Return Of The War God Chapter 5301

Chapter 5320: :this Is Impossible

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The corpse of Yongba that was smashed on the ground was directly shredded into mashed flesh, and blood was spilled, but the roar of regret was so clear at the beginning!

The eight heavenly kings of the human domain are all full of astonishment, and then there are endless...surprises! !



"En Gong turned out to be a heavenly king!!"

"God opened his eyes!"

"The second one? Is it possible that before becoming a benefactor, you have killed an eternal king?"


Emperor Taiyan, ancestors of the Li family and other heavenly kings spoke one after another, each of them extremely excited!

Venerable Annihilation was also full of surprise and surprise.

A moment ago!

He is still fighting Yong Ba to death, and now, Yong Ba can't even find the body.

Although the injuries in the body were not light, Venerable Annihilation was still extremely excited and happy. He looked at Ye Wuque with eager eyes.

Compared to the ecstatic human domain king, the eternal race seems to have fallen into **** at this moment!

One by one, the expressions were extremely ugly at this time, staring at Ye Wuque, and there was a flame of anger in his eyes!

"How is it possible? A little ant! He turned out to be a... Heavenly King?"

"how so??"

"Could it be that Yongxiao also died in his hands??"

"Are you the Great Soul Sage of the Black Hole Realm Nirvana again? Another Heaven?"


The eternal family of heavenly kings simply cannot accept it!

With one enemy and two Dao San scattered people, their eyes were like swords, falling on Ye Wuque's face, their eyes flickering, cold and indifferent.

"It looks like I underestimated you!"

"I didn't expect you to hide so deeply!"

Regardless of whether it is the Heavenly King of Human Domain or the Heavenly King of the Eternal Clan, they all think that Ye Wuque is concealed, and no one will think that Ye Wuque has just broken into the Heavenly King realm.

Such a terrible and deep scheming!

Who is not afraid?

not to mention!

The power of the Heavenly Kings realm and the power of the Black Hole Realm Nirvana Great Soul Saint Divine Soul are concentrated on one person at the same time. What a terrible deterrence is this?


Ye Wuque's right hand squeezed Yongba's head at will, blood splashed out, dyeing his black cloak red.

Under the cloak, there seemed to be a pair of sharp sword-like horrible pupils refracted, sweeping through every remaining eternal king of the clan!


"Who's turn?"

The indifferent voice once again sounded from Ye Wuque's mouth, suddenly making the expressions of the heavenly kings of the eternal tribe even more cold and ugly!

"No! You must think of a way!"

"It's nine to six now!"

"Go on like this! The consequences are disastrous, and my eternal race will suffer an unimaginable fatal blow!"

"You... don't want to think of a way??

At this moment, the heavenly king "Yong Yue" of the eternal clan roared with extreme anger and unwillingness.

Yongxiao and Yongba have fallen!

This is the heritage of their eternal family, the highest combat power!

After a long time, coupled with the many opportunities of the Eternal Island, the king of heaven has been accumulated!

Two fell in one fell swoop!

Who can accept this loss? ?

What's more, it was originally to fight more with less, and now the gap has been widened. If the situation was severe before, then it is really precarious now, and the world will fall apart if you are not careful!

"Damn it! This **** guy!"

"Destroyed our plan!"

Yong Yue stared at Ye Wuque and couldn't help but roar again, her eyes full of resentment and madness.

Originally, this was a big killing game against the creatures of the human domain, but now, the eternal race has suffered a big loss.

too difficult!

"Don't forget! He also has a companion! That person can cut the three of us with a single sword! It is also very likely to be a heavenly king!"

The eternal race roars endlessly!

But at the moment!

Dao San Sanren, Wang Chuan Tianjun, Wei Family Patriarch, and Taiyin Master are rebellious. They don't have any fear on their faces. They are still extremely cold and their eyes are striking, like four condensed ten thousand years of profound ice!


"Can't turn the sky!"

The sound is like thunder, falling from the Dao San scattered population, with endless chill and coldness.

The eight heavenly kings of the human domain all showed anger at this time, and at the same time there was a trace of confusion and alert in their eyes.

The current situation is obviously that the human domain has an absolute advantage!

Why are these rebellious still so calm?

Such contempt?

Do they have any other hole cards?

But at this moment, Ye Wuque stood in the void, and the eyes under the cloak didn't even look at Dao San San Ren, but fell on the bright red strange giant gate that stood under the sky in the distance!

Then... step out!

Like lightning, Ye Wuque rushed directly to the weird giant gate, grabbed the void with his right hand, and a big halberd came out, but it was not a big dragon halberd, but a dark mad god!

No one thought that Ye Wuque was going to destroy that strange gate!

"Stop him!!"

Finally, Dao Sansan's discoloration changed slightly, and he immediately drank.

The heavenly kings of Human Domain all sneered!

It's nine to six right now!

Even if there is no Ye Wuque, it is still eight to six.

How can they allow someone to disturb Ye Wuque?

"wishful thinking!"

"Don't even think about going over!"

"Let's stay where you are!"


The eight heavenly kings of the human domain burst out together, desperately blocking their opponents, and will never allow anyone to disturb Ye Wuque.

They naturally also noticed the weirdness of the weird gate, but they couldn't spare their hands to destroy it before. Now the opportunity is here!

Even Venerable Annihilation followed directly, and he wanted to work with Ye Wuque to destroy the giant gate!


Approaching the weird gate, Ye Wuque suddenly felt a deep and ancient horror aura rushing toward his face, and the roar of the eight huge blood vessels twitched, giving people a daunting illusion.

But Ye Wuque's face was expressionless, and the dark mad **** Euphorbia was directly raised in his hand, and his body was burning with gold and silver flames, and his fighting power broke out!

The dark mad **** Euphorbia lit up, and the spirit of the fierce beast roared out, teeth and claws, pitch black like ink, exuding a earth-shaking aura!

With a halberd, he cut out forcefully at the weird gate!

when! !

The dark mad **** Euphorbia slashed fiercely on the weird gate, and suddenly broke out with a earth-shaking roar, sparks splashed, and the sky was shaking!

Huge ripples of power roared out along with the power of the sharp, squeezing the ten directions!


But in the next moment, a painful roar resounded, it turned out to be the fierce soul of the dark mad **** Euphorbia!

At the same time, Ye Wuque withdrew even more than tens of thousands of meters, and the dark mad **** Euphorbia in his hand started to break...inches!

In an instant it shattered into pieces and disappeared into ashes.

And that weird door is... unscathed!

This made Ye Wuque's eyes narrowed slightly under his cloak.

The heavenly kings of the human domain are shaking in their hearts one by one!

"I don't know the height of the sky and the earth! You deserve it too?"

Dao San scattered people with one enemy and two, but at this moment they still sneered disdainfully.

Under the cloak, Ye Wuque raised his brows and looked at the weird gate again, revealing an inexplicable smile.

"Very rigid, right?"


The large black cloak violently flicked at this moment, covering the void, the power of the soul followed like a shadow, Ye Wuque quietly took out the big dragon halberd again!

The big dragon halberd was concealed by the black cloak, and coupled with the power of the soul, it was not real at all, but there was a cold light flashing out, stirring the void.

With a flash, Ye Wuque rushed to the weird door again, and the big dragon halberd was strong!

Seeing that Ye Wuque seemed to be unwilling to make a move again, Dao Sansan and others showed mocking smiles again.

"An ant is an ant after all!"

"It will always be so pitiful and pitiful...this is impossible!!!"

The taunting voices of Dao San San people suddenly turned into endless roars of anger!

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