Return Of The War God Chapter 5442

Chapter 5461: Seize the house

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With Luo Hongfei's sudden opening, everything seemed to be quiet, and even became strange and silent!

Between this world, only Luo Hongfei stood quietly, and the freshly-baked Soul of the King of Destiny behind him glided and shook the void.

Luo Hongfei was expressionless, just standing like this, as if waiting.

After a long time...


A sigh finally came from the dark golden hall in his soul space, breaking the dead silence.

"Indeed, you have now officially transformed into the Soul of the King of Destiny, you have become the King of Heaven, and you have enough strength to break through yourself."

"Now you are indeed qualified to know everything, not to mention, I have promised you."

Mr. Bei's hoarse voice sounded, and it seemed that it had not completely recovered from the weakness and malaise in the Eternal Island.

After Mr. Bei's words fell, Luo Hongfei's eyes flickered, and then his figure moved, and he found a hidden place to sit down, his mind moved, and his mind once again entered his soul space.

Looking at the dark golden hall that lay in the depths of his soul space, which had been standing here for many years, the soul of Luo Hongfei was expressionless, his eyes were inexplicable, and then he wanted to walk inside it again.

Inside the hall, Luo Hongfei's primordial spirit slowly appeared and looked towards the end of the hall.

There, the dark golden mist surged, still covering everything.

But in the next moment, the surging dark golden mist gradually dissipated, and Mr. Pei once again emerged from it.

A scarlet skeleton!

Sitting there quietly, there were only two pulsating ghost fires in the sunken eye sockets.

Even if it wasn't the first time to see Mr. Bei's true face, Luo Hongfei still had his eyes trembling slightly at this time, and he immediately returned to calm.

"You have always been curious about who I am, why I appeared, and what is the real purpose..."

Mr. Bei spoke slowly, the two ghost fires in his eye sockets were like Luo Hongfei watching quietly with his eyes.


Luo Hongfei responded softly.

"I can feel that for so many years, you have always been defensive against me, secretly vigilant, this is understandable."

"Moreover, for mine, you have already guessed in your heart if you want to come, right?"

Mr. Bei continued.


Luo Hongfei nodded again, paused, and then continued: "You should come from... Huangtian clan, right?"

"Only the Huangtian clan is a tyrannical existence above the human domain."

"Only the Huangtian clan possesses so many incredible secret magic powers."

"Only when you are born in the emperor clan, you will be so unfathomable, you can control the power, and even help my king return and reshape your talent!"

"The most important thing is that only if you belong to the Emperor Clan, you can have a way to let me worship the Emperor Clan, and you will know so much about the Emperor Clan!"

"There are so many secrets about the Huangtian clan that it is impossible for non-clan people to know! Although you have never deliberately expressed it, all the signs are sufficient to prove it."

Luo Hongfei's voice was low and determined.

Mr. Bei listened quietly. At this moment, the skull swayed slightly with Luo Hongfei's opening, as if feeling emotional, as if recalling. In the end, the ghost fire in his eyes jumped hoarsely and said, "You guessed it."

"I do come from the emperor's clan!"

Although there was a guess in his mind, Luo Hongfei still narrowed his eyes when he heard Mr. Bei's affirmative answer at the moment.

Without waiting for him to speak, Mr. Bei's voice sounded again: "You must have been curious for a long time..."

"Since I'm from the Huangtian clan, why do I not act in line with the Huangtian clan? I have helped you steal a lot of benefits from the Huangtian clan. I violated many rules of the Huangtian clan and kept calculating without mercy."

"Even just now, I helped you calculate the young master of the Huangtian clan, seeking to seize his blood **** heavenly veins, leaving him dead without a place to be buried, and the curtain came to a tragic end!"

Luo Hongfei nodded directly and said: "That's right."

"This is indeed a place that I find strange, and it is also a place that I am wary of you!"

"You can calculate so ruthlessly even your own people, even assassin, let alone me as an outsider?"

"You help me, cultivate me, make me stronger, this will only make me feel more horror and chill!"

"If you were me, would you think that this would be pure self-sacrifice and painstaking effort?"

"You are not my father!"


"I can only draw one conclusion..."

"That's the investment you have invested in you. One day, maybe you will get back ten times a hundred times!"

Luo Hongfei's voice became deeper and deeper.

During the whole process, Mr. Bei didn't refute, but just listened quietly. After Luo Hongfei stopped, Mr. Bei nodded again.

"you are right."

"From your point of view, there is no problem."

"But there are many things in the world that cannot be explained and described with common sense at all. Perhaps you will not believe what I am going to say next!"

"First of all, you have to understand a little bit!"

"Although I come from the Huangtian clan, I am already countless higher than the Huangtian clan!"

"Because of the things I have experienced and encountered before, no one can believe it! I have seen the... ultimate in this world!"

Mr. Bei spoke like this, especially the last two words, with an unprecedented solemnity and wonder!

The two groups of ghost fires in the eye sockets seemed to be pouring in boiling oil at this moment, and the light soared!


Luo Hongfei finally frowned when he heard this, and was a little stunned.

"Mr. Bei, what you said...I don't understand."

"What exactly does that mean?"

He stared at Mr. Bei tightly.

"Luo Hongfei, do you believe... Destiny?"

At this moment, Mr. Bei asked Luo Hongfei back, the wild fire in his eyes jumped rapidly.

"Of course I believe it!"

"Three heavens! The foundation of standing is to start with the spirit of destiny. Today's heavenly kings have jumped out of the world and entered an incredible new level!"

Luo Hongfei answered in the affirmative.

"Yes! This is the'destiny' in the realm of cultivation, but the destiny I said is the real destiny!"

"Destined in the dark!"

"Love from God!"

"Coming down to this world, wrapped in a strong atmosphere! Achieve an indescribable glorious future!"

"Luo Hongfei!"

"If I tell you! Your existence is destiny!"

"You are... the Son of Destiny!"

"Are you credible?"

Speaking of this, Mr. Bei rises up and down with an unimaginable aura, the dark golden mist is boiling, it seems to skyrocket, illuminating the entire hall!

It looked at Luo Hongfei's wildfire eyes, and unexpectedly, endless expectations, enthusiasm, respect, and desire emerged!

Luo Hongfei was stunned!

He never expected that Mr. Bei would say such a thing!


Is he the Son of Destiny?

What and what is this? ?

The more you listen, the more awkward it is, it's like listening to a secular third-rate second-and-second novel, which makes people stunned.

But at this moment, Luo Hongfei's heart jumped!

He felt the terrifying fluctuations and inexplicable aura from Mr. Bei's whole body, and suddenly realized something, his pupils shrank slightly, the primordial spirit shone with luster, the soul of the King of Destiny trembled, and his tone became extremely cold!

"Mr. Bei, I don't understand what you are saying."

"But the fluctuations that bloomed from you at this moment made me feel an unprecedented vigilance!"

"Your posture is more like you are about to...take me away than any bullshit,'Son of Destiny'!"

In the words, Luo Hongfei's primordial spirit also bloomed with terrifying brilliance, confronting Mr. Bei!

At this moment, Mr. Bei, who was sitting cross-legged, heard the words, the surging momentum did not change, it was still surging, but the ghost fire in his eyes was beating strangely!

It seems to be staring at Luo Hongfei. Hearing Luo Hongfei's words that are comparable to tearing his face, instead of any anger and coldness in the ghost fire, there is a touch of...comfort? look forward to?

I saw Mr. Bei let out a strange and fanatical smile, staring at Luo Hongfei, and then spoke word by word!

"You guessed it..."

"The next thing we need to do is indeed to'rob home'."


"It's not that I took you away!"

"But I want you..."

"Seize me!"

"In other words, use everything I have... to fulfill you!"

As soon as this remark came out, Luo Hongfei was confused again!

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