Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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The warriors immediately carried Prince Xue and the others onto the ship after they arrived in front of the ship.

When the ship's door closed, the ship immediately flew into the air.

Ships that could fly through the air were of course not a rare thing in that world, but for the youths from remote islands, they still did not meet the requirements to board such ships that could fly in the air.

The sects in the Shark God continent wouldn't let them do that.

"Huh." Many breathed a sigh of relief after the royal ship left.

It's not that they have an inferiority complex, but the royal family is really too strong for them. They, however, only came from a small faction in the Xue Kingdom. Even the top factions on that ship were still considered small factions when compared to the entire kingdom.

One of the kingdom's top experts could easily slaughter even their ancestors.

After the royal ship disappeared from their sight, they began to get off the ship. They followed their respective sect envoys.

As a small sect even among the sects on the ship, the Split Mountain sect envoy naturally did not dare to move any earlier than the other sects.

And Qin Tian's presence in his group also made him confused about how to act.

He originally didn't take Qin Tian too seriously. Even now he still thought of Qin Tian as a young man who had not yet cultivated, but the mysterious relationship between Qin Tian and prince Xue made him think again about how to treat Qin Tian.

Not to mention him, Qin Tian could even feel the gaze from other sect disciples.

"Ehmmm." Qin Tian then cleared his throat as he saw the sect envoy still not speaking.

He felt uneasy as he watched Yang Ming and the others also start behaving cautiously in front of him.

"Don't worry senior, I actually don't have any relationship with Prince Xue. We just coincidentally have similar fates." He says.

"I hope you can forget about it, senior." He smiled slightly as he said that.

The envoy's face immediately twitched when he heard his words.

"Huh." He sighed. He then pretended as if he didn't hear anything.

"Very well, then let's go to the sect. The location of our sect is not too far from here, we will arrive in three hours."

After saying that, he suddenly opened his robe, and an eagle then emerged from inside his robe.

Even though the size of the eagle looked small, Qin Tian could feel a spiritual warrior aura emitting from the eagle's body.


The envoy's hand then caught the eagle's leg.

"Let's go out of town first, I dare not fly over this city." Said the envoy with an embarrassed smile.

The envoy's cultivation was only in the third layer of spiritual warriors, although the port city was not a very big city, there were many experts who stopped by in that city. If they happened to fly over the head of an expert with a petty personality, they could have been slapped to death.

After getting off the ship, they immediately left the port.

When they entered the city, Yang Ming and the others immediately showed expressions of amazement at the city they were looking at. On the small islands where they came from, it was almost impossible to find a city like that.

Even Qin Tian sighed as he looked at the city with those ancient buildings. 17 years on earth made her yearn for the cities of sixteen heavens. Although cities like that were quite common in other games, they were in the end just cities made up of computer programs. But the city he saw right now was a city from a real world.

The envoy didn't seem to want to stay in the city for long, after entering the city from the port, he immediately led Qin Tian and the others to leave the city.

There were many shops selling various cultivation equipment and resources along the paths they walked, but they didn't stop at a single shop. Perhaps other than Qin Tian who obtained several earth grade pills from the system, none of them would have the money to shop in that city.

Not long after, they finally came out of the city gates.

After leaving the city, they did not stop immediately, they only stopped after they were about 300 meters more from the city.

"Huh. We'll fly from here." The envoy said with a sigh.

Qin Tian could see the tension from the envoy along their journey. He didn't know why, but he felt that their journey to the sect would most likely not go smoothly.

Actually it is not a strange thing. There are too many small sects in sixteen heavens. However, while their number was very large, the territory available to them was much less. For most small sects, they had to continue fighting to defend their territory.

"But." Qin Tian then looked at his stats.

During the previous banquet, he had accumulated nearly 4,000 spiritual energies, and now he still hasn't condensed them.


<Nickname: Jian>

<Race: Human>

<Body: Primordial God Body>

(Unlocked skills: <Divine Perception>)

Well, here I have changed the words (No sense) to (Divine Perception.) What do you think?

<Bloodline: Primordial Bloodline>

<Soul: Primordial Soul>

Cultivation Technique:

<Longevity Scripture (First Stage: Can absorb three spiritual energies in 1 second.)>

Martial Arts Techniques:

<Iron Dragon Fist (First Stage: Can release 100kg of strength with one spiritual source.)>

<Cultivation: Spiritual Apprentice fifth layer> / <Spiritual Source: 51/60>

<Spiritual Energy: 4010> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)

"Looks like I have to break through first. With 4000 spiritual energy, I can reach the ninth layer of Spiritual Apprentice. With the power of the Primordial God Body, there should be no problem if I fight against a spiritual warrior." He said as he looked at his stats.

The reason why he didn't break through earlier was because he wanted to be in case something required spiritual energy. He was in no rush to break through because for him breaking through was something he could easily do as long as he had sufficient spiritual energy.


The envoy then threw the eagle that he always held.

When the eagle was thrown, its size immediately became large. The eagle's body length reached more than ten meters.

"Hurry up and get on." Said the envoy as he jumped onto the eagle's back.

Yang Ming and the others looked at each other before they leapt to follow the messenger.

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After he jumped, the eagle immediately flicked its wings.

In one flick of its wings, the eagle can fly across distances of up to a hundred meters.

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