Return Of The War God Chapter 5300

Chapter 5319: : Unscrew The Head Of The King

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This sudden upheaval made the domain kings shock and anger, they think this is the last trump card of the eternal clan!

Although I don't know what this weird door is.

But they understand that the more things the eternal race want to do, the more they will destroy it.

Destroy the dark red door!

And at this time, the eternal family and rebellion broke out with unprecedented power, madly stopping the kings of the human domain!

Especially Siming rebellious!

They broke out even more desperately, more ferocious than the eternal kings, even if they were injured in exchange for injuries.

Among them, the Dao San San people are the most vigorous!

It is really extraordinary to be one enemy two.

In the end, it evolved into a fierce stalemate battle, making the entire holy land of the eternal tribe almost torn apart!

"That door! It's definitely not a good thing!"

"Ye Wuque" stared at the dark red door, and found that the **** brilliance on it had become more blazing, as if it was about to open.

Although it was only a flesh and blood clone, it could still feel the weirdness of the dark red door.

"The heavenly kings of the human domain also know, but they are all desperately stopped by the eternal race! There is no way to help the door!"

"Ye Wuque" looked like a knife, but there was no way at all.

It is just a flesh and blood clone, it can't do anything, even if it rushes up a little aftermath, it will be shaken to death.

"What to do? I have to think of one to do...huh?"

But suddenly, "Ye Wuque"'s eyes condensed suddenly, and a touch of surprise flashed within it!

"The body is coming!!"

It perceives the existence of noumenon!


At the same time, the bright red giant door suddenly trembled, and the eight blood vessels on it began to beat frantically. It seemed that it was about to reach a critical point. At this moment, the power of the black hole realm divine soul shrouded in all directions all shrinking towards the bright red door. Away.

Therefore, the power to shield "Ye Wuque" disappeared!

At this moment, "Ye Wuque" did not act rashly, nor showed any strangeness. It retracted back and huddled with the Great Nine Heavenly Master.

After all, it is used by the body to confuse the audience, but... the Maple Leaf Heavenly Master!

The Great Nine Heavenly Master is in panic all day long!

"Ye Wuque" also showed a suitable look of horror on his face, but in the depths of his eyes, there was a flash of sharp... a smile.

Outside the Holy Land.

Two shadows, ghosts and charms, appeared, and it was Ye Wuque and Su Mubai!

At this moment, Su Mubai had already sensed the earth-shaking fluctuations from the Holy Land of the Eternal Clan, and his eyes showed solemnity.

The king is fighting!

Even if he just broke through to the Great Perfection of the Heavenly Spirit, in front of the Heavenly King, he still looks like... an ant! !

"Su Mubai."

Ye Wuqian opens.


"You don't need to go in. Now whether it is the human domain or the eternal clan, all the heavenly kingdoms on the Eternal Island are inside, that is to say, the only thing left outside the holy land is the heavenly spirit realm."

"Give you a task..."

"Rescue the Human Territory Heavenly Spirit Realm and Tianjiao, and at the same time... kill all the Tianjiao and clansmen of the eternal clan outside the Holy Land, leaving no one behind."

"As for the Heavenly Spirit Realm? Don't kill first, just take a heavy hit."

Ye Wuque's tone was indifferent.

"Follow the order of the heavenly master!!"

Hearing this, Su Mubai immediately took his command, his eyes burst out with a strong killing intent, and he turned away!

He understood that Heavenly Master Maple Leaf was protecting him.

And he just broke through to Tianling Great Perfection!


Just use the lives of all the people of the eternal clan under the realm of heavenly kings to celebrate his joy of breakthrough! !

Su Mubai's figure quickly disappeared.

Ye Wuque didn't worry about this at all. With Su Mubai's current strength cultivation base, there is only one result to the eternal clan's heavenly king realm, and that is...

Unparalleled mowing!

You know, with the current strength of Su Mubai, I am afraid that it is stronger than the strength of the "first person under the king of heaven" that the Nine Immortals Supreme showed on the human domain before!

in other words!

Su Mubai is now under the real King of Heaven in Human Domain... invincible!

And the Eternal Island is so big that the Eternal Clan cant escape.

"Su Mubai is going to mow the grass, I should also go to kill..."

Under the cloak, after having sensed everything that happened before and after the confluence into the Holy Land through the "flesh clone", Ye Wuque showed a sharp smile in his eyes.

He only killed one of the eternal kings!

How can this be?

But addiction! !

call out!

Ye Wuque stepped out in one step, silently saw, and directly entered the holy land of the eternal clan.

Within the Holy Land, above the sky.

boom! !

The Annihilation and the elder of the eternal clan "Yongba" once again recklessly fight again, and the two destiny souls shine!

The two seriously wounded each retreated into the void, and the blood was scattered!


Venerable Annihilation was pale, his mouth was bleeding, and his breath was empty.

Yongba was exactly the same, staggering in his footsteps, and the situation seemed to be worse.

"Today, you will definitely die!!"

Venerable Annihilation roared, his momentum was like a rainbow.

"Hey! It's up to you?"

"If it weren't for me being cut by a sword! Killing you is like slaughtering a dog!"

Yong Ba hoarsely roars.

Venerable Annihilation didn't want to talk nonsense, and wanted to attack again, but at this moment, he looked directly behind Yong Ba like this, his eyes were slightly taken aback.

Upon seeing this, Yong Ba's eyes condensed, and then he sneered with disdain, "I've been in the Heavenly King Realm. Do you still play this kind of trick?"

"You think of me as white...huh?"

Two azure golden palms burning with gold and silver flames appeared like ghosts, one pressed against Yongba's back neck, and the other pressed against Yongba's heavenly spirit cover!

Very light and fluttering!

There is no smell of fireworks!

During the whole process, Yong Ba didn't notice the slightest.

In an instant, Yongba's pupils suddenly shrank violently, his body was tight, his hairs were standing upright, and he was about to break free and explode in an instant!

"Don't move, or it will hurt..."

But in the next moment, Yong Ba suddenly heard a soft whisper in his ear, making him struck by lightning.


Puff! ! !

Yongba's words came to an abrupt end!

His head was twisted from his neck by these two pale golden palms that were burning with gold and silver flames! !

The blood suddenly splashed everywhere!

Yong Ba's eyeballs bulged violently, and the inside was scarlet, and then the seven orifices were bleeding, the boss with an open mouth!

In the end, his vague gaze only had time to see a figure hunting in a cloak.

"Stealing, sneak attack... don't talk about... martial ethics..."

Yong Ba finally flashed away with endless resentment, and then he didn't know anything and fell into eternal darkness.

Above the void.

Ye Wuque carried Yong Ba's head casually in one hand, and blood dripped from the decapitated head. Yong Ba stared in anger, his face still solidified with a dazed, frightened, inconceivable, and trance expression!

The headless corpse fell feebly into the void, sprinkling a rain of drifting blood.

"the second"

A whisper, sounded from Ye Wuque's mouth, not high, but it blasted like thunder in the ears of every heavenly king between heaven and earth!

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