would match the Four Saints Societys offer, Elder Wu was basically hinting to Intoxicated Drunkard for their two Guilds to avoid competing with each other. That way, they could maximize the profits from Zero Wing. Simultaneously, his words also compelled Shi Feng to make a decision.

Shi Feng should choose to partner with either Thirteen Thrones or the Four Saints Society. If Shi Feng refused to choose one, then negotiations would not proceed.

Naturally, Intoxicated Drunkard quickly picked up on Elder Wus intentions. Hence, he remained silent and simply looked at Shi Feng. Evidently, he planned on taking the same stance as Elder Wu.

"It seems both of you came with sincerity for cooperation." Shi Feng smiled as he looked at the two City Building Orders before him. "Unfortunately, I cannot agree to any of your conditions."

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