Return Of The War God Chapter 5443

Chapter 5462: how can that be

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Luo Hongfei's soul froze in place, and he even thought that there was a problem with his ears.

Staring at Mr. Bei's skeleton frame, Luo Hongfei's eyes twitched slightly, and then he sneered suddenly!

"At this moment, what tricks are you going to play?"

"If you want to seize Sheming, just say it!"

"Do you think I'll believe it when you do these things? Do you think I'm a fool??"

Luo Hongfei growled out loud.

He reacted from the dumbfounded, and the first time he felt that Mr. Pei was playing with himself!

Let yourself seize him?

Sacrifice yourself to perfect him? ?

how can that be? ?

Apart from parents and relatives, how can there be such a great and noble person in the world? ?

Sometimes even parents cant do it!

Luo Hongfei was completely angry!

The brilliance of his primordial spirit is boiling, and the soul of the King of Destiny exudes terrifying pressure!

But Mr. Bei didn't seem to be surprised by Luo Hongfei's performance at all.

"I know, you won't believe it, and even if it were placed tens of thousands of years ago, thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, I would feel like a lunatic myself!"


"A lot of things, you won't understand at all without experiencing it!"

"The'ultimate' I have ever seen has completely detached me and fully understood my mission!"

"Luo Hongfei, why would I linger and meet you before I die?"

"Why do you happen to lose your talent and fall to the bottom of your life!"

"All this is... Destiny!"

"Under the destiny, no matter what, you must give way!"

"Luo Hongfei, maybe you haven't figured it out yet, but you only need to know one thing..."

Mr. Bei's voice is getting louder and louder and more and more enthusiastic, like a mad dragon that has been tied for millions of years, finally breaking free from the chains and being released from prison!

With a quick brush, Mr. Bei, who had been sitting cross-legged, stood up!

It is a scarlet skeleton!

At this moment, he took a step forward and walked slowly towards Luo Hongfei. The ghost fire in his eye sockets turned into blood at this moment!

But Luo Hongfei could easily see the fanaticism, piety, excitement, excitement, expectation, and satisfaction in Mr. Bei's eyes!

"Luo Hongfei!"

Mr. Bei roared Luo Hongfei's name loudly.

Luo Hongfei frowned and stared at Mr. Bei who was getting closer and closer.

The huge and unpredictable dark golden mist followed like a shadow, spreading out, covering the entire dark golden hall, and the ancient and incomplete waves were shining!

But Luo Hongfei could feel it, that the power that Mr. Pei exploded was not at all offensive or hostile.

Even, Mr. Bei opened everything to him, and he could easily perceive everything about Mr. Bei.



This is Mr. Bei at the moment.

It seems to be fulfilling its innate mission, for the long time, just to wait for this moment!

"my existence!"

"Just to meet you!"

"Just for..."

"Complete you!"

"Only you successfully broke into the King of Heaven, transformed the Soul of the King of Destiny, and realized the power of Destiny!"

"You are qualified to accept everything from me! Absorb everything from me! Melt everything from me!"

"You can make every success, go further, break the shackles, and achieve supreme achievements!"

"Now you may be confused or even frightened."

"It's ok!"

"Sooner or later you will understand! After you understand all of this, you will become the...ultimate of this world!"

"Suppress everything, the ultimate to suppress everything!"

"As for everything about those ancient treasures, when you absorb me, you will naturally understand!"


"I have been dying to this day, I can finally complete my mission! Hahahaha..."

Between laughter!

Mr. Bei looks like a madman, but with endless joy and excitement.


Next moment!

Luo Hongfei's pupils shrank violently!

He saw Mr. Bei's blood-colored skeleton body, at this moment a raging flame was burning!

The endless dark golden mist gathered at this moment, melting it!

Mr. Bei is... self-destructing!

It is burning its own soul and erasing all traces of itself!


"After accepting everything from me, your primordial spirit will be greatly benefited. In order to avoid future troubles, you must go to the next level and swallow the primordial spirit of'Maple Leaf'! Definitely!"

"Goodbye... Luo Hongfei!"

"Do not let me down!"


The laughter was gone, and in just seven or eight breaths, under Luo Hongfei's horrified gaze, Mr. Bei's soul was so wiped out, everything about it completely disappeared from the heavens and the earth!

In the void, only a ball of dark golden light was left!

Hengchen is there!

Infinite purity!

Infinitely bright!

Luo Hongfei can clearly perceive the terrifying pure power contained in it!

That is the lifelong strength of Mr. Bei!

Be left by Mr. Bei.

And Mr. Bei's own brand and spirit are not left at all.

Mr. Bei, it was completely wiped out.

Luo Hongfei stood there stiffly!

As if dreaming!

Everything that happened before his eyes made him almost trance!

"how so"

It wasn't until a long time later that Luo Hongfei came to his senses. He stared at the pure power belonging to Mr. Bei in front of him, his eyes shone with light, and finally turned into a touch of temptation and greed!

He once again began to examine this dark golden light group carefully, countless times before and after, carefully and thoroughly.

In the end, it was completely determined that there was a clean piece of it, it was pure power, and there was no back-handling left by Mr. Pei at all.

"It's all gone!"

"What's the point of leaving behind?"

Luo Hongfei whispered, with a sigh in his eyes.

"Although I still don't know why this happens, after all, after so many years of company, there is still friendship."

"It stands to reason that I shouldn't want this power, I should put you in the soil for safety..."


Luo Hongfei's eyes slowly revealed a vicious and overbearing meaning.

"A husband and a child, a non-toxic husband and a husband!"

"Since you perfect me, why should I refuse?"

"Thank you, Mr. Bei..."

"I will make your ashes become meaningful..."

When these words fell, Luo Hongfei's primordial spirit instantly merged with the dark golden light group!


Outside, Luo Hongfei's whole person was suddenly enveloped in endless dark golden light, and gradually turned into a dark golden giant cocoon.

An hour later.

Kaka Kaka roared loudly, the dark golden giant cocoon could be opened, and Luo Hongfei's figure appeared inside it.

Slowly stood up, felt the strength in his body, Luo Hongfei grinned.

"Mr. Bei, who has sacrificed himself, really want to thank you..."

"Now how strong am I?"

Luo Hongfei rubbed his hands and laughed louder and louder, seeming to have a high above, sweeping pleasure.

No one knows what happened to him, what kind of power he has now!

The laughter stopped, Luo Hongfei's eyes flickered, his expression became permeating, and he muttered to himself: "But Mr. Bei is right. My soul has been reborn and has reached an incredible level, but he needs to absorb a dark star. The primordial spirit of'Consummation' will completely avoid future troubles, and complete Consummation will be able to reach a higher level.

"Hey! Let me see, where are you... Maple Leaf..."

While muttering to himself, Luo Hongfei's expression became weird and permeating, and then gently closed his eyes.

At the same moment.


Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Shuttle cut through the sky, as fast as lightning!

In the cabin, Ye Wuque sat cross-legged quietly, lying beside him was the great master of the Huangtian clan who had passed out.

As for Jianchan, seems to have disappeared?


Ye Wuque looked at the front with his eyes like a knife!

But above his knees, there was a sword hanging across, and it was indeed Shi Ejian!

Next moment!

Jian Chan's faint voice came out from within Shi Ejian.

"What Jiang Feiyu are you going to save?"

Jianchan unexpectedly returned to Shi Ejian.

"It's fine if you don't know, but now that you know, you can't stand by."

"After all, she and Jiuxian Palace, and Jiuxian Supreme, once helped me, even if I didn't need it."

"Huang Tian's clan is watching her, Jiu Xian Zhizun will definitely try to stop her."

"I hope it's still too late..."

Ye Wuqian spoke gently.

Jian Chan said no more.

She entered the Shi Ejian, this was Ye Wuque's opinion, so that it would be convenient for her to launch surprise attacks and avoid "it"'s vision.

With Jianchan, in theory Ye Wuque is now fearless.

An emperor and the peak of the late heavenly king?

Just take this opportunity to thoroughly experience the power of "Absolute Zero"! See if you can kill the town alone!


Suddenly, Ye Wuque stood up, took a step out, and rushed out of the nine heavens and ten earthly movement shuttles!

The immortal building is here!

But the next moment!

Ye Wuque's figure suddenly stopped in the void and froze in place!

The pupils shrink violently!

There was a hint of horror on his face!

"how so??"

"Where is the immortal building?"

At this moment, at the end of Ye Wuque's gaze, between heaven and earth.

The Indestructible Building that should have stood here has completely disappeared!

Ye Wuque fell abruptly and landed on the address of the Immortal Building. After careful inspection, the ground was peaceful and the grass was lush.

There are no signs of fighting.

There is no residual breath.

There is also no hiding space to change appearances.

Not to mention Jiang Feiyu, the supreme Nine Immortals, the master of the Huangtian clan, the countless human domain creatures who should have escaped to the next time have also disappeared completely, without any clues or breath left.

There is a lot of nature and peace all around.

It's as if it was not disappearing, but the immortal building had never appeared before!

All is just a dream!

It's all an illusion.

"how can that be??"

At this moment, Ye Wuque could hardly believe his eyes, his brows were furrowed, and there was a storm in his heart!

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