Return Of The War God Chapter 5441

Chapter 5460: Shuang Shuang Shuang

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Ye Wuque maintained the power of "Absolute Zero", and the Destiny King Soul of the master of the Emperor Heaven clan was almost completely frozen!

He lost all resistance and can only froze in place.

What is the Soul of the King of Destiny?

That is the root of the power of the king!

It is the source of all their cultivation and strength, and it is also the biggest sign that they have jumped out of the world and completely downplayed themselves.

It is equivalent to the aggregation of all the spirits and spirits, and it is equivalent to the primordial spirit!

As long as the Destiny King's soul is still there and has not suffered major damage, then a heavenly king will not completely live and die.

And now, Ye Wuque's "Absolute Zero" can directly freeze the Soul of the King of Heaven!

Directly grasp the most powerful root of the king!

And without the power of the "Destiny King Soul", what could the Heavenly King do in front of Ye Wuque? ?

"Under the gods, am I invincible?"

Ye Wuque spoke softly. He naturally wouldn't doubt the words from Jianchan, and he finally understood it completely at this moment.

According to Jian Chan's words, not only the peak of the late Heavenly King Realm, but even the Great Perfection of the Heavenly King, such an invincible existence of the Heavenly King!

With the "absolute zero" divine vision, it seems that he is not afraid at all, and can even win.

"It's just that, when this'Absolute Zero' is applied to the extreme, it seems that it can only be imprisoned by ice, but it can't directly destroy the soul of the King of Destiny..."

Ye Wuque carefully perceives the little white mouse in front of him, and keeps summarizing.

"Although I have become a real Black Hole Realm Destroyed Great Soul Saint, at this level, I haven't reached the extreme. If the power of the soul becomes stronger, the Black Hole Primordial Spirit is even more powerful. At that time,'Absolutely The power of'zero degrees' can rise and become even more terrifying if you want to!"

"But for now, this is enough!"

"As long as the ice confines the soul of the King of Destiny, then with the help of the sharp edge of the dragon halberd, wouldn't it be as easy as killing a chicken?"

When Ye Wuque knew what he knew, the black hole and sky eyes between his forehead slowly subsided, and he put away the divine vision.

The solidified body of the master of the Huangtian clan suddenly loosened, and the frozen Destiny Wanghai thawed, and the whole person seemed to recover from suffocation, panting violently!

And Ye Wuque had already looked at Jianchan and said, "Under the gods, I am invincible. Where is the **** of the day?"

Jianchan's beautiful eyes moved slightly, and he shook his head directly: "The true **** possesses the so-called'destiny of heaven', possessing many incredible powers. You have seen it, and you may be able to do it with your strange hand. It stagnates for a moment, but it's still too far away."

Ye Wuque nodded slowly, but he understood in his heart!

He wants to match the real gods, and even surpass them!

For todays plan, there is only one way...

Saint King!

"I can't do it for the time being, you can do it."

Ye Wuque said with a faint smile, and then looked back at the violent panting, but stared at Ye Wuque, his eyes full of resentment and madness!

"I want to ask you some questions, you should be able to answer me?"

Ye Wuque said with a smile.

"Bah! An ant-like dog thing! Want to torture me?"

The master of the Huangtian clan sneered and spoke, his scarlet eyes were full of disdain and mockery.

Ye Wuque still smiled, sitting cross-legged, but suddenly nine golden chains flew out of behind him.

Half a quarter of an hour later.


"Kill me! Kill me! No... I say it! I say it all!"

As the golden flower throbbed in the void, the last emperor clan master within it let out a stern and desperate roar!

Ye Wuque shook his head and stood up with a "why?"

At the moment, Jianchan's beautiful eyes burst out with a faint color of surprise. She glanced at the huge golden flower in full bloom, then looked at Ye Wuque, as if she couldn't help saying: "You still have this One hand??"

"It's just a little trick."

Ye Wuque smiled kindly.

little tricks?

Jian Chan was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Nine Dragon Bound Tiansuo, then blinked his eyes and said nothing more.

"How many of you are there this time?"

Ye Wuqian opens his mouth.

"Seven or seven! Among them, "Taoqing" is the first!"

"Where are the remaining three people?"

"We are responsible for the blood sacrifice of the magic circle. After sensing the death of Huimu, we were cleared and notified and came here with a secret method as soon as possible."

"There is one person, to search for the local power, to find the trace of a person... Ye Wuque!"

Ye Wuque's eyes suddenly condensed slightly.

"Why search for Ye Wuque?"

"In order to find out the murderer of the'Desperate Young Master'! Heitian's great domain feathered into the immortal soil, and finally came out alive, Ye Wuque was one of them!"

"He may know the cause of the death of Young Master Desolate Heart."

"How about cleaning it up then?"

"He has gone to the Blood Sacrifice Circle, besides that, he has to arrest someone!"


"Maple Leaf Heavenly Master!"

"Why look for Fengye Tianshi?"

"Because, because according to Taoqing's inference,'Ye Wuque' cannot disappear out of thin air. He must have pretended to be another person. Whoever has been the most popular in the past six months, and turned out to be born, is most likely Ye Wuque. And Maple Leaf Heaven The teacher fully meets this condition! So it is the first goal!"

Ye Wuque, who was listening quietly, was expressionless at this moment, but his eyes flickered slightly.

This Tao Qing is a smart man!

The Huangtian clan watched indifferently, and quietly guessed that it was almost exactly the same.

"Then there is another person?"

"Go to the Indestructible Building! Capture... Jiang Feiyu!"

"Jiang Feiyu and Ye Wuque are both people who walked out of Yuhua Immortal Land alive! She may also know."

Ye Wuque's eyes suddenly narrowed!

"The Immortal Building is guarded by the immortal spirit. Are you not afraid? Dare to go alone?"

As soon as these words came out, the person from the Emperor Heaven clan immediately spoke: "In front of the late peak of the Heavenly King Realm, the immortal spirit will not work either!"

Ye Wuque stood up suddenly.

A hidden place in the human domain.

It seemed to be a weird swamp, and the depths under this swamp at this moment seemed to have been hollowed out, forming a cave.

Inside the cave mansion, there was a figure sitting faintly cross-legged, the light was shining at this moment, stirring all directions, and there was a huge coercion galloping!

It seems to be sublimated to the extreme, and is about to be completed.

Until a certain moment...


The earth-shaking fluctuations exploded suddenly, and then extinguished suddenly. Vaguely, a blood-colored mad dragon suddenly appeared out of the sky, winding through the void, roaring, very terrifying!

But followed by a low growl full of pain and unwillingness resounded!

The blood-colored mad dragon galloped, and the brilliance was shining, and the aura of extreme sublimation seemed to be unable to succeed and was about to collapse.

Just at this moment, a dark golden brilliance suddenly overflowed, accompanied by a dark golden mist, constantly rushing!

With the appearance of this dark golden brilliance, the blood-colored mad dragon skyrocketed again, and the subsequent weak aura seemed to have been injected with a brand new power, bursting out madly, and finally pushed to the extreme...


With a roar and exploded, the entire swamp was exploded!

A surge of pressure on the ten directions, as if jumping out of the world, blooming, full of tyrannical meaning!

A long roar full of surprises, excitement, and wanton exploded from it, only a figure stepped out from it, and finally fell on the ground, the light shining, and gradually dissipated, revealing a tall figure, impressively...Luo Hongfei !

"I, Luo Hongfei, finally successfully transformed into the'Destiny King Soul'!"

"From now on, I will be... the king of heaven!"

Luo Hongfei was extremely happy and energetic, feeling a new and huge power, and was extremely excited.

My current self is much stronger than in the past!

The self now!

Finally possessed the invincible strength of the human domain!

I am no longer a little boy, not a chess piece, and become... a chess player again!


Shuang Shuang Shuang!


At this moment, Mr. Bei's hoarse voice came from within the Soul Space.

Hearing this, Luo Hongfei reduced his smile, his eyes became inexplicable, and then he spoke softly in his heart.

"Mr. Bei, you once said that when I officially become the'king of heaven,' you will tell me everything about you and your goals."

"Now, I succeeded."


"Should you say it?"

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