Reincarnator Chapter 409

Chapter 409

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Reincarnator - Chapter 409: Wall (3)


The roars of several beasts coming from seven different directions shook the heavens and earth.

Shaking everything in its path including the cities, the ships, and even the people within them.

As this roar passed through the bodies of these people, they all felt their hearts clenching with fear.

R-Kailat Ron, a captain of a ship, was at a loss as he listened to the distant cries.

The emotion behind these roars wasnt from bloodthirst, nor were they from hate.


Nothing more.

The roars of hunger.

But this was more than enough to make the people shake in fear.

Fear of what these greedy monsters would bring to them.


But after a short consideration, R-Kailat Ron decided to solve this fear with the same method hed always used for such incidents.

Destroying the origin of this fear.

To him, who had constantly lived side by side with the hazards of war, the constant repetition of finding peace and walking back into danger had only this solution.

Although he might fall into the cycle of fear again in the future, this method always brought him immediate relief.

R-Kailat Ron made his decision and sent out orders to his ship.

Set the current situation as a Grade-1 threat. I hereby use my title as the ship captain to unseal the Miprosky-level weapon. Prepare for battle!

The Technorats in the room were at a loss.

If they used that weapon then the monster would no longer be the real issue.

The cities below them would be left with a bare semblance of their former structures, and the citizens would all be swept away.

The Miprosky-level weapons were designed for battles in outer space, to be used against entire planets.

One of the Technorats bravely spoke out.

Captain. Even though we want to use it The Miprosky-level weapons need authorization from the clans.

Miprosky-level weapons were of a caliber powerful enough to render all defenses useless and cause a fatal level of destruction to their targets.

Which meant that if they decided to use this on the monsters below, even the slightest mistake could cause catastrophic levels of destruction.

This was why even the captains couldnt use it near the capital or any important structures.

It was a weapon that couldnt be easily utilized even if one wanted to.

R-Kailat Ron responded with annoyance.

...I received their permission already. Ill unseal it now, so prepare for it.


From this, the Technorats finally realized what was going on.

The three clans had already classified this as a top-level threat.

It was the captain whod refrained from using it due to his own fears.

R-Kailat Ron shouted:

Hurry and prepare! This is the only chance we have before they start retaliating!

Those gluttons were solely focusing on devouring energy and werent retaliating against them.

It was the perfect chance for them to deal a fatal blow.

The Technorats clenched their teeth and quickly started tapping on the screen before them.

2nd, 3rd and 4th engines have been released up to the 5th level.

Central quantum control field activated, full controls activated.


Beneath the floor of their ship they were standing in, a terrifying vibration could be felt.

Like a creature squeezing out every last bit of its strength, a scream of desperation.

A soundless bright-white laser beam covered the screen.

The ship had muted all outside noise to prevent the peoples eardrums from being shredded apart.

And beyond the filtered bright-white screen.

They witnessed the destruction of the remaining pieces of the city below.

And through the screen, they could hear the sounds resonating from within it.


One by one, the people in the ship closed their eyes as they listened to these screams.

The countless screams of despair ringing out from dozens of kilometers in the distance.

Those who were close to the city had all melted and disintegrated before they could even cry out. If not for this, then the resulting wails would have been filled with hundreds of times more anguish and despair.

But R-Kailat Ron ignored their expressions and the distant cries and continued to shout out orders.

Carry out the first stage of cooling, and then prepare to fire again!

They needed to continuously attack and deal damage before it started retaliating.

As R-Kailat Ron glared at the brightly lit screen, he realized that something was wrong.

The brightness that shouldve long started to subside, was continuously maintaining its brilliance.

No, it was becoming even brighter.

What th


The bright-white light ascending from the ground filled up R-Kailat Rons vision.



What the hell! Its never attacked like that before!

The ray of destruction that descended from above.

And the seven rays of light that ascended from below in retaliation.

Although both sides had received a blow, the results were extremely different.


As everyone fell into despair at seeing the destruction of the ships, each costing as much as multiple years worth of income from the cities

Hansoo mumbled softly.

They had to save their energy up until now, but not anymore.

Evolution and survival.

Maintenance and growth.

What came first depended on the situation but they were both equally important, this was true.

And the most important thing to these monsters was energy.

Although they continuously devoured everything above the ground and had come up to feast, it wasnt like the amount of energy they ate was enough for them.

So they had to save and save.

To not waste energy in case of situations like this, and to focus on devouring even a little bit more fuel.

So the Haetara did not waste energy easily and didnt act according to their emotions, choosing to think logically instead.

To ignore everything else and focus on eating.

But not anymore.

Theyd found a source of energy that was more than enough for the seven of them to devour.

Their bodies remembered it.

The existence of the Relic that had raised them up to this point and could continue to raise them.

There was no point in leaving these annoying flies alone when they no longer needed to focus on eating so much.

What in the world

Actually, the areas where the beams were descending to were now approaching their location at a terrifying rate.

Samuel was at a loss at seeing countless ships being destroyed by the beams of light.

Hansoo chuckled coldly

Lets see Who will take it first?




Hansoo and Kiriel, who had just approached him from behind, were surrounded in white smoke as they disappeared.



Samuel hurriedly used his skills again but it was too late.


Samuel roared with rage after finding out Hansoo had disappeared.

Lets hurry.

Hansoo returned to the city of Neoreim, looking at its walls as he tightly grasped his hammer.

Therell be a lot of people chasing me now.

Kiriel sighed.

Sure There really seems to be a lot of obstacles this time though.


boom! boom! boom!  

countless artillery strikes were heading their way.

This was the inner part of Neoreim.

The citys defense system had automatically detected their presence and was now launching an attack against them.

Of course, this wasnt even close to enough to damage them.

Since it was barely enough to stop the Dragon God Soldiers.

But this attacks purpose wasnt to cause damage.

Its coming.

As Hansoo slammed his foot onto the floor, smoke seeped out endlessly from the ground around him and rose up into the air.


Much more powerful attacks started to slam down onto the shadow that had covered them.

Bastards We wont let you take another step forward!

The Dragon God Soldiers had heard the activation of the citys automatic defense system and were now charging towards Hansoo and Kiriel with bright symbols on their necks.

They had much more confident attitude now compared to before when they had been stricken with fear.

Of course.

Since winning and buying time were two different things.

An angry voice could be heard from within their visors.


A radiant aura exploded from outside Neoreim at the same time they heard the rage-filled voice through the visors.

...It seems he really is pissed.

Hansoo nodded as he spoke.

Lets hurry.


Beneath the translucent barrier, Hansoos arm made crackling noises as it swelled up.

The dark energy from the Demon Gate located inside his heart was seeping into his muscles at a whole new level than before.

The first power he had used.

And probably the most fitting power in this situation.

The Primal Being.

Beast, Akamaels power.


The Mjolnir slammed onto the ground with a huge crash.



The Dragon God Soldiers grabbed their ears and tried their best to maintain their balance on the ground.

From a single strike, the countless layers of Neoreim cracked apart.

The city floor, which could even withstand Miprosky-level weapons in case of emergencies, cracked apart in an instant.

And Hansoo looked at the underground level beneath the 5-meter-thick layer floor and the now brighter Relic on his left hand and nodded.

This seems to be the right spot.

As the floor cracked apart, the Relic had started glowing with even more brilliance.

Lets go.

What about them?

Kiriel looked at the Dragon God Soldiers and asked Hansoo.

These things will defend us.


Hansoo bit his finger and spread numerous drops of blood around him.

And then


a change started to occur from within the drops of blood.

Something that was hiding within the blood began to grow.

They were as small as dust particles when they spread through the air.

But by the time they landed on the ground, the beings were even larger than most of the Dragon God Soldiers.

Thousands of blood-red scorpions.

What in the world

But even before the Dragon God Soldiers could respond


the scorpions stayed faithful to their purpose as they started to madly rush towards the Dragon God Soldiers.

What the hell is this?!

Kill it!


And the violent clashes happened soon after.

Hansoo listened to the sounds of their battle and then spoke to Kiriel.

Lets go down.

Ah Yes.



their bodies quickly descended beneath Neoreim and into the underground level.



In the space where a long, stick-like relic was shining in place.

A man who was looking at the relic from the side frowned as he gazed upwards.

There really is no one doing their job properly.

The man mumbled, feeling the vibrations from the city above.

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